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Targeted Impact

Episode 4: WildApricot Q+A with Brennan Moore

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About the webinar

WildApricot’s Targeted Impact is a free bi-weekly Q&A session with experts in the membership and nonprofit space, dedicated to helping membership organizations thrive.

We invite experts to answer your most pressing questions on topics ranging from membership growth to virtual fundraising and everything in between.

In this free webinar, Brennan will show you:

  • How to grow your membership
  • How to connect with younger adults
  • How to keep in touch with your members

Meet The Speaker

Brennan Moore

Brennan Moore
WildApricot Expert

Support at WildApricot is buzzing with experts, Brennan Moore, our Software Support Consultant is just one example of our in-house talent. Known for his technical knowledge and ability to solve any problem, Brennan is the obvious choice for this weeks Targeted Impact. As well as answering technical, WildApricot related questions, Brennan will be providing the best practices and tips to help your organization thrive with WildApricot..