WildApricot Partner Programs

Want to share WildApricot with the world?

We offer 3 different ways for our friends and customers to partner with us to share WildApricot to membership-based organizations looking to simplify their membership, website or event management.
Each program is 100% FREE to join and has its own unique benefits, so please review each program, and choose the one that suits you best.
For general guidelines:
  • If you are a customer who wants to refer friends and colleagues and receive a commission, choose the Customer Referral Program.
  • If you are a content creator, thought leader or affiliate marketer, choose the Affiliate Program.
  • If you are a consultant, a designer, an IT firm, or an agency that works with small associations or nonprofits, choose the Service-Partner Program.

Customer Referral Program

Love using WildApricot and want to share it with your friends and colleagues?

Join our customer referral program and receive a 10% commission on all payments made by organizations you’ve referred for 2 years.

If you have an active WildApricot account, you’re already set up to participate. It’s as easy as going into the platform and locating your built-in Customer Referral Link (see image below). Share that link with any organizations you’d like to refer to WildApricot.

Detailed information on how to refer customers and how you will get paid can be found on our help site. Also, please be sure to read the Customer Referral Program Terms of Use.

Please note, it’s not possible to be part of the Customer Referral Program and the Affiliate Program at the same time.

Affiliate Program

Are you a content creator or thought leader in the membership-management space, or just interested in learning how to share WildApricot with your peers?

If so, the WildApricot Affiliate Program was built for you!

Earn money and other rewards for sharing the benefits of WildApricot with your audience. Feature us on your website, social channels, email list, etc. to earn a passive income.

Each time a contact you’ve referred to WildApricot starts a trial or makes a purchase you’ll earn a commission.

Become a WildApricot Affiliate

WildApricot Affiliates are supported with:

  • High quality creative
  • Newsletter & pre-written content
  • Exclusive promotional offers
  • A dedicated management team

The WildApricot Affiliate program is run through PartnerStack and offers tailored programs for different types of affiliates, multiple payment structures to best fit your audience, and unique opportunities to earn additional rewards!

Please note, it’s not possible to be part of the Customer Referral Program and the Affiliate Program at the same time.

For any questions about the Affiliate Program, please contact us at wildapricotaffiliates@allinclusivemarketing.com

Service-Partner Program

WildApricot was created so that any organization could quickly build a membership website and manage their membership.

Not every organization has the time though, and would rather work with professional IT firms, management firms, consultancies, agencies, and freelancers.

To help these organizations, WildApricot maintains a Service-Partner Directory, so organizations can quickly and easily find the people they need to help them set up and run their organization.

By joining the Service-Partner Program, you’ll earn a spot in the directory and have qualified membership-based organizations directed to you by our Onboarding Team.

Members of the Service-Partner Program are also eligible to join either the Customer Referral Program or the Affiliate Program (but not both.)

Become a Service-Partner




We’re so happy that you’re interested in our Partner Programs.

Please keep in mind that it’s not possible to be part of the Customer Referral Program and the Affiliate Program at the same time.

Before you send out a customer-referral code or share your PartnerStack Affiliate link, make sure you’re in the right program for you.

If you’re unsure which program to join, we’re always happy to help.
Just email us at wa.partners@personifycorp.com

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