Meet the Wild Apricot Team


Meet the Wild Apricot Executive Team

There are a lot of people behind Wild Apricot. Let us introduce you to our leaders who help foster our strong culture

Scott Collison

Scott Collison


Over the last 25 years Scott Collison has held CEO and General Management positions at some of the world’s leading technology companies.

Most recently he was CEO at Anaconda, a market leading data science and AI company, where he rapidly grew product revenue and helped build a great company culture that was recognized as a Top Ten Employer in Austin by local media. He was also named one of Top Ten CEOs among companies in the Data Science and AI space in 2019.

He has led organizations at large software companies and startups, including Microsoft, VMware, Salesforce, and SourceForge. He has been a founder at three startups. One of them, Signio, wasacquired by VeriSign in 1999 in a transaction exceeding $1 billion.

He is a former Fulbright scholar and holds a Master of Arts and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts with special honors from the University of Texas, Austin.

Scott continues to serve as a board member, investor and advisor for a number of early stage start-ups. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and cycling the Texas Hill Country on the weekends.

Shawn Klerer

Shawn Klerer

General Manager

Shawn has been with the organization since 2016, most recently as Chief Financial Officer, Wild Apricot. Shawn has served in multiple executive roles, including being the CEO for a publicly traded education company, as well as holding CFO and GM roles in the financial services and travel industries.

Shawn holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and is a CPA. He lives in Toronto with his wife and four children.

Donald Cowper

Donald Cowper

Director of Marketing

Donald is a bestselling author of several business books and a marketing professional who has worked with some of the top SaaS businesses in Toronto. He also cofounded a successful training business from his kitchen table, which grew into a multi-million-dollar enterprise working with leading financial institutions all over the world. His books have been translated into multiple languages, and his ebook with FreshBooks, Breaking the Time Barrier, saw over 130,000 downloads within the first three months.

He has also written a popular business-advice column on that profiled leading entrepreneurs in the tech space. Long before all of this, he was a child actor on SCTV.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Toronto and loves writing, tennis, and playing the piano.

Katya Tyukina

Katya Tyukina

Product Manager

Katya has over ten years of product management experience. She started at Wild Apricot in 2008 as a QA engineer and has advanced in her career since. During her time here, she has amassed vast product knowledge (and has rightfully earned the title the Wild Apricot Wikipedia). She holds a master's degree in Computer Science, and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and solving puzzles.

Ranojoy Ghosh

Ranojoy Ghosh

Director of User Onboarding

Rano started at Wild Apricot in 2016. Over the years, he has spoken to hundreds of organizations personally as the Director of User Onboarding. He has learned a lot from those conversations and now spends most of his time coming up with the best ways to share that knowledge. He currently oversees a team of five, who are responsible for helping customers make the most of their Wild Apricot account.

John MacKenzie

John MacKenzie

Director of Support

John started at Wild Apricot in 2019. He is responsible for leading Wild’s Apricot customer support team. Prior to this, he held a customer support-related role at various companies, including CoinSmart, FreshBooks and Flight Centre.

The rest of our Wild Apricot Team

Toronto office

Lorelie Borromeo

Lorelie BorromeoLead of Support

Sameer Zubairi

Sameer ZubairiLead, Support

Chalini Vallepuram

Chalini VallepuramSenior Software Support Consultant

Rosemarie Battista

Rosemarie BattistaSenior Software Support Consultant

Michael Leroux

Michael LerouxSupport Engineer

Thomas Kuruthukulangara

Thomas KuruthukulangaraSupport Engineer

Sundus Nadeem

Sundus NadeemSoftware Support Consultant

Brennan Moore

Brennan MooreSoftware Support Consultant

Jacob Kubica

Jacob KubicaSoftware Support Consultant

Chloe Jennings

Chloe JenningsSoftware Support Consultant

Josephine Nguyen

Josephine NguyenSoftware Support Consultant

Basil Lukinykh

Basil LukinykhDirector of DevSecOps

Steve Andrews

Steve AndrewsTechnical Communicator

Elena Zaritovskaya

Elena ZaritovskayaBookkeeper

Vivian McDonald

Vivian McDonaldBilling Specialist

Dmitry Smirnov

Dmitry SmirnovMobile Product Leader

Stephen Rowlinson

Stephen RowlinsonSenior Onboarding Specialist

Nicki Kowsari

Nicki KowsariSenior Onboarding Specialist

Mark Faccia

Mark FacciaSenior Onboarding Specialist

Tyler Hutchinson

Tyler HutchinsonOnboarding Representative

Andrew McWhaw

Andrew McWhawSenior Marketing Manager

Matthew Baggetta

Matthew BaggettaContent Marketing Manager

Ellen  Craig

Ellen CraigDemand Generation Manager

Tatiana Morand

Tatiana MorandSEO Manager

Catherine Chea

Catherine CheaProduct Marketing Manager

Alexandra Morgan

Alexandra MorganMarketing Programs Manager

Gordon Cheng

Gordon ChengVideo Marketing Manager

Miranda Tran

Miranda TranWeb Designer

Sayana Izmailova

Sayana IzmailovaContent Marketing Specialist

Moscow office

Julia Ivanova

Julia IvanovaGeneral Manager

Yury Karatunov

Yury KaratunovOperating Leader

Ivan Rudakov

Ivan RudakovLead of Product Operations

Oleg Nesterkin

Oleg NesterkinSenior Product Owner

Miroslava Aristova

Miroslava AristovaProduct Owner

Denis Fokin

Denis FokinLead of Product Design

Nadya Mikhalenkova

Nadya MikhalenkovaSenior Product Designer

Rami Ali

Rami AliUX Researcher

Sergey Denikin

Sergey DenikinSystem Architect

Vladimir Tazin

Vladimir TazinFront End Architect

Michael Nikitin

Michael NikitinSupport Engineer

Evgeniy Goncharov

Evgeniy GoncharovPCI DSS Specialist

Evgeniy Bogachev

Evgeniy BogachevJunior IT Specialist

Olga Bogacheva

Olga BogachevaBookkeeper

Sergey Vinogradov

Sergey VinogradovQuality Assurance Leader

Pavel Febenchukov

Pavel FebenchukovSenior Software Testing Engineer

Ekaterina Testova

Ekaterina TestovaSenior Software Testing Engineer

Maxim Antakov

Maxim AntakovSenior Software Testing Engineer

Dmitry Avilov

Dmitry AvilovSoftware Testing Engineer

Alexander Febenchukov

Alexander FebenchukovSoftware Testing Engineer

Ivan Dolgov

Ivan DolgovQuality Assurance Analyst

Kirill Zharkov

Kirill ZharkovSenior Cloud Engineer

Evgeniy Khlebnikov

Evgeniy KhlebnikovSenior Cloud Engineer

Dmitry Smagliy

Dmitry SmagliySenior Software Engineer

Ksenia Garipova

Ksenia GaripovaSenior Software Engineer

Vassily Kholopov

Vassily KholopovSenior Software Engineer

Anatoliy Oblauhov

Anatoliy OblauhovSenior Software Engineer

Andrey Pustovoit

Andrey PustovoitSenior Software Engineer

Maxim Ivanov

Maxim IvanovSenior Software Engineer

Sergey Ilyenkov

Sergey IlyenkovSenior Software Engineer

Dmitry Fefilov

Dmitry FefilovSenior Software Engineer

Oleg Shinkarenko

Oleg ShinkarenkoSenior Software Engineer

Alexey Grigoriev

Alexey GrigorievSenior Software Engineer

Gleb Smagliy

Gleb SmagliySenior Software Engineer

Oleg Musienko

Oleg MusienkoSenior Software Engineer

Vladimir Yarovenko

Vladimir YarovenkoSenior Software Engineer

Grigory Smyslov

Grigory SmyslovSenior Software Engineer

Nickolay Kazantsev

Nickolay KazantsevSenior Software Engineer

Andrey Mitsyk

Andrey MitsykSenior Software Engineer

Artem Chernousov

Artem ChernousovSoftware Engineer

Alexey Tkach

Alexey TkachSoftware Engineer

Julia Rotcheva

Julia RotchevaSoftware Engineer

Alexander PopovDevOps Intern


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