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See How WildApricot Integrates with WordPress

Author: Farhad Chikhliwala
July 29, 2021
🕑 4 min read

Do you have a WordPress site? Do you need more flexibility when it comes to customizing it? With WildApricot’s WordPress plugin, you can combine WildApricot’s membership management platform with WordPress to:

  • create a beautiful WordPress website
  • offer your members more value with exclusive content
  • display membership-related features such as directories
  • and more

What’s a WildApricot plugin?

To begin with, a plugin is a software add-on. It’s a simple way to add more capabilities to your website. For example, with WildApricot’s plugin for WordPress, you can provide access to your WildApricot content on your WordPress site. Members can log in with their WildApricot credentials to access their member profiles and other restricted content.

In your WordPress dashboard, you can find the WildApricot Login plugin under the Plugins menu. By installing the plugin, your systems can begin speaking to one another!

Click through to claim your 60-day trial of WildApricot to create effective QR codes that will speed up event check-in.

What are the benefits?

Here are five benefits of using WildApricot’s plugin for your WordPress site:

  1. Custom Website + Membership Management? Yes, please. Many of our customers use WordPress for their content management system (CMS) for more customization. With WildApricot’s plugin, you can have the best of both worlds—a solid membership management system and a customized site.
  2. Less technical work—bye, bye, API. Unlike other tools such as an API, a plugin doesn’t need coding on your end. After installing the plugin and updating your settings, the two systems can communicate with each other.
  3. All your content, in one central location. Migrating from one content management system to another can be messy. With our plugin, you can display your WildApricot content to a WordPress site without impacting your members or their billing details.
  4. Time to cut out separate logins. The plugin lets members access WildApricot content through a single sign-on. This means, they wouldn’t need to leave your WordPress site or log in separately to your WildApricot site.
  5. Want more? You can add other features! With the plugin, you can add other WildApricot features (via widgets) on your WordPress site. You can add membership directories and event calendars, for instance, to pages and blogs on your WordPress site.

How will this enhance your WordPress site?

There are many ways WildApricot’s plugin can improve your WordPress site. Here are four examples and recommendations.

1. Members need to only log in once

Before, members had to log in to both their WildApricot and WordPress accounts separately – now it’s one simple step.

This example shows a login screen on a WordPress site once the plugin is installed.

This single login page gives you access to both WildApricot and WordPress content.

2. Restrict members-only content

Before, members would have to log in through your WildApricot domain to access restricted content. With this plugin, they can stay on your WordPress site.

If you have sensitive members-only information on your WordPress site, you can now adjust the settings so that only your WildApricot members will see it. Providing members-only content also incentivizes people to sign up for a membership to view all the content.

By placing a simple shortcode onto the members-only page, you ensure that only WildApricot members who have logged into your site, gain access.

If a member has not logged in, a customizable Login button and warning message will appear.

3. Add WildApricot content to your WordPress site

Admins can now add member-only content from your WildApricot site – such as member directories and member-only events – into your WordPress site, without additional authentication.

To embed a WildApricot widget into your WordPress site, you:

  • Add the corresponding gadget to a page in WildApricot.
  • Copy the embed code for the widget.
  • Paste the embed code into your WordPress site’s HTML code.

Now, any WildApricot widgets that you have added that require WildApricot authorization will automatically display a Login button in place of the content – unless the visitor has already logged in.

4. Update WordPress roles

Integrate WordPress roles with WildApricot membership levels.

With the plugin, your membership roles that have been set-up in WildApricot can be updated with WordPress roles.

This can be done in the WordPress backend on the “WildApricot Login Settings” page.

Once the WordPress roles have been updated, any user who logs in to the WordPress site will have their WordPress contact details automatically updated with what’s listed in the WildApricot directory.

How to get started

Integrating your WildApricot account with WordPress is free and involves the following steps:

  1. Authorize WordPress access to your WildApricot account
  2. Install and setup the WildApricot plugin on your WordPress site
  3. Add shortcodes and other WildApricot content to your WordPress site

We’ve created a handy video that outlines the whole process:

For more information on integrating with WordPress, click here.

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Have more questions?

For more information on setting up WordPress integration, read ourHelp page. You can also join our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback from other WildApricot customers.

Ask the WildApricot Grove

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