How to Save Time Training Your Team with Account Admin Roles (+8 Examples)

Volunteerism September 26, 2019

Kate Hawkes

By Kate Hawkes

It’s every organization’s nightmare: you log in to your account, and you find that someone has accidentally deleted everything. 

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We’ve all had that moment, frantically refreshing the same page multiple times, thinking: ‘but I SWEAR I saved it here’. It could be all your member records are missing, the event you spent hours working on is wiped, or even your whole account has been deleted.  


Many of the organizations I’ve chatted with find this can be one of the challenges of having a team that changes regularly.


With positions like treasurer and secretary changing hands every year, as well as having new volunteers joining all the time, it’s time consuming to give every new addition thorough training in how the system works.  


But that means that having lots of new admins can result in mistakes that sometimes take you hours or days of work to set right. Plus, it’s hard to ensure your member and finance details stay secure when so many admins have full access to sensitive information. 


One quick way you can avoid these issues with your WildApricot account is by giving people who need access to your account limited administrator rights.


Rather than giving every admin full access to your account, you can use the limited administrator option to choose the areas each person is able to view and edit, creating a level of access that fits their role.  


That means:  

  • There’s less chance of your important data being deleted. 

  • You can save time by only training people to use the features they’ll have access to (for example the member directory or website builder). 

  • You can restrict access to sensitive data to the people who really need it.   


If you’re ready to save time by using limited administrator rights, read on to find out how to put this into action – including 8 examples of roles in your organization that you could apply it to right away.  


In this post, you’ll learn:

What Are the Account Administrator Options?

Account administrator (Full access)

Grants full access to all administrative functions. Take care when granting this level of access since full admins can delete other admins and even the entire site.


Account administrator (Read-only access) 

Allows viewing of everything in the admin back-end without being able to make any changes. 


Limited administrator 

Provides administrative access to selected WildApricot modules. Use this option if you have dedicated personnel in charge of events, memberships, editing website pages, or managing donations. With this option selected, you can limit access to one of the following roles: 

  • Membership manager

    Can create new contacts, modify all existing ones. 

  • Event manager

    Can create and manage all events. 

  • Donations manager

    Can manage all donations. 

  • Website editor

    Can modify your website pages. With this option selected, you can provide access to all pages on your site or to selected pages. When you grant access to a page, you automatically grant access to all of its child or sub pages. 

    • All pages 

    • Selected pages   
  • NEW Newsletter manager

    Can send manual emails (e.g. newsletters) 

  • NEW Online store manager

    Can manage products and orders in online store 


For each admin, you can choose whether to make them an account administrator, account administrator (read-only access), or a limited administrator.  


If you choose to make someone a limited administrator, you can select to give them any combination of the limited administrator permission options. For example, you could give them event manager, donations manager and website editor permissions. 

Introducing 2 New Admin Roles

From version 7.3, you can also now choose to give admins two new types of limited administrator access: Newsletter manager and Online store manager.


With Newsletter manager, admins can:  

  • Access the Emails section of the admin back-end.  

  • Have full access to drafts and templates.  

  • Be able to create and send manual emails and newsletters. 


With Store manager, admins can:  

  • Add products to the online store catalog, add product descriptions etc., and publish store items on the website. 

  • Fulfill orders and organize delivery. 

  • See a list of the latest unfulfilled orders on their dashboard. 

  • This admin role does not include access to changing store settings. 


Read on see how your organization can use these new roles. 


While each account administrator option can be helpful on its own, many organizations find they see the most benefits when they mix and match administrator options to fit each role on their team. Here’s how...


How to Edit Account Administrator Permissions

 Manage account admin gif 

8 Ways Your Team Could Use Account Admin Permissions

To show some of the ways you can use the access options, I’ve put together a list of common roles from small and mid-sized organizations. For each, I’ve suggested how some nonprofits and associations are using account administrator options to give each role access to the features they need, without complicating things by giving access to the areas they don’t.   


For any roles your organization has beyond the list below, I hope you’ll be inspired by how you can adapt admin permissions to suit any requirements! 

  1. Acting Head of the Organization

  1. E-Commerce Manager 

  1. Events Coordinator

  1. Events Assistant

  1. Head of Fundraising 

  1. Marketing Intern 

  1. Organization Founder 

  1. Revenue Officer 


1. Acting Head of the Organization


Sometimes, you may need to give someone almost all the authority of full admin rights, but without the ability to make critical changes like deleting other admins or the entire account. For example, if one of the full account admins is going away on vacation and needs a temporary replacement, or for a new full account admin while they’re still being trained.  


Suggested admin access:

Limited administrator, with all limited administrator roles enabled – membership manager, event manager, donations manager, website editor, online store manager, and newsletter manager.  


The admin will be able to perform most of the functions of a full account administrator, with a few key exceptions, including managing other administrators, deleting all contacts, changing billing details, and deleting files or folders. 


2. E-Commerce Manager


  • List products, including adding images and descriptions 

  • Fulfill and dispatch orders 

  • Monitor stock levels and restock as necessary 

  • Update catalog and maintain store web pages 


Suggested admin access:

Limited admin, with Store manager and Website editor for Selected pages, choosing store-related pages. 

 Restricted admin - store and store website   

3. Events Coordinator


  • Generate ideas for events, and add them to the event calendar 

  • Create ticket types and set pricing, including early bird and member pricing 

  • Email registrants with event information and updates 

  • Promote events to increase registrants, by creating engaging event listings and growing traffic to the website event pages 

  • Monitor event registrations and assist registrants with any queries  

  • Monitor the guest list and wait list 


Suggested admin access:

Limited admin, with Event Manager and Website Editor for Selected Pages, choosing event-related pages. 

 Restricted admin - events and event website  

4. Events Assistant


  • Assist with the running of events on the day, including: 

    • Check in attendees 

    • Check registration fees have been paid, and registering any fees that are paid at the door 

    • Respond to members’ queries, including their renewal date and any outstanding fees 

    • Update members’ contact details and preferences 

Suggested admin access:

Limited admin, with Event Manager and Membership Manager

 Restricted admin - membership and events 

5. Head of Fundraising


  • Organize fundraising events
    • Create events and add them to the calendar
    • Promote fundraising events with emails
    • Monitor attendees and check registration fees are paid
    • Update and optimize a fundraising events page to encourage registrations 
  • Manage donations
    • Respond to donor queries
    • Report on donation metrics
    • Manually record donations as needed
    • Edit donation receipt and confirmation email
    • Update and optimize donations page to encourage giving, including promoting a regular giving program 

Suggested admin access:

Limited admin, with Donations Manager, Events Manager, and Website Editor for Selected Pages, choosing fundraising events and donations pages.  

 Restricted admin - events, donations, website events and donations   

6. Marketing Intern


  • Send out a regular newsletter to supporters and subscribers 

  • Email members and contacts with key updates  

  • Update the organization’s website with event images and new text 

  • Post blog posts promoting the organization’s work 

  • Monitor website forums 


Suggested admin access:

Limited admin, with Newsletter Manager and Website Editor for Selected Pages, choosing any marketing-related pages, including blog, forum and gallery pages. 

 Restricted admin - newsletter, marketing website   

7. Organization Founder


Once an organization has been running for a while, some founders take a backseat from day-to-day operations, with a team of staff and volunteers keeping everything running. However, they may still want access to all information about the organization, so they can stay involved and check in on aspects like incoming revenue and the number of members.  


Suggested admin access:

Account administrator (Read-only access). 

This allows the admin to view nearly everything in the admin back-end, without being able to make any changes, so there’s no risk of accidentally editing or deleting something vital while they’re checking in on progress. 


8. Revenue Officer


  • Monitor all incoming revenue 

    • Membership dues 
    • Donations 
    • Online store sales 

    • Report on income sources 

  • Increase incoming revenue 

    • List products on the online store 

    • Set prices for store products and delivery options, and oversee promotions 

    • Promote donations with email campaigns 

    • Adjust pricing of membership dues 

    • Follow up on overdue membership fees 

Suggested admin access:

Limited admin, with Membership manager, Donations manager and Store manager selected 

 Limited admin - revenue example, membership, donations, store  

Find out more about admin roles

More details on account administrators – Help Site  

Account setup checklist – Help Site 


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