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25 Solid Membership Website Examples and How to Create Your Own

Terry Ibele 19 October 2017 0 comments

Membership Website Examples

Want to see how other membership organizations have set up their websites?

Here are 25 solid examples of membership websites from all sorts of different organizations. I’ve sorted this list into three categories with instructions on how to create your own membership website at the end:

When exploring these membership site examples, make sure to look out for things such as:

  • Mobile responsiveness (all these sites display and function perfectly on any mobile device)
  • Different membership levels and online payments
  • Join us and Donate pages
  • Event calendars and online event registration
  • Membership directories
  • News sections
  • Social media integration (Facebook and Twitter feeds)
  • Slideshows of members and events
  • Member-only pages

Disclaimer: all the sites in this list were created with the Wild Apricot membership website builder. You can start a free trial of Wild Apricot here, or even use Wild Apricot for free.

For more information, here's how you can set up a membership website in under a minute: 



Club Membership Website Examples

Club membership websites typically have lots of large pictures of members enjoying club activities. They also have a large focus around events, lessons, and club rules. In this list I’ve included a number of golf, boat, swim and other types of clubs to give you a feel for how clubs are setting up their membership websites.


1) Pacific Group Golf 

PGG Membership Website Example


2) Old Dominion Boat Club 

ODBC Membership Website Example


3) Bicycling in Greensboro 

BIG Membership Website Example


4) Propeller Club Port Norfolk 

PCPN Memership Website Example


5) The Hunting Hills Swim Club 

Hunting Hills Swimming Club Software


6) Comox Valley Tennis Club 

CVT Membership Website Examples


7) Bentley Owners Club Singapore 

BOCS Membership Website Examples


8) Nassau Swim Club 

Nassau Swimming Club Software


Free Membership Website Builder


Association Membership Website Examples

Association websites focus more on creating networking opportunities and educational resources for industry professionals. They do this through networking events, member directories, and member-only resources like courses and reports.


9) ATV Association of Nova Scotia 

ATVANS Membership Website Examples


10) Washington State Massage Therapy Association 

WSMTA Membership Website Examples


11) US Naval Academy Alumni Association 

USNA Membership Website Example


12) Twin Cities American Guild of Organists 

TCAGO Membership Website Example


13) Southern Nursery Association

SNA Membership Website Example


14) Geneva Amateur Operatic Society 

GAOS Membership Website Example


15) Association of Professional Humane Educators 

APHE Membership Website Example


16) Australian Association of Graduate Employers 

AAGE Membership Website Example


17) Society of Western Canadian Artists 

SWCA Membership Website Examples


18) Wyland Children & Parents Association 

WCPA Membership Website Example


Free Membership Website Builder

Nonprofit Membership Website Examples

Nonprofit membership websites typically focus around a cause, with the organization’s mission right on the home page. Other types of membership websites, like chambers of commerce, focus on promoting the organization’s services and connecting like-minded individuals.


19) Connecting For Kids 

CFK Membership Website Example


20) Sustainable Tallahassee 

ST Membership Website Example


21) Newark Chamber of Commerce 

Newark Chamber of Commerce


22) Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce 

Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce


23) Single Parent Provision 

SPP Membership Website Examples


24) Southern Business Women’s Network

SBWN Membership Website Example


25) New Choir

NC Membership Website Example


How to Setup Your Own Membership Website in 3 Easy Steps

All the membership websites in this list were made using Wild Apricot’s membership website builder. Wild Apricot is the #1 membership management software on the market used by over 20,000 organizations worldwide, and stacks up against traditional website builders. You can also embed Wild Apricot features like member application forms and event calendars into websites built using other website builders.

Wild Apricot Review"Wild Apricot saves me over 15 hours a week! It's given our organization a professional membership service, includes an easy-to-use website and I love how it automatically charges our members' credit cards for their renewals."

- Rick Watson, President, Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge

If you’re looking to setup a membership website yourself, it’s easy to give Wild Apricot a try. Here’s how:

1) Start a Free Trial of Wild Apricot: click here.

Free Trial Wild Apricot


2) Select a website template from one of the professionally designed options:

Membership Website Examples


3) Edit the template using the easy drag-and-drop builder to fit your organization’s needs:

Membership Website Builder


That’s really all there is to it. Once you start your trial, Wild Apricot will also give you a robust membership database that’s easy to search and filter. Plus you can set up automated payments for membership and events, and choose from a number of email and newsletter templates to communicate with your members.

Best of luck creating your membership website!


Additional Resources:


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Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

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