Meet the Wild Apricot Team

There are a lot of people behind Wild Apricot... let us introduce you to our team members:

Flying Apricot

Eric Thurston

Eric Thurston [Flying Apricot] Eric Thurston [Flying Apricot]

Eric is the President and CEO of Personify (owner of Wild Apricot). Eric joined Personify in 2013 with a focus on helping organizations leverage technology to fulfill their missions. In 2015, Eric spearheaded the acquisition of the leading online community platform, Small World Community, to help Personify customers increase engagement with their constituents. Under Eric’s guidance, Personify acquired Wild Apricot in 2017 to further extend Personify’s mission of helping organizations of all sizes engage their constituents through a better use of technology.

Eric began his career as an engineer with the Shell Oil Co. before moving into enterprise technology at Oracle and SAP. He became the Senior Vice President of Operations at P2 Energy Solutions and then served as President of Mitratech, a multi-national legal software company, before joining Personify.

Eric lives in the Austin, Texas area and enjoys just about anything outdoors, including boating, hiking, skiing, and fishing with his family. He also enjoys flying single-engine airplanes as a private pilot.

Captain Apricot

Dmitry Ivanov

Dmitriy Ivanov [Captain Apricot] Dmitriy Ivanov [Captain Apricot]

Dmitry is a co-founder of BonaSource Inc — now operating as Wild Apricot Inc. Dmitry Ivanov has twenty-three years experience in technical engineering and developing large-scale web-based systems — including web portals for Fortune 500 companies. He began his career as a software developer after receiving a Computer Science degree and went on to become the IT Manager of AeroMar, an airline supplier company. In 2001 he co-founded BonaSource, a software development company, and in 2006 he co-founded Wild Apricot where he served as the CTO and Head of the Moscow Office. Currently Dmitry is the General Manager of Wild Apricot and lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and four children. In his free time, he enjoys deep sea scuba diving.

Apricot's Kernel

Evgeny Zaritovskiy

Evgeniy Zaritovskiy [Apricot Kernel] Evgeniy Zaritovskiy [Apricot Kernel]

As the Product Manager of Wild Apricot, Evgeny is passionate about adding useful features to Wild Apricot that help small membership organizations thrive. He enjoys collecting feedback from membership-based organizations and users of Wild Apricot, to better understand their needs and pain points.

Evgeny works closely with our development team to release highly requested, useful and unique features.

If there’s a feature you think Wild Apricot lacks, feel free to contact Evgeny and his team through our Wishlist Forums.

Magnetic Apricot

Shiv Narayanan

Shiv Narayanan [Magnetic Apricot] Shiv Narayanan [Magnetic Apricot]

Shiv is the Chief Marketing Officer of Wild Apricot. An expert in designing sales funnels, customer value optimization and copywriting, Shiv has led multiple global product launches (NA, EMEA, APAC, LATAM) with a diverse portfolio of products, verticals, business models and clients in mobile, SaaS, retail, eCommerce and mCommerce.

Shiv specializes in lowering customer acquisition costs, capturing and cultivating high-quality leads and maximizing lifetime value by increasing transaction size, frequency and velocity. Shiv is constantly studying the underlying reasons behind why companies are able to scale exponentially and is passionate about creating a preeminent position within the marketplace as the foundation for long-term success.

In his spare time, Shiv likes playing tennis, listening to music, reading and traveling.

Fluid Apricot

Jim Sympathy Dzingirai

Jim Dzingirai [Fluid Apricot] Jim Dzingirai [Fluid Apricot]

Jim joined the technical support side of Wild Apricot in 2008 and acts as one of the first points of contact in fielding support questions.

He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1999 with a Bsc. in Computer Engineering. He has worked as a software developer, market researcher, and sales consultant, and is especially proud of the charity fund-raising work he did for World Vision, Sick Kids Hospital and Red Cross, among others. Jim possesses an analytical mind that thrives on understanding and solving complex problems. He is passionate about helping others and with Wild Apricot has found a way to turn his work into a hobby and vice-versa.

Away from work you can find Jim playing volleyball and soccer, watching movies, listening to music and reading.

Kid Apricot

Alain Lo

Alain Lo [Kid Apricot] Alain Lo [Kid Apricot]

Alain joined Wild Apricot in 2012. Starting off in our Support team, he now brings his expertise to the Customer Success team. He graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology Management.  Prior to Wild Apricot, Alain has done IT for hardware, software, industrial, insurance, and health care industries.  

Being a part of Scouts Canada for the majority of his life, Alain has a helping mentality and understands the needs of non-profit organizations. During his off hours, Alain enjoys volleyball, outdoor activities, and looking for best food joints in town.

Chibi Apricot

Chalini Vallepuram

Chalini Vallepuram [Chalini]
Chalini joined the support team in the fall of 2014. She has a background in biology and computer technology and loves to help others. She is happiest providing great hospitality and gains most satisfaction from knowing her help has benefited those in need. In her spare time, she enjoys the arts, music, literature, film, reading and dancing.  She is also always on the lookout to learn something new and exciting! 

Picky Apricot

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews [Picky Apricot] Steve Andrews [Picky Apricot]

Steve is Wild Apricot's technical communicator, responsible for our product documentation. Steve has been a technical writer for over 20 years and plans to use his experience to improve Wild Apricot's online help and videos. His educational background includes English, Political Science, Psychology, and Journalism. Steve enjoys playing guitar, hockey, soccer, and biking.

Artistic Apricot

Denis Fokin

Denis Fokin [Artistic Apricot]

Denis Fokin is our Creative Director and brings a wealth of creative experience, graphic design knowledge and passion to the company.

Among his many accomplishments, Denis has designed websites, magazine covers, ads, corporate style guides, 3D objects, animations, paintings, and many more. His Maya 3D designs were showcased by Alias (now Autodesk) for Maya Learning Edition. Denis enjoys working at Wild Apricot because of the spirit of teamwork -- he appreciates that every successful online project requires very close cooperation between a team of experts from many different disciplines.

His hobbies and passions include digital painting, being outdoors and traveling.

And the rest of the Wild Apricot Team:

Maia Buterin [Inspiring Apricot] Maia Buterin [Inspiring Apricot]
Dmitriy Smagliy [Bearded Apricot] Dmitriy Smagliy [Bearded Apricot]
Sergey Denikin [Muscular Apricot] Sergey Denikin [Muscular Apricot]
Kseniya Garipova [Cheerful Apricot] Kseniya Garipova [Cheerful Apricot]
Ivan Rudakov [Snowy Apricot] Ivan Rudakov [Snowy Apricot]
Vasiliy Luckinykh [Lucky Apricot] Vasiliy Luckinykh [Lucky Apricot]
Vasiliy Kholopov [Ghostbuster Apricot] Vasiliy Kholopov [Ghostbuster Apricot]
Kirill Zharkov [Net Apricot] Kirill Zharkov [Net Apricot]
Anatoliy Oblauhov [Cat Apricot]
Ekaterina Tyukina [Funny Apricot] Ekaterina Tyukina [Funny Apricot]
Pavel Febenchukov [Siberian Apricot] Pavel Febenchukov [Siberian Apricot]
Sergey Vinogradov [Raisin Apricot]
Oleg Kireev [Serious Apricot]
Andrey Pustovoit [Happy Apricot]
Miroslava Aristova [Zippy Apricot]
Maxim Ivanov [Sweet Apricot]
Sergey Ilyenkov [Air Apricot]
Yuri Karatunov [Quality Apricot]
Julia Ivanova [Lively Apricot] Julia Ivanova [Lively Apricot]
Dmitry Fefilov [Lanky Apricot]
Vladimir Tazin
Sergey Safonov Sergey Safonov
Michael Nikitin [Sharp Apricot] Michael Nikitin [Sharp Apricot]
Dmitry Avilov
Oleg Shinkarenko
Alexey Grigoryev
Artem Chernousov
Dmitry Stepanov Dmitry Stepanov
Dmitry Smirnov
Vivian McDonald [Vibrant Apricot]
Oleg Nesterkin Oleg Nesterkin
Gleb Smagliy
Alexandra Birillo
Nadya Rerikh [Lush Apricot]
Romie Battista [Bubbly Apricot] Romie Battista [Bubbly Apricot]
Farhad Chikhliwala [Professor Apricot] Farhad Chikhliwala [Professor Apricot]
Alex Febenchukov [Iron Apricot] Alex Febenchukov [Iron Apricot]
Andrey Rotchev
Romlin Babarodi [Friendly Apricot]
Oleg Musienko Oleg Musienko
Alexey Tkach
Vladimir Yarovenko
Stephen Rowlinson [Square Apricot] Stephen Rowlinson [Square Apricot]
Rami Ali Rami Ali
Sergey Ostrovskiy
Ekaterina Testova
Grigory Smyslov [Appricot]
Irina Mishcherina
Ekaterina Groshnikova [Perry the Apricot] Ekaterina Groshnikova [Perry the Apricot]
Zhan Tuaev
Iuliia Rotcheva
Andrey Tinyakov
Nickolay Kazantsev
Ranojoy Ghosh
Pavel Shcherbinskiy
Lorelie Borromeo
Svetlana Dovgan
Maxim Antakov
Donald Cowper
Nicki Kowsari
Eugene Khlebnikov
Shawn Klerer
Natalia Dunaeva
Sergey Bay
Alexander Gurin
Yevgeniy Goncharov
Aleksey Ilyichev
Irina Dubova
Michael Leroux [Canuck Apricot]
Ilyas Arinov
Mark Faccia
Gordon Cheng
Denis Gusev
Jennifer Quadros
Ellen  Craig
Olga Bogacheva
Tatiana Morand
Kate Hawkes





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