34 Free Nonprofit Webinars for May 2022

Organizational Management April 27, 2022


By WildApricot

Every month, we compile the internet's biggest list of free nonprofit webinars. 


Organizations are always looking for innovative ways to adapt to the challenges of working remotely, all while trying to find volunteers and lead successful teams.


It’s more important than ever for us to come together and share our knowledge and resources. 


The webinars below cover everything your nonprofit needs to know about fundraising, events and all the tips and tricks for using GoogleAds. 

Topics include project budgeting, grant writing, SEO, event organization, DEI initiatives, successful blogging, social media, artificial intelligence and much more

Now onto this month’s webinars. Please note, all times are indicated in ET (unless otherwise noted).

Planting the Seeds for Nonprofit Board Equity

May 3, 1:00 PM

In this session, you will learn to recognize challenges your board is experiencing around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. This webinar focuses on possible steps you can take to open up conversations around racial equity and build belonging on your board and determine which of these next steps might fit your board.

Emergent Asking – Get What You Need Now

May 5, 1:00 PM

Those who ask well, who know who, how, and when to ask, succeed. In this webinar, learn the 5 steps of asking for anything. You will learn the most effective asking techniques, your individual Asking Personality and how to leverage it, and how to identify and engage allies, freeing you to focus on aspects you like and at which you’ll excel.

Designing Curriculum That Connects With Your Audience

May 5, 12:00 PM

How do you design content and curriculum that connects with your audience? This workshop will review 3 core strategies, including how to structure content for live virtual learning, how to design virtual gatherings for maximum engagement, and ways to match your organizational capacity with your audience's needs.

Is Starting a Nonprofit Right for You?

May 5, 2:00 PM

In this session you’ll learn the legal and logistical elements necessary to start a successful nonprofit.  You’ll also learn about possible alternatives to starting your own nonprofit that you may not have considered.  Finally, you’ll be introduced to a tool that will help you assess your own readiness to move forward.

Introduction to Finding Grants

May 6, 11:00 AM

Are you new to the field of grantseeking? Discover what funders are looking for in nonprofits seeking grants and how to find potential funders in this introductory course. Learn who funds nonprofits and what are their motivations, what funders really want to know about the organizations they are interested in funding and how to identify potential funders and make the first approach.

Preparing Your Internal and External Community for a New Financial Aid Platform

May 10, 1:00 PM

This webinar will explore the process of closing out one platform and starting with a new one in a seamless way. Talk through the communication strategy and timeline and provide some support materials to help you navigate this change with your internal team as well as your parent population.

Social Media 102

May 10, 1:00 PM

Learn a few advanced social media tips and tricks, elevate your social media presence through micro strategies and activate your advocates. Join this webinar to learn how to use social media to connect with constituents, get people to advocate on your behalf, monitor conversations and navigate social media advertising.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

May 10, 3:00 PM

While nonprofits can ignore the importance of individual donors, corporate partners can bring unmatched powerful support to organizations. In this live webinar, you’ll learn a proven process to make companies want to work with your organization and how to strategize to get a ‘yes’ with your first ask.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Fundraising

May 10, 3:30 PM

This webinar will explore the process of closing out one platform and starting with a new one in a seamless way. Talk through the communication strategy and timeline and provide some support materials to help you navigate this change with your internal team as well as your parent population.

Executive Directors Chat: The Impact of Collaborations

May 11, 11:00 AM

Collaborations are essential in providing holistic care to all those who come through the doors of nonprofit organizations; from hunger to housing to employment. Join directors to discuss how nonprofits can utilize business and community collaborations to provide as many services as they can, in one place. Learn how other directors collaborate with their community partners to make an impact.

Establish an Organizational Culture That Supports Your DEI Initiatives

May 11, 2:00 PM

This webinar will support leaders to clarify the legacy that they envision their organization will leave - to communities, within their respective sector, and in larger society – and then, to leverage that vision to construct their cultural foundation.

Giving Paradigm: 7 Faces of Philanthropy

May 11, 2:00 PM

In this session you will learn the Seven Faces approach—a powerful tool that enables development professionals to maximize their effectiveness when approaching major donors for gifts. Learn to recognize, relate, interact and maximize giving with each face in this webinar.

The Power of Blogging & Thought Leadership for Nonprofits

May 11, 3:00 PM

Avoid common pitfalls in blogging as a non-profit. In this session, you will learn keys to becoming a thought leader, who should blog, the components of the best nonprofit blogs, optimization tips, promotional tips and how to measure your blog’s performance.

How Technology Drives Greater Effectiveness for Mission-Driven Boards of Directors

May 12, 11:00 AM

Join this webinar for a panel discussion on the current challenges nonprofit boards are facing and how these organizations implemented board management technology to overcome today’s challenges. 

Event Engagement in a Post-Pandemic World

May 12, 12:30 AM

Join a panel of event professional experts, trailblazers who have hosted large-scale events as they make sense of the dizzying array of changes facing event organizers. Key topics include: The ongoing confusion and perception of “hybrid events.”, how “Zoom fatigue” has impacted content consumption, the value of digital engagement to drive attendance to live events and more.

Find Your Annual Giving North Star

May 12, 1:00 PM

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform nonprofit fundraising. But with this promise there are also substantial ethical questions most nonprofits have yet to consider. What could this mean to your organization? This webinar features a discussion on the risks and rewards of deploying the fast growing array of approaches becoming available to you.

Culture By Design: How to be Intentional About Living Values at Work

May 12, 1:00 PM

An organization’s values are the lens through which the vision and mission are formed, and how decisions are made. However, often the lived culture does not align with those values. This workshop will offer tips on how to better understand your workplace values and how those values might be aligned with your personal values.

5 Steps to Successful Online Raffles

May 17, 1:00 PM

Learn how you can transform an online raffle into a tool that not only brings in ticket sales but also 20% more net profits, a list of new donors, and marketing insights.

5 Steps to Optimize & Sell Out Your Large Scale Events

May 17, 2:00 PM

Join to learn how you can get more bang for your buck at your large-scale fundraising events. Learn tips and tricks to optimize live events, micro event strategies, plug-and-play digital promotion scheduling and ticket pricing hacks.

Be Found: The Secrets of SEO for Nonprofits

May 17, 3:00 PM

In this session, learn from nonprofits who are experts at search engine optimization and driving traffic to their websites, plus review the SEO tools and techniques that maximize your findability. This webinar will cover what SEO is and how it works, why search engines like Google matter and outline the six steps to mastering SEO.

How to Plan an Effective Capital Campaign Using New Tools and Technology

May 17, 3:30 PM

If there is a capital campaign in your future, this session is for you! A capital campaign is likely the largest amount your organization has ever tried to raise… often even 10 times more than you currently raise. Learn the critical stages and timeline of a campaign and identify new resources available to help make your campaign effective and affordable.

10-Step Budgeting Process

May 18, 1:00 PM

The success and usefulness of your budget largely depend on the process used to create it. You will walk away from this webinar with a proven 10-step budgeting process that will engage staff and the board to ensure that your budget reflects your organization’s mission, strategic plan, and programmatic priorities.

How to Find New Funders in Your Backyard in Under 60 Minutes

May 18, 1:00 PM

Are you at a dead-end when it comes to the next funders to pursue? This free grant workshop is made especially for you! In this 1-hour workshop, you’ll learn new strategic methods you can immediately start using to find new funders in your backyard.

Honest fundraising: Showing donors what’s really going on to increase trust and funding

May 18, 2:00 PM

This webinar will discuss how to move towards more open and honest fundraising. Learn discussion topics for donors, strategies to shift donors' understanding of your work and their role in it and specific phrases and framing to move donors towards trust and mission-based funding

Events in a Digital Age: How to Maximize Offline Events in an Online World

May 19, 11:00 AM

With the vast number of online tools available, you can streamline everything from event registration to email marketing to social media, ensuring you capture your audience right where they are: online. Join to learn the importance of integrating digital into your event, key goals to help you measure success and digital must-haves to keep your event running smoothly.

Demystifying Insurance: What Nonprofits Need to Know to Protect their Operations

May 19, 1:00 PM

This webinar will cover: why general liability insurance is a critical component of any nonprofit insurance program and how it supports your operations, how to prepare for a breach and mitigate risk with cyber insurance, and what directors and officers insurance is and how it protects your board. 

Introduction to Project Budgets

May 19, 1:00 PM

This class will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to generate a standard project budget for a foundation proposal. This webinar will discuss the basic components of a project budget including income and expenses, how to estimate the realistic cost of a project and what other financial documents you may also need to submit with your proposal.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Every Generation 

May 24, 1:00 PM

Mobile marketing is a key component of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Learn to optimize your site for all screens and devices in this webinar that explores mobile marketing and generational marketing. Tips on website looks, how each generation responds to marketing, planning your mobile marketing strategy and more.

Understanding the Donor Journey: Insights and Best Practices for Fundraising Growth

May 24, 1:00 PM

How deeply connected are you with your donors’ experience? Are you aware of how often they engage with your organization – not just your most supportive donors, but the myriad who only connect and give to you once or twice annually? This webinar will outline Donor Journey Mapping, an essential strategy for nonprofits as we navigate a pandemic-worn, financially challenged fundraising landscape. 

Preventing Financial Fraud at Your Nonprofit

May 24, 1:00 PM

Join cybersecurity experts and financial experts for a webinar discussion of the financial threats that face nonprofit organizations and the steps you can take to protect your nonprofit from financial fraud. This webinar will provide an overview on wirefraud, share some specific examples that they have encountered, and then talk about the steps you can take to protect your organization.

Yes You Can - Find Event Sponsors

May 25, 2:00 PM

No matter the size of your organization or event you can find sponsors. If you already have sponsors, learn how to grow the quantity as well as increase the sponsorship levels. Level up and increase income.

Nurturing Safe Space: Ensuring Employee Retention

May 26, 11:00 AM

This workshop is intended to help nonprofit leaders to improve employee retention through the reinforcement of a culture of high psychological safety in which people can take interpersonal risks by speaking their truths. The facilitator will lead peer discussions around identifying the elements of a healthy organizational culture and strategies to increase employee engagement.

Staffing Your Fundraising Operation: Structure, Attract & Retain

May 26, 12:00 PM

Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop covering fundraising staffing. This webinar will explore the various options to staff your organization’s fundraising operation including how to best structure a fundraising job description. Includes tips on structuring, talent acquisition, fundraising management and more. 

Ask Me Anything: Nonprofit Branding

May 31, 1:00 PM

From questions about creating an effective brand to developing a brand guide to navigating specific brand challenges you are facing, this collaborative and fun Q&A format will offer insights and tips for making your organization’s branding more targeted and effective. 

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