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Advisory Community Registrations Are Open

Shiv Narayanan 18 August 2014 0 comments

We understand how challenging it can be to run a small membership organization. You’re passionate about your organization, but you might feel a little isolated and maybe even overwhelmed about your role. Wouldn’t you like to connect with similar people, in similar roles, facing similar obstacles – to share best practices, mistakes to avoid and key lessons learned?

A few months back, we started our Small Membership Advisory Community as a way to connect the volunteers and staff of small associations, clubs and non-profits with one another.

We’ve been hosting conference calls with small groups where community members share ideas, information and tips with their peers on a specific topic of interest. In some cases, we’ve also included industry experts to offer their expertise to the group session.

So far, Small Membership Advisory Community topics have included:

  • How clubs organize recurring events and build/maintain participation
  • Types of benefits and incentives business/trade associations and chambers of commerce provide to their members
  • Email communication and marketing messaging used by professional associations
  • Using networking to recruit new members
  • Ways of providing value to members

1-On-1 Interviews and Community Forum

Along with the group sessions, we’ve launched a 1-On-1 interview series where we chronicle key insights, best practices, mistakes to avoid, lessons learned from one of the members of the advisory community. We share the ideas generated in the conference calls and 1-On-1 sessions through blog posts and articles in our Membership Knowledge Hub.

We’ve also created an advisory community forum to facilitate discussions and idea sharing.

Would you like to join our Small Membership Advisory Community?

We’ve had a great response and tremendous participation in our Advisory Community so we wanted to open up registration once again. You don’t have to be a Wild Apricot client to participate. Your involvement and experience with small associations, clubs or non-profits is what counts.

To join the Advisory Community, you simply need to be a staff person, board member or long-term volunteer at a small association, club or non-profit who is:

  • interested in sharing ideas, challenges and best practices with your peers;
  • passionate about helping others in the same situation

If you are interested in joining the Small Membership Advisory Community, please fill out this form.

We will invite participants in order of sign-ups as call sizes range from 10-12 participants.

Stay tuned to the Wild Apricot Blog for our upcoming Advisory Series 1-On-1 posts.

Image source:  Super hero team - courtesy of BigStockPhoto.com

Shiv Narayanan [Magnetic Apricot] Shiv Narayanan [Magnetic Apricot]

Posted by Shiv Narayanan [Magnetic Apricot]

Published Monday, 18 August 2014 at 10:41 AM
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