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How to Connect Your WildApricot Account to Over 950 Apps and Services

Author: Kate Hawkes
October 23, 2021
🕑 5 min read

If you want to go above and beyond the features we currently offer in WildApricot, there’s a tool for you.

Integromat lets you automate customized workflows without writing a single line of code. With over 950 online apps (e.g., QuickBooks, Google apps, and Facebook) it can connect with, you can set up hundreds of scenarios! Read on to find out what you can do and how to get started.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What you can do with Integromat
  • Who will find Integromat most helpful
  • Ideas for ways to use the integration
  • How using Integromat can benefit your organization
  • How to get started with Integromat
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Where to find out more

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a tool that lets you automate manual processes without needing to write any code. You can set up ‘scenarios’ tailored to your needs by transferring and transforming data from one app to another. Integromat also automatically runs to get tasks done, both in WildApricot and in other apps and services.


How integromat works

What Can You Do with Integromat?

In short, you can automate a series of tasks that use any number of the apps connected to Integromat. You can find the full list here.

An action in WildApricot can carry out other actions in external services. For instance, it could send push notifications to Android or Apple phones or posting in your Facebook group. Or an action in another program can trigger actions in WildApricot, such as updating contact details or creating an invoice. For a guide to setting up a scenario in Integromat, see this post.


Integromat labelled screenshot

Who Will Find Integromat Most Helpful?

Anyone can try out Integromat, but you’re like to find it most helpful if:

  • If you’d like to save more time by automating more of your tasks.
  • If you have a large membership base and a small team of staff and volunteers.
  • If there are advanced or highly specific functions you’d like to do with WildApricot but that isn’t currently possible.
  • If you use other software programs alongside WildApricot (e.g., QuickBooks Online or Gmail). Particularly if you’re currently manually transferring data between them.
  • If you don’t code — that’s ok! Integromat’s drag-and-drop tool is simple to use and doesn’t require coding. That said, if you’re creating your own scenarios, it’s helpful if you’re familiar with functions. This is because Integromat uses similar functions to those you might find in Excel or other programming languages.

A Few Ideas for Ways to Use Integromat

With Integromat, you can choose dozens of actions to do within WildApricot, including:




You can then link these actions or data to actions in other apps. You can filter which information should be used, and how often the scenario should be run. You could use Integromat to:



…and lots more. You can check out all the apps Integromat integrates with (it’s a lot!) here. To connect these apps, you’ll need an account with them — many are free, and some you might already have, but some do charge a fee to sign up.

To get you started, we’ve set up some templates on Integromat using WildApricot based on customer feedback. Once you’ve signed up for Integromat and connected it with your WildApricot account, it only takes a few clicks to start trying these templates.

Here are some things you can do with the WildApricot templates:


We’ve also just added new templates to help with event registrations — click here to check them out.

How to Get Started with Integromat and WildApricot

There are two simple steps to getting set up with Integromat and WildApricot:

  1. Set up an Integromat account.
  2. Authorize Integromat as an external application in WildApricot.

1. Setting up an Integromat account

To set up an Integromat account, go to and click Sign up. You can sign up for free or choose any of the paid plans. The Free plan allows you up to 1,000 operations a month. For small organizations running simple scenarios, this could be enough to cover everything you need. The Basic plan ($9 USD/mth) allows a maximum of 10,000 operations per month.

For more information on Integromat plans, click here.

2. Authorizing Integromat as an external application

To authorize Integromat as an external application within WildApricot, follow these steps:

  • Hover over the Settings menu and select the Integration option. Within the Integration settings screen, select the Authorized applications option.
  • On the Authorized application screen, click the Authorize application button.


  • Choose the Server application option then click Continue.
  • Enter ‘Integromat’ as the application name.
  • Copy the API key and save it somewhere. You’ll need it when you start using Integromat.
  • Click the Full access option.




With these two steps set up, you’re ready to start creating scenarios. Why not start with the pre-loaded templates, to get a sense for how the system works? The GIF below shows you how.



Is it free to use Integromat?

You can sign up to Integromat for free  — if you’re only running a few scenarios, the free plan might cover all your requirements. But, if you’re running lots of scenarios, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan — these start at $9 per month. Find out more about pricing here.

I’ve never worked with APIs before — will I be able to use Integromat?

Integromat is designed to make using APIs as easy as possible. After authorizing Integromat as an application in WildApricot, copy and paste your API key to connect both accounts. Our Help page walks you through how to do this step by step.


Find out More About the Integromat Integration


Get this info sheet

If you have any questions on authorizing Integromat as an application in WildApricot, feel free to get in touch with our support team. For any other questions, you can find more information via the links above, or get in touch with their support team directly.

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