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7 Solid Club Website Examples to Get Ideas for Your Club Website

Author: Terry Ibele
March 21, 2018
🕑 2 min read

Want to see the types of websites clubs are making?

Here are seven solid examples of club websites from all different types of organizations.

If you browse these club websites, take some tips on how they’ve set things up. Some things to look out for:

  • They’re all mobile friendly, meaning they load quickly and display properly on mobile devices
  • They set up different membership levels for different types of club members (free, student, family, professional, etc.)
  • They’ve got separate Join us and Donate pages with online payments
  • They’ve added event calendars with online event registration
  • Some of them have public membership directories
  • Many show slideshows of members and events
  • Some offer member-only pages and resources which require members to login to

All these websites were built using WildApricot’s membership management software (that’s us!) — a software that’s easy to build any sort of club website in a completely comprehensive way. WildApricot is also the #1 membership management software on the market, used by over 3,500 clubs around the US and the rest of the world. You can start your free 60-day trial of WildApricot today and have your whole club website built in an afternoon.

Club Website

Club Website“WildApricot has given us a professional looking website and an easy way to manage our member communication. It’s a lifesaver for us, because we love gardening, but are not experts in how to design and maintain a website.”

– Joseph Purdy, Garden Club, Washington, D. C.


Now, here are 7 examples of clubs who’ve build their websites using WildApricot.

1) Pacific Group Golf

PGG Club Website

2) Old Dominion Boat Club 

 Club Website ODBC

3) Bicycling in Greensboro 

BIG Club Website

4) Propeller Club Port Norfolk 

PCPN Club Website

5) The Hunting Hills Swim Club 

Hunting Club Website

6) Comox Valley Tennis Club 

CVT Club Website

7) Nassau Swim Club

Nassau Club Website

Create Your Own Club Website in 3 Easy Steps

If you’d like to create your own comprehensive club website right now, I recommend starting a free trial of WildApricot. Here’s how to set up everything you need in just an afternoon:

1) Start a Free Trial of WildApricot: click here.

Club Website

2) Select a website template from one of the professionally designed options:

Club Website

3) Edit the template using the easy drag-and-drop builder to fit your organization’s needs:

Club Website

That’s it. Once you start your trial, WildApricot also gives you a fully searchable membership database, so you can say goodbye to Excel or mountains of paper files. Plus, you can set up automated payments and renewals for membership, and choose from a number of beautiful email templates to communicate with your members.

Best of luck creating your club website!

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