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Nonprofit Management Software

Nothing is more important to a nonprofit than serving your mission and making an impact on your community. Here at WildApricot, we make it our mission to help you achieve your goals through our top-rated management solutions. Our Nonprofit Management Software streamlines your administrative tasks, providing a whole suite of tools that are specifically designed for nonprofit organizations.

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Nonprofit CRM

A CRM (customer relationship management) allows your nonprofit to complete administrative tasks more efficiently. WildApricot’s CRM software allows you to keep track of members, build reports and boost your marketing efforts. We include features like:

  • A user-friendly website builder
  • A mobile app
  • Secure online payment processing
  • Events management with online registration, attendance tracking and payment processing
  • A thorough member database
  • Relationship-tracking tools
  • Donor communications tools

A CRM allows you to automate many of these administrative tasks as well. Need to send out a monthly newsletter to your members? Utilize WildApricot to schedule it. Building a marketing campaign to highlight your next fundraiser? WildApricot can help you manage and execute all communications.

Nonprofit CRM

Member Database for Nonprofits

WildApricot is your hub for all things membership. In the membership database, you can view your whole membership directory, keep track of dues and renewals and automate membership payments with reminders and invoices. Utilizing recurring payments will make your members’ lives easier and you’ll save hours of administrative work without tracking each member down when it's time to renew.

The WildApricot Membership Database allows you to share and update member data in real time, so your data is always up to date and available for all your board members to see.

WildApricot also allows you to create a membership website. This is an exclusive place where your members can utilize networking forums and specialized blogs. You can customize which member levels or groups have access to each page. This is also where you can host a membership directory for members to see who else is in your nonprofit and connect with them.

Member Database for Nonprofits

Donations and Payment Processing for Nonprofits

WildApricot changes the way your nonprofit handles donations with our payment processing features. Our online payment processing software allows you to receive and track donations and member payments. You can also easily set up one or multiple donation pages on your website for individual fundraisers or multiple campaigns. Track your fundraising efforts by adding a donation progress bar to your site to show how close you are to your fundraising goal!

You can rest assured that online donations on your WildApricot site are completely secure — WildApricot is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, meaning that we adhere to the highest payment security standards.

To give you the easiest payment portal experience, you can accept online payments with WildApricot Payments, our built-in payment processor. WildApricot Payments is powered by AffiniPay, a payment solutions provider with 15 years of experience. With WildApricot Payments you can set up recurring donations so your supporters can give a regular contribution.

Already have a payment system in place? We also support several third-party payment systems for an additional fee.

Donations and Payment Processing for Nonprofits

Website Builder for Nonprofits

Create a beautiful, brand-new website for your nonprofit using WildApricot’s Website Builder. Customize one of our professionally designed and mobile-friendly website templates with your organization logo and color scheme, then add your own text and images. You can also use your own website domain name (such as a .com or .org name, purchased separately) to personalize your WildApricot site.

WildApricot’s Website Builder is easy to use - no coding experience required! Utilize the drag-and-drop feature to change or add to your website anytime, from anywhere. Your site will never be out of date again!

Already have a website for your nonprofit? You can keep using the system you’re used to, but with the added benefits of WildApricot ‘widgets’. These widgets make it easy to embed membership applications, event calendars, donation forms and more to any website. Just copy and paste a few lines of code from WildApricot to your site and you’re done!


Nonprofit Online Store

WildApricot can set your nonprofit up for success when it comes to ecommerce. With WildApricot’s built-in online store you can manage all your nonprofit’s sales on the same platform as your membership management. Add unlimited products, services or online resources right from your admin dashboard, plus keep on top of stock levels, order payments, taxes and more.

Using WildApricot for your ecommerce needs allows you to tailor the online customer experience with an eye-catching digital storefront by customizing the colors, images and text in the website editor. Store users will get a professional experience by viewing your catalog of products, adding items to their basket, and securely paying, all directly on your website. Plus, customers will receive all payment receipts and order details from automated communications.

WildApricot’s online store takes the hassle out of managing store finances. All your store payments and refunds are recorded in WildApricot, so you can quickly search transactions or filter by details like date or tender type. You can also set up taxes like VAT to be automatically calculated and applied to product prices or at checkout.

Nonprofit Online Store

Mobile App for Nonprofit

WildApricot has a mobile app to keep your nonprofit running smoothly. As an admin, you can search, view, update and add new contacts to your membership database directly from your mobile device. You can also set push notifications for when a membership application is pending, so you can approve (or reject) potential members right away. Plus, you can suspend or archive members using the app.

When it comes to your fundraisers, you can utilize WildApricot’s mobile app to add, edit, duplicate and delete events with just a few taps. Plus, everything syncs to your membership database automatically, so there’s no need to input data after an event. The app can also be used to check in attendees and even register new attendees on the spot.

The biggest use case you’ll have for the mobile app at an event will be mobile app payments. At your next fundraiser you can accept mobile donations quickly and securely through the app with one of our supported payment systems. You can enter your customers’ details into the app, or use one of the card readers the app integrates with.

Mobile App for Nonprofit

Event Managment Tools for Nonprofits

Planning your nonprofit’s next fundraiser? WildApricot can help you plan and execute any event. Easily create a detailed event listing with a description and images hosted on your website. Utilize our online event registration features to create custom registration forms.

You can customize your event registration and implement special pricing such as early bird pricing, coupon codes, members-only pricing, extra costs for additional sessions, or any other options your organization needs. With WildApricot, all registration payments are automatically recorded in your database, so it’s easy to track payments and get an up-to-date picture of your event income.

WildApricot also allows your nonprofit to automate your event promotion. You can schedule and customize promotional emails that fits the theme of your event. Share your events with members and visitors by embedding your event calendars or individual event listings on any web page, whether you’re using WildApricot’s website builder or another website.

Event Managment Tools for Nonprofits