Choir Management Software: Why Your Choir Needs One Right Now

Website & Technology May 07, 2020

Sayana Izmailova

By Sayana Izmailova

Choirs bring people together through musical expression, shared passion and the joy of performing among friends. 

And for you as the choir leader, it’s an incredible opportunity to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. 

Despite the joys of choir, many choir managers are often stressed and desperate for more time to complete all the tasks they have to do to keep things running smoothly.

There are emails to be sent, events to be organized and member dues to be collected. With so much to do, there’s no time left to focus on the main reason the choir comes together — the music. 

If this sounds like you, it may be time to switch to choir management software. It will automate your administrative tasks and replace the need for numerous tools with an all-in-one solution. 

Sound intriguing? Keep reading to find out... 

  1. What is Choir Management Software?

  2. The #1 Choice in Choir Management Software

  3. Three Examples of Choirs Using This Software

  4. How to Get Your Free Trial of the #1 Choir Management Software

What is Choir Management Software?


Choir management software brings all of your tools into one place and seamlessly integrates your tasks to save you hours and hours of tedious administrative work. 

If you’re currently using a combination of spreadsheets, a website builder, MailChimp, PayPal, or other tools, choir management software will replace all of these with one simple dashboard where you can manage all of your tasks. 

Choir management software will typically offer a website builder, contact database, member directory, email system, payment system, event management platform and much more. 

With this software, you’ll be able to: 

  • Easily create your choir’s website with templates and drag-and-drop widgets (no coding experience required!) 

  • Create and promote events like rehearsals and concerts, allow visitors to register online, track attendance and process payments. 

  • Automate member registrations, renewals and payments

  • Maintain a database of member records, including choir members, section leaders, artistic staff, volunteers and board members 

  • Send engaging emails and newsletters directly to your segmented contact lists 

  • Allow members to login to your website to update their information, look through the online directory, participate in forums and much more 

The #1 Choice in Choir Management Software

The above functionalities are the basic features of software tools called Membership Management Software. The #1 rated membership management software is WildApricot and it is used by many choirs because of how easily it integrates with the day-to-day activities of choir managers. 

You can try a free, 30-day trial of WildApricot and have your choir set up with a professional-looking website and online contact database in just an afternoon.


With WildApricot, you’ll be able to quickly make updates to your website, invite new members to register, automatically update their information in your database, collect payments and donations, schedule rehearsals, create and promote events, send automated emails and newsletters and much more. 

Many WildApricot users report saving up to 20 hours a week when they make the switch. With all these tasks off your hands, you can spend less time in the office and more time in the rehearsal room. 

Here are some of WildApricot's features you'll have instant access to once you start your free trial:


WildApricot also has dozens of other features, like:

  • Member login and membership directories

  • A mobile app to manage your choir on the go

  • An online store

  • Free, unlimited support

  • And dozens of others!

Three Examples of Choirs Using This Software

Here are three examples of choirs who have built their websites using WildApricot's website builder and are managing their choir using this software in the back end. 

Keep an eye out for the following features when you explore these sites: 

  • Exclusive members only area

  • Section for upcoming events

  • Ways to join the choir 

  • Place to make a donation 

  • Photo gallery 

Mississauga Children's Choir

mississauga children's choir 

York Region Community Choir

 york region community choir 

The Ottawa Choral Society

ottawa choral society 

How to Get Your Free Trial of the #1 Choir Management Software

To get started with your free, 30-day trial of WildApricot, simply click here.

You’ll be taken to a registration page where you can enter your account details. Once you click submit, you’ll activate a free 30-day trial of the paid version of WildApricot’s software. This means that you will have all the access to all the functionality that our paid clients receive for 30 days.

Looking to chat with a real human about how WildApricot’s features can help your choir? Make sure you’ve signed up for your free 30 day trial, then email coaches [@] wildapricot [.com] (just remove the brackets and spaces) to speak with one of our dedicated onboarding coaches!

Happy singing! 

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