Sold Out! One Simple Change Filled This Club’s Events Like Never Before

Events January 20, 2017

Donald Cowper

By Donald Cowper

If your organization’s main form of accepting member dues and event registrations is through check or cash, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on registrations, new members and even cash flow. 

That was the case for the Ski Club of Washington DC. For years, they struggled to fill up their events. But, simply beginning to offer online registrations and payments turned things around for them. 

When they promoted their upcoming trip with online registration and payments, all spots were filled in record time and the club’s cash flow increased by $18,000.

At first the Ski Club was surprised at how such a simple thing could make a huge impact, but if we look at what’s happened in the world recently we can easily see why this one simple change made the difference between struggling and thriving.


3 Critical Changes in Human Behavior

Here are three critical markers of change that explain why organizations that don’t offer online options see less revenue and registrations:

Because most people these days won’t go through the hassle of downloading a form, physically filling it out, and sending in a check, it’s become essential to offer an online payment option for membership and event registration.

The trend toward paying for things online is one of four major changes causing many membership organizations to fall behind. At WildApricot, we call the rapid adoption of technologies The Tech Effect. You can watch a free webinar on The Tech Effect to discover how to quickly modernize your organization so it can remain relevant and thrive in today’s tech-driven world.

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How To Quickly Offer Online Payment Options

Implementing online payments may be difficult to do yourself, but easy-to-use software exists that can set up online payments for dues and event fees specifically for membership organizations. It can even automate monthly payments so that you never have to process any of the payments yourself ever again. This software is called Membership Management Software, and it will put you ahead of The Tech Effect.

If you’d like to set up online payments for your organization, you can start a free 30-day trial of WildApricot’s Membership Management Software and get ahead of The Tech Effect.

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