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The 10 Most Popular Membership Management Softwares

Terry Ibele  14 May 2018  0 comments

Membership Management Software

Every year Capterra (a software review website) publishes their Top 20 Most Popular Membership Management Software list — analyzing criteria like customers, members, and reviews — to help organizations decide which option might be best for them.

Today I’m proud to share that Wild Apricot has topped that list as number one again.

Membership Management Software

“Since 2013, Wild Apricot has consistently placed #1 on Capterra's Top 20 Most Popular Membership Management Software report" according to Rachel Wille, Senior Product Research Analyst at Capterra.

Part of the reason Wild Apricot is so popular is because we’re one of the most affordable and easiest-to-use options, while still providing a wide range of features and functions. Take a look at the chart below, which compares Wild Apricot’s functionality and price versus other membership management software options.

If you’re in the market for membership management software, I encourage you to consider Wild Apricot. Start your free, 30-day trial now — you can have a professionally designed website complete with online registration for membership and events ready to go in just an afternoon.

If you'd like to browse more options, I've included the top 10 most popular membership management platforms as reported by Capterra from their list. I've included details like price, whether there's a free version, and a basic description of what they specialize in to help you choose between them.

Be sure to also check out our Consumer Guide, which compares the top options for membership management software (we did all the research so you don't have to!). You can download it for free here.


The Top 10 Most Popular Membership Management Softwares


1) Wild Apricot

  • Basic free platform
  • Pricing starts at $25/month
  • Free support, no setup fees
  • Free, 30-day trial
  • Demo available upon request


Free Trial Wild Apricot




Wild Apricot is the number one provider of membership management software, used by over 20,000 organizations around the world. Wild Apricot can automate nearly all your admin work, like managing contact records, membership applications and renewals, handling website updates, tracking event registrations, and sending out receipts and reminders. In just an afternoon you can have a whole new website set up complete with a robust contact database, event calendar, and online payments. Start your free, 30-day trial now.


2) Member Planet

  • Free basic platform (4% platform fee)
  • Pricing starts at $5/month a + 3% platform fee (a surcharge on all payments)
  • Free basic support. Upgrade plan to receive phone support and onboarding

Member Planet Membership Management Software

Member Planet is used by religious groups, schools, PTAs, and other nonprofits. They specialize in email campaigns, group text messaging, surveys, donation campaigns, and more.


3) ASI (iMIS)

  • Pricing starts at $175/month
  • Free support

imis membership management software

ASI (iMIS) makes it easy to recruit new members, boost member engagement and increase member retention. With iMIS you can create an online community, communicate with your members, and manage your entire web presence. 


4) NeonCRM

  • Pricing starts at $50/month
  • Setup services start at $600
  • Integration services start at $90/month
  • Live chat and phone support starts at $50/month
  • Other pricing details available upon request
  • Free demo

NeonCRM Membership Management Software

NeonCRM is a nonprofit customer relationship management system used by over 3,500 organizations. Their three main features are fundraising, membership management, and online event registration.


5) YourMembership

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

YourMembers membership management software

YourMembership offers all the bells and whistles of an all-in-one management platform including memberships for individuals and organizations. They also offer product training, unlimited support and free maintenance updates.


6) Regpacks

  • Pricing starting at $49/month
  • Payment Processing Fees: starting at 1.5%
  • Demo available upon request
  • Free support

Regpack Membership Management Software

Regpack is primarily an online registration software that can be used for membership organizations. They have integrated payments, events, forms, surveys, and more.


7) MembersClicks

  • Pricing starts at $259/month
  • Setup fee starts at $2,995 (not including web design and add-ons)
  • Paid support — contact for quote
  • Demo available upon request

MemberClicks Membership Management Software

Memberclicks is an all-in-one membership management system designed for small-staff professional associations, trade associations, and chambers of commerce. They are one of the oldest membership management softwares, serving organizations since 1998.


8) StarChapter

  • Pricing starts at $49/month
  • Setup fees start at $399
  • Demo available upon request

StarChapter membership management software

StarChapter is an integrative association management software with responsive website, membership, event, and email modules. They offer 24/7 customer support and ongoing board training sessions.


9) EZFacility Club Management

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Free support
  • Free trial and online demonstration

EZFacility Membership Management Software

EZFacility offers a comprehensive, all-in-one management system for tennis clubs. Along with basic features like club and league scheduling, online registration, and rental management, they have many additional features like equipment rental, locker management, self-serve access, and player passes.


10) Invanto

  • Pricing starts at $10/month
  • 5% transaction fees

Invanto Membership Management Software

Invanto’s specialty is in providing an easy way to create online courses, training portals, and sites for your membership. They also have an app store for extra features you may need, like landing pages, or a point-based store.

If you'd like to see the full stack of all the membership management softwares Capterra considered, you can view all the details on their website here.

Best of luck in choosing the right platform for your organization!


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