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9 Powerful PTA Software Solutions That Save Time and Money

Author: Terry Ibele
November 6, 2017
🕑 4 min read

If you’re still using Excel, Word, Outlook, and a combination of other mismatched tools to run your parent-teacher association, there’s a better way that can save you time and money.

That better way is called Parent Teacher Association Software and it works by automating most of your administrative tasks from one centralized system.

What is PTA Software?

Parent Teacher Association Software, or PTA Software, is an all-in-one management tool comprised of a website builder, online contact database, communications system (email), finance & payment system, event platform, and more.

Most PTA Software solutions include functionalities like:

  • Website: create and update your PTA’s website with little-to-no tech experience.
  • Events: easily create and promote events with online registration, attendance tracking, and payment processing.
  • Payments: automate membership renewals, registrations and payments.
  • Database: maintain detailed member, parent, volunteer, and admin records in an easy-to-search and filter online database.
  • Emails: send professional newsletter and email communications to your members.
  • Member Login: allow members to login to your website to access exclusive resources.

These are all basic functionalities of a larger grouping of software called membership management software — a solution designed to eliminate and automate as many of the administrative tasks of membership organizations as possible.

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Over 100 PTAs Use This Membership Management Software

WildApricot is the number one membership management solution. Currently, over 100 PTAs and Teacher Associations around the United States use WildApricot to completely manage their associations.

You can try a free, 60-day trial of WildApricot and have your PTA set up with a professional-looking website with online registration in just an afternoon.

Parent Teacher Association Software

If you’d like to compare more options, here’s a list of 9 options to consider.

I’ve sorted the list alphabetically and given you highlights of each tool’s major features and cost, so you can focus on the solutions that suit your needs.

9 Powerful PTA Software Solutions That Save Time and Money


  • PTA Accounting Software
  • Pricing starting at $25/month plus 3% + $0.30 per transaction
  • 2+ Accounting Users extra $15/month
  • Free support
  • Free 15-day trial

Aplos PTA Software

PTAs use Aplos as an online and secure bookkeeping management software. Features include tracking money in designated funds, creating nonprofit reports, and automatic donation tracking.


  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

memberhub PTA Software

MemberHub is an all-in-one online solution for PTAs. With MemberHub, you can create private group “hubs” for each of your grades, or classrooms to communicate with. One of the main things MemberHub advertises is that they can help you reduce the amount of paper your association prints by hosting everything like notices, calls for volunteers, etc. all online.

3) Membership Toolkit

  • Pricing starting at $100/year
  • Free trial

Membership Toolkit PTA Software

Membership Toolkit provides your PTA with an all-in-one solution: a custom website, fundraising platform, volunteer management, online sales, membership, email, and more. Some of their features include an accounting system, event registration, and a full directory.

4)MobileArq Directory+

  • PTA Directory and Communication Software
  • Pricing starting at $298 (one-time payment) plus 3% per transaction
  • For special services, like creating a district-wide directory, contact for quote

MobileArq PTA Software

MobileArq is primarily a directory-based PTA software which allows you to skip the paperwork, grow your membership and revenue and communicate with your members more easily.


  • All-in-one PTA Management Software
  • Pricing starting at $298/year
  • Free online classes
  • Free support
  • Free 60-day trial

MySchoolAnywhere PTA Software

MySchoolAnywhere allows you to connect with parents in an easy-to-use, up-to-date directory. Features include back to school automation, email blasts, membership and donations, volunteer sign-up, and an online store.

6) PT Avenue

  • Membership and Financials only: $90/year
  • Full version: $199/year
  • Free demo available on request

PT Avenue Parent Teacher Association Software

PT Avenue offers a comprehensive management solution for any PTA in the United States. Features include membership reporting, an online directory, an interactive calendar, and volunteer sign-ups and hours.


  • PTA Finance Software
  • Pricing starting at $99/month
  • Additional features (online store, Tax Worksheet 990, etc.) starting at $30
  • Free online video tutorials
  • Free 45-day trial

PTAEZ is a fund management solution that offers a simple way to manage your association’s finances. Features include check and receipt writing, advanced reporting, and an online store.


  • All-in-one PTA management software
  • Pricing starting at $24/month
  • Demo available upon request
  • Live demo account to explore

PTOffice is an all-in-one PTA management software. Features include easy-to-create signup forms, fundraising campaigns, email and newsletter templates, online and printed directories, and an online store.


  • Premium version starts at $60/month
  • Free email and phone support
  • Free 60-day trial

WA PTA Software

Over one hundred PTAs and Teacher Associations use WildApricot to manage their organizations. Features include a drag and drop website builder, a built-in emailing system, a mobile app, a member directory, a member’s-only area, and automated member payments and renewals. Free 60-day trial.

We hope you found this post helpful to determine which PTA software is right for you!

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