4 Steps to Creating a Team to Deliver on Your Mission


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July 23, 2pm E.T


If you’re trying to drive impact or increase membership by yourself, it can feel almost impossible — but luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Many organizations know their staff, members, volunteers, and board members already talk about them on a regular basis. With the right training and motivation, your entire team could be spreading the word about the benefits of membership, helping you attract more new and returning members and increase your impact. To learn how to ask, train and support your team, please join us for this free webinar. We’ve invited nonprofit marketing expert Nancy Schwartz, of GettingAttention.org, to present on this highly effective but under-used approach.

By the end of the webinar, you will know:

  • How to ask the right colleagues (and others) for help.
  • Expert tips to help you train your team to be confident, competent messengers.
  • Ideas on supporting your messengers with rewards for participation and success.
  • How to get ahead of the competition by putting your team of effective messengers to work now!

SchwartzHeadshot (1) Presented by Nancy Schwartz. Nancy is a consultant, trainer, and coach who guides nonprofit organizations to connect with their people and motivate them to act. She brings contagious passion and refreshing practicality to her clients, and to the field via her blog, Getting Attention. Nancy volunteers with the Interfaith Food Bank of the Oranges and her local garden club. She served on the NTEN board for two terms. Nancy enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, and travel—solo and with her family.


Attendees to this webinar are eligible to earn 1 CAE credit.

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