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Join over 26,000 organizations using WildApricot to attract, engage, and retain their members.

Website Builder Software

Create a new website…

Building a website from scratch may seem like a daunting task, but with WildApricot you can get up and running in no time.

Customize one of our professionally designed and mobile-friendly website templates with your organization logo and color scheme, then add your own text and images. You can also use your own website domain name (such as a .com or .org name, purchased separately) to personalize your WildApricot site.

Website Builder Software

Membership Widgets

…or use WildApricot with your existing site

Already have a website for your organization? You can keep using the system you’re used to, but with the added benefits of WildApricot features.

WildApricot ‘widgets’ make it easy to embed membership applications, event calendars, donation forms and more to any website. Just copy and paste a few lines of code from WildApricot to your site and you’re done.

And if you have a WordPress site, you can embed widgets to show member-only content (such as directories and member-only events) using the WordPress plugin.

Membership Widgets

DIY Website Management

Update your website with ease

Is one overworked webmaster or developer the bottleneck for every change to your site? WildApricot’s drag-and-drop website builder lets you, or anyone you designate, change or add to your website anytime, from anywhere. Your site will never be out of date again!

And don’t worry if you’re not a techie – the interface is similar to Microsoft Word and other common programs, so most admins find it familiar and easy to learn.

DIY Website Management

Mobile-Friendly Website Themes

Create a mobile-friendly website

To give your members a professional experience on any device, you can choose from one of our mobile-friendly, fully responsive website themes.

Our professionally designed themes scale automatically to fit the screen widths of mobile phones and tablets, helping you give your website visitors a great first impression.

Mobile-Friendly Website Themes

Blogs and Forums

Interact with your community

Staying connected with members and supporters can be a challenge for any organization, but with WildApricot, you can use your website to build greater engagement.

You can add blogs or news articles to your website so your members can stay up to date wherever they are, or encourage your community to interact by setting up online discussion forums.

You can also offer exclusive members-only pages by limiting access to specific membership levels or groups. For example, your board could have their own separate online discussion area kept private from the rest of the organization.

Blogs and Forums

Advanced Site Customization

Design a custom site

Want to create a website that is truly customized? WildApricot provides full “under the hood” access so you can build your dream website.

You can keep things simple by using one of our professionally designed responsive themes as is — or you can completely customize it. Experienced web developers and designers can edit the HTML and CSS code that determines the appearance of your site pages.

Advanced Site Customization

More Features

Member Database Excerpt

Member Database

All your membership data is stored safely in the cloud, allowing you to easily search, update, and share your database with teammates from any device.
payment excerpt


With easy-to-use online payment tools, you can securely accept and track online payments. Your invoices and receipts will even be automatically generated.
Event Management excerpt

Event Management

Create an event listing and customize registration forms in seconds. With WildApricot, members can register and pay for your conferences and events online.
Email & Contact Database excerpt

Email & Contact Database

Manage your contacts with WildApricot's emailing system. You can easily communicate with your members by automating email confirmations and reminders.

Three Reasons to Choose Wild Apricot

Ranked the #1 Membership Management Software
Do it yourself with our easy-to-learn system
Unlimited expert support that's quick and friendly
Easily manage your members with an online membership database