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4.5 /5
4.5 /5
4.5 /5
4 /5
"Our partnership with WildApricot is the smartest move our company made from day one. We have expanded our business relationship with our members and continue to master and embrace the new technologies and upgrades WildApricot provides to keep our team up to date and competitive in the non-profit Association market. "
Nena Gang
Administrative Director - Electrical Council of Florida
"WildApricot has given us a professional looking website and an easy way to manage our member communication. It's a lifesaver for us, because we love gardening, but are not experts in how to design and maintain a website. "
Joseph Purdy
Communications Chair - Capitol Hill Garden Club, Washington, D. C.
"WildApricot saves me over 15 hours a week! It's given our organization a professional membership service, includes an easy-to-use website and I love how it automatically charges our members' credit cards for their renewals. "
Rick Watson
President - Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge
"With WildApricot we have been able to grow our membership over 40%. It has made running our nonprofit a pleasure. "
Marvin Hancock
Treasurer, Webmaster and President - Elect Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida. Inc.
"Because our club is short-staffed, WildApricot has been a lifesaver! It saves me over 20 hours a week and their support has been fantastic! "
Kathy Araujo
Past President, Webmaster and VP of Communications - The American Women's Group in Paris
"We grew our membership by 30% the first year we moved to WildApricot. It pays for itself in having a professional look and easy to manage system of events registration, and dues payment. It was chaos before we found WA!"
Carol Emmett
Director of Communications, - Greater Orlando Organization Development Network
"As soon as we switched from Memberize to WildApricot, we began to sell out our ski trips in record time. I love how I can automate the event confirmation emails and financial transactions."
Gary Rubens
Webmaster, Budget & Finance Committee Chair, - Ski Club of Washington D.C.
"We use a couple of Google Cloud integrations: One for creating contacts for bundle members after receiving an application. The other augments report of event participants with more contact fields and download options. These integrations enable us to automate better. For example, our volunteers have a single click to approve a new application. The system does everything, error-free."
"This platform is easy to use, even for newbies at managing websites. It has all the features that our club needs to manage events and communication."
"WildApricot is a great software for our ski club, Austin Skiers. It is easy to use for our members to navigate and sign up for all of our events and trips. The technical support team is the best and always able to help with or admin issues with have with the software."
"They produce solid tools and builds amazing communities around them. I strongly recommend!"
"Every support request has been taken care off super-quickly. It has been a pleasure to work with the WA team since 2015."
Ines A.
"WildApricot is the platform we use for member management, event registration and payment processing. They meet all of our needs."
Rebekah F.
"Knowing that membership renewals and invoices and event reminders are automated means I can focus on what matters most, member engagement and retention."
Julie S.
"Highly recommended for small organizations or for someone wanting to build their own web-site and who is not particularly tech savvy."
John W.
"WildApricot helps our all-volunteer alumni association share responsibilities for finances, membership, donations, communications, and website. Thank you for continuing to roll our features that make it easier for us to get it all done."
Terry H.
"It appears to cover all the needs of a non-profit - from financial to communication with our members. While extremely easy to use, as a non-techie, I am continually impressed with the live support I get when needed."
Marti H.
"I am really pleased with WildApricot. I organized a new nonprofit organization this year, and it has been fun and easy organizing our website (, setting up membership pages and events, etc. Yes, there is a learning curve, but it is pretty intuitive. When I have had questions, their support has been wonderful and quick. They are also constantly making improvements based on input from their users. I highly recommend WildApricot! "
"Great AMS for a fraction of a cost- and easy to learn."
Panama M.
"Best software on the planet."
Dawn D.
"Gave us control of our web-presence (finally!)"
Larry W.
"WildApricot is the Essential Membership Ingredient."
Tracy G.
"I have been with WildApricot for 2 years now, all I can say is THANK YOU!"
DeeDee L.
"Great software, constantly improving."
Gary R.
"WildApricot is perfect for recreational clubs."
Karen B.
"Our professional organization moved to WildApricot because it does a complete job of helping us."
"WildApricot helped organize our organization."
Heidi E.
"Everyone professes to be the best, while WildApricot is supreme of all the rest."
Albert R.
"An inexpensive, easy-to-use, ever-growing association/member management software solution."
Michael J.
"We looked for a simple Cloud application to decentralize administration tasks and found it."
John S.
"WildApricot has everything a non-profit needs. "
Lisa R.
Los Angeles Chapter Association for Talent Development