Membership Card Template: How to Create Membership Cards In 3 Minutes

Membership February 26, 2020

Tatiana Morand

By Tatiana Morand

Everyone has a smartphone these days.

That’s why many clubs and associations are switching from paper-printed membership cards (which are a big waste!) to digital membership cards.

WildApricot, an all-in-one membership management software, offers the ability to do this for free, while also saving you hours and hours of entering member info manually.

Here are the steps to get started yourself — the entire process only takes about three minutes:

Member Card Templates


How to Create Your Own Digital Membership Cards in 3 Minutes:


Step 1) Start a Free Trial of WildApricot’s All-In-One Membership Management Software.

When you start your free trial, you’ll also create a WildApricot website. This is where your members can log in and find their digital membership cards. Your members can also choose to print out their cards.


Member Card Template


Step 2) Save Your Contact Database as an Excel File and Upload It to WildApricot. 

Once you do, WildApricot will automatically generate every member’s individual membership card on its own. You won’t need to lift a finger. 

To import your contact database into WildApricot, go to Contacts > Import > Choose File.

Member Card Template


Step 3) Customize Your Membership Card Template.

It's very easy to customize the design and information displayed on your membership cards. Simply navigate to Members > Card and click “Start creating card”.

Member Card Template


Next you’ll come to this screen, where you can choose a pre-existing template (recommended), or design a new template yourself. If you pick a pre-existing template, all your members’ details will be automatically filled in.

Membership Card Template


If you choose to create one on your own, you'll be able to manually add each of the member fields you'd like to include. There's even a field for members' photos, which will populate automatically:

membership card 1


Designing your own template from scratch is a chance to get creative. Here are some examples that we've created to get you inspired:

membership card examples


Step 4) Ask Your Members to Login to Your WildApricot Website and Access Their Cards in Their Profile Page.

Membership Card Template


Once you've completed the above steps, your members' cards automatically generate on their own.

To get your cards to your members, simply email them a link to your new WildApricot website and ask them to login with their email address (you previously imported their emails in Step 2). 

Since your members will be logging into your WildApricot website for the first time, ask them to click “forgot password”, which will generate a new password that will be emailed to them.

Now they can login and access their membership cards, which they can display on their phones, or print out.

We have also created a member app called, WildApricot for Members, which your members can download to access their member card, update their profile, view your full member directory, interact with other members, and more. See here for more information and to download the app for free.

Membership Card Template


*Optional* Step 5) Use WildApricot’s Automated Features to Save Time Running Events and More.

WildApricot offers many more robust and automated features for membership organizations.

In fact, WildApricot is the #1 rated Membership Management Software used by over 20,000 organizations across the US. That’s because WildApricot allows you to fully service your organization’s administrative tasks when it comes to your:

  • Website: create and update your website with little-to-no tech experience.
  • Events: easily create and promote lessons, events, and courses, with online registration, attendance tracking, and payment processing.
  • Online Store: sell merchandise like swag and services like courses online.
  • Payments: automate membership renewals, registrations and payments.
  • Database: maintain detailed member and admin records in an easy-to-search and filter online database.
  • Emails: send professional newsletter and email communications.
  • Member Login: allow members to login to your website to access exclusive resources (and their membership cards!).
  • And hundreds of other features.

Membership Card Templates


Member Card Templates




It’s my hope that WildApricot’s digital membership cards save you hours of needless file organization and printing.

All the best with your managing your members!


Additional Resources:

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