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The Top 9 Chamber of Commerce Software Solutions in 2024

Author: Terry Ibele
March 22, 2021
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If administrative work is taking over your organization — things like filling out membership applications by hand, running cheques to the bank, manually processing event registrations, and sorting through a messy Excel directory — Chamber of Commerce Software is one option that can free up a lot of time and save you money.

In fact, I know someone who runs his entire 600-member Chamber of Commerce by himself as a part-time staff.

That’s because he leaves most of the work up to Chamber of Commerce Software — it essentially runs the organization for him.

If you’re wondering whether this type of software can make an impact at your organization too, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Chamber of Commerce Management Software?

Chamber of Commerce Software is an all-in-one chamber management tool to help you eliminate and streamline administrative tasks from your workload to save you time and money. It’s usually comprised of a website builder, online contact database, online member directory, communications system, booking system, finance & payment system, event platform, and more.

Most Chamber of Commerce Software solutions include functionalities like:

  • Automating membership renewals, registrations and payments.
  • Building and maintaining an online business directory.
  • Easily creating and updating a website.
  • Allowing members to login to your website online to access exclusive resources.
  • Sending professional newsletter and email communications to your board, members, committees, and stakeholders.
  • Creating and promoting events with online registration, attendance tracking, and payment processing.

These are all basic functionalities of a larger grouping of software called membership management software — a solution designed to eliminate and automate as many of the administrative tasks of membership organizations as possible.

Click through to claim your 60-day trial of WildApricot to create effective QR codes that will speed up event check-in.

Try the #1 Membership Management Software Free

WildApricot is the #1 rated membership management software used by nearly 500 Chambers of Commerce and Business Groups. You can try a free, 60-day trial of WildApricot and have your Chamber setup with a professional-looking website and easy to search member database and directory in just an afternoon.

WildApricot Chamber of Commerce SoftwareFree Chamber Software

Alex Risner Chamber of Commerce Software“WildApricot has been a blessing to our Chamber with all its amazing features and user-friendly interfaces. Being able to handle renewals and sign ups automatically without us having to worry is amazing. Before we got WildApricot, we were using an old Access Database to keep up with Chamber memberships.”

– Alex Risner, Wayne County Chamber of Commerce

3 Examples of Organizations Using Chamber of Commerce Software

Here are three examples of Chambers of Commerce using WildApricot’s management software. Some highlights to look for within each of these sites include:

  • Membership benefits, member directories, and featured members.
  • Chamber services and resources.
  • Community calendars and event listings.

1) Newark Chamber of Commerce

Newark Chamber of Commerce

2) Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Arizona

Swedish American Chamber of Commerce

3) Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce

Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce

How to Choose the Best Software For Your Organization

While WildApricot is just one pick for Chambers of Commerce, there are many other options to choose from — each catering to a different niche. The best software for your organization will end up being the one that best fits your exact needs.

It’s fairly easy to compare options, but here are some questions to consider to help you find the best one for your organization:

  • Are there setup fees? Support fees? Additional transaction fees?
  • Is the system easy-to-learn?
  • How fast do you need the software setup?
  • What specialized features will you need?
  • Do you need integration with other systems like Quickbooks, or WordPress?
  • Is the system secure?

To help you compare options, here’s a list of 9 popular Chamber of Commerce Software options to consider. I’ve listed highlights of each option’s major features and pricing, so you can easily find the solution that suit your needs.

8 Popular Chamber of Commerce Software Options That Save Time and Money

1. MemberClicks

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request


While WildApricot is perfect for many small organizations, MemberClicks builds integrated membership management software solutions specifically for small-to-midsized professional associations, trade associations and chambers of commerce.

MemberClicks offers intuitive association management systems, learning management software, event management solutions, and job board software, built to save time, save money, grow membership and increase revenue.

Click hereto learn more about MemberClicks can help your organization by connecting you to connected solutions.

2. Accrisoft

  • Pricing available upon request

Accrisoft Chamber of Commerce Software

Accrisoft provides a comprehensive platform to fully manage your organization. Features include detailed online member profiles, group segmentation, events calendars, email marketing, landing pages, social media sharing tools, and more.

3. CC-Assist.NET

  • Pricing available upon request (initial license fee plus a monthly renewal license fee)
  • Demo available upon request

CC-Assist.NET Chamber of Commerce Software

CC-Assist.NET was designed for Chambers of Commerce. Their features include complete membership record keeping, a “smart” billing system, custom reporting, member communication, and website integration.

4. ChamberMaster

  • Pricing starts at $79/month
    • One-time setup fee ranges from $1,750 – $4,000
    • One-time new website design fees may also apply, contact for pricing
  • Free support
  • Demo available upon request

ChamberMaster Chamber of Commerce Membership Software

ChamberMaster is a comprehensive platform to manage every aspect of a Chamber. They have dozens of features, of which include custom reporting, payment processing, event management, and referral tracking. They also offer a mobile app for your organization’s staff.

5. Chamber Dashboard

  • Basic features cost a one-time fee of $349
    • Additional plugins (like recurring payments) range from $29 – $79
    • Pricing for custom site building available upon request
  • Basic Support available to paid subscriptions
    • Priority Support available for $115/year
  • Live demo site available to view

Chamber Dashboard Chamber of Commerce Software

Chamber Dashboard is a Chamber Management WordPress Plugin. Features. Their pricing is based on a pay-per-feature model, so you only pay for what you need.

6. Chamber Organizer

  • Pricing starts at $99.95/month
  • One-time setup fee of $995

Chamber Organizer Chamber of Commerce Software

Chamber Organizer allows you to fully manage your members, staff, and volunteers. Features include a member database, billing system, calendar of events, member surveys, photo albums, and classified ads. Every month, Chamber Organizer hosts a meeting with their customers to receive feedback on their product in order to make improvements to their features.

7. Muster

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

Muster Chamber of Commerce Software

Muster is a mix of a membership management solution and a grassroots tool catered to the needs of Chambers of Commerce. Muster helps track advocacy campaigns, connect with legislators and manage your members through an easy online platform.

8. YourMembership

  • Pricing Available upon request
  • Demo available upon request

YourMembership Chamber of Commerce Software

YourMembershipoffers all the bells and whistles of an all-in-one management platform including memberships for individuals and organizations. They also offer product training, unlimited support and free maintenance updates.

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