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Targeted Impact

Episode 10: Membership Growth with Andrew McWhaw

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About the webinar

WildApricot’s Targeted Impact is a free bi-weekly Q&A session with experts in the membership and nonprofit space, dedicated to helping membership organizations thrive.

We invite experts to answer your most pressing questions on topics ranging from membership growth to virtual fundraising and everything in between.

In this free webinar, Andrew will show you:

  • The Membership Growth Report
  • How to generate more revenue for your organization
  • How to increase your membership

Meet The Speaker

Andrew McWhaw

Andrew McWhaw
Head of Demand

Andrew McWhaw leads the marketing demand team at WildApricot, creating and delivering content to help membership organizations thrive. He’s worked in the SaaS industry for five years creating market-research driven demand programs for companies ranging from Fortune 50 technology companies to high-growth start-ups. When he’s not crunching numbers in spreadsheets, you’ll find him on either the baseball diamond or ultimate frisbee field depending on the time of year.

He holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, an M.A. in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Ottawa, an a BSc. in Psychology from Concordia University.