21 Leading Association Management Software (AMS) Options

Website & Technology September 21, 2022

Sonia Urlando

By Sonia Urlando

Many association team members have to-do lists running long with administrative tasks. And while we all would love to have an assistant to take care of these tedious tasks, not many association budgets have space for such a luxury (darn!)

But even if you can’t afford a human assistant, you can get a little extra help via a robot assistant. A little automation can go a long way when it comes to offloading admin tasks off your ever-growing to-do list. And that’s where association management software, or AMS software, can help.

For example: The Alabama Durable Medical Equipment Association uses association management software to automate 90% of their administrative tasks, saving thousands of hours (and dollars) every year.

“I love how quick and easy it was to set up and modify, even for someone with limited computer skills,” said Michael W. Hamilton, ADMEA’s Executive Director.  

So how do you choose the AMS software that’s right for you? To help you decide, we’ve gathered 21 AMS software options for you to consider.

What is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Association Management Software, also known as AMS, is an all-in-one management tool. It brings together your website builder, contact database, communications system (email), finance and payment system, event platform and more.

If you run any sort of association, nearly all your administrative work can be eliminated by AMS, which can:

  • Instantly process online payments, fees and donations.

  • Set up online event registration pages, payments and reminders.

  • Improve member communication through automated invoices, emails and newsletters.

  • Create a professional, easy-to-build website where you can host a news section, notices, resources, a member directory, an event calendar and more.

  • Maintain a full contact database that's easy to search, filter and update.

  • Create financial reports, analytics and membership summaries in seconds.

  • Save your organization money and time by automating many more administrative tasks.

Why is Association Management Software important?

Whether your association is brand new or still relatively small, you may be able to manage updating your member database on your own — you can use a spreadsheet and manually complete administrative tasks. It’s tedious and time-consuming, but it’s doable. 

But the ultimate goal is to grow your organization, right? At some point, your number of members could go from 50 to 500… and then 5,000! Your DIY system will inevitably become too clunky, lead to errors, and take far too much time to do it all by yourself. 

The major benefit of investing in association management software is that, even as your organization grows, you won’t be required to log any more hours in the office — AMS software can automatically take care of most of your administrative tasks. 

An automation tool like AMS software frees you up to focus on higher-impact tasks that can’t be outsourced to software — they require your unique skills and expertise. Think engaging with your members, creating programs, establishing partnerships, and planning for the future. 

How much does AMS software cost?

AMS options vary greatly in their costs and pricing models. Most are offered as a subscription and charge either monthly or annually. Some also charge initial setup fees and/or a small percentage of each transaction. 


In general, expect to pay anywhere between $50 to a few hundred dollars per month. In a later section, we’ll compare the prices of the most popular AMS options in more detail.

Try the top association management software for free

WildApricot is the top provider of association management software, used by over 32,000 associations. In just an afternoon, you can build your entire website and upload your contact database all by yourself. That’s because WildApricot is an easy-to-learn system and even if you do get stuck, we offer free support to get setup as quickly as possible.

You can test out WildApricot for free for 30 days

Free WildApricot AMS


"WildApricot has been a lifesaver for our association. It saves us at least 15-30 hours of work every time we have an event. It's simple to send email blasts, track payments, and keep in touch with former members who may have drifted away."

—Diane Herrick, Conference Chair, KAPS (KY Association for Psychology in the Schools)

21 popular association management software options

Now that you understand the benefits and potential uses for AMS software, let’s dig into some of the top tools to help you dive into the vetting process.

1. WildApricot


Thousands of associations use WildApricot to manage their members every day. 

Features include a drag and drop website builder, a built-in emailing system, a mobile app, a member directory, a members-only area, and automated member payments and renewals.  WildApricot has an open API, which allows you to customize the software to your specific needs, plus integration with Wordpress and Quickbooks. Free 30-day trial. Watch the video below to learn more.  

Read More: Why a CRM Might Work Better for Your Association Than an AMS + Our Top 10 Picks


2. MC Trade

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request


MC Trade

MemberClicks’ MC Trade is an all-in-one membership management software geared to trade associations and chambers of commerce. It features automated accounting tools, a robust member database, and comprehensive reports. MemberClicks also offers system training to help you get the most from the AMS. 


3. MC Professional 

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request


MC Professional

MemberClicks’ MC Professional is the perfect solution for professional associations. Its features focus on automating membership management tasks, improving member retention rates, and attracting new members. It’s also a great option for associations who organize a lot of events.


4. ThreeSixty

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request


Personify's ThreeSixty is the leading provider of technology solutions for nonprofit organizations including associations, charities and health and wellness organizations. They are the association management provider to some of the largest associations in the U.S. including the YMCA, the Alzheimer's Association, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. 

5. EZSignUp

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request


123SignUp Association Management Software

EZSignUp’s association manager software comes with dozens of tools to help automate your membership. Track every aspect of your organization like financials, registrations, surveys, donations, and educational credits. 


6. Euclid ClearVantage

  • Plans start at $1,075 per month

  • Demo available upon request


Euclid ClearVantage association management software


Euclid's ClearVantage is a comprehensive association management software that has over 25 modules for membership, events, products/inventory, certifications, documents, fundraising, finances, and more. They make it easy to see a 360-degree view of every member — their interests, history, purchases, etc.


7. Exware

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request

exware Association Management Software


Exware is a simple association management software with a lot of features, including job postings, donation pages with campaign goals, enewsletters with open stats, a classifieds module, and more. 

8. GrowthZone

  • Plans start at $249 per month

  • Demo available upon request

GrowthZone association management software

GrowthZone is a basic AMS that can come with additional modules to suit your organization’s specific needs. Their basic plan covers contact and member management, integrated payments, event management, an info hub, a mobile app, and a directory. Examples of additional modules are fundraising, online store, sales funnel and events expo. Check their website for their full module list. 

9. iMIS

imis association management software

iMIS makes it easy to recruit new members, boost member engagement and increase member retention. With iMIS you can create an online community, communicate with your members, and manage your entire web presence.

10. In1touch

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request

in1touch association management software

in1touch is a flexible management platform for associations, regulatory and licensing boards. Their unique implementation method gives you complete control over customizing their software and adding applications to your needs. They also provide online or in-person training.  

11. MemberLeap

  • Pricing starts at $50/month, plus website setup packages start at $1,800

  • If you have an existing website, integration starts at $2,850

  • Demo available upon request

MemberLeap AMS

MemberLeap is a basic association management software that can help you plan events, and manage your members. They have a mobile app and it integrates with QuickBooks.


12. Memberplanet

  • Free basic plan with 4% platform fee + 3% and $0.30 / transaction

  • Paid plans start at $50/month + 2% platform fee + 3% and $0.30 / transaction

  • Free trial available

MemberPlanet Association Management Software

Memberplanet is an AMS built for chapters to use a full suite of engagement tools, while still allowing headquarters to manage the entire association. Some of their key features include surveys, text messaging, discussion boards, and email tracking capabilities. 

13. MemberSuite

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request

MemberSuite AMS


MemberSuite offers associations a robust membership management platform with an open API, unlimited users, and a dedicated customer success manager on your account. 

14. NimbleAMS

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request

NimbleAMS association management software

NimbleAMS is an association management software built on Salesforce that includes social networking and integration with mobile apps. They also have a user community which can be helpful if you’d like to get advice from other users on their platform.

15. Raklet

  • Free basic plan with 4% + $0.60 per transaction

  • Paid plans start at $49/month + 3% + $0.60 per transaction

  • Demo available upon request

Racklet AMS

Raklet offers a basic AMS with unlimited contacts, email and SMS messaging, payments integration, and email and chat support. They also show member timelines so you get a clear picture of every member’s interaction with your association.

16. SilkStart

  • Pricing starts at $200/month when billed annually

  • Free 30-day trial

SilkStart association management software

SilkStart is a comprehensive and easy to use association management software. Features include job boards, donation pages, chapter integration and mobile-friendly websites. 

17. StarChapter

  • Pricing starts at $90/month, plus a $779 setup fee for monthly payment plans

  • Pricing starts at $83/month, plus a $779 setup fee for annual payments

  • Demo available upon request

StarChapter association management software

StarChapter is an integrative association management software with responsive website, membership, event, and email modules. They offer 24/7 customer support and ongoing board training sessions.

18. Tendenci

  • Free if you host the software yourself (it’s open source)

  • Pricing starts at $199/month if you host with Tendenci

    • Additional setup costs: Contact for a quote

    • Additional one-time development charge: Contact for a quote

  • Demo available upon request

Tendenci AMS

Tendenci is an open sourced association management software, meaning you can host it yourself for free and customize it to your needs. It features many management platforms including those for members, events, content, fundraising, job boards, forums, and more.

19. Aptify

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request



Aptify is a flexible membership management platform that will grow with your organization — you can upgrade features and add modules on an as-needed basis. It’s also perfect for membership managers who collaborate as a team.  

20. NoviAMS

  • Pricing starts at $685 per month + $2,495 setup fee



NoviAMS was designed by association executives, so it aims to solve problems that real association managers run into in their day-to-day operations. It focuses on improving member engagement, providing a positive member experience, and maintaining clean, reliable data. 

21. DoubleKnot

  • Pricing available upon request

  • Demo available upon request



DoubleKnot is a membership management solution designed for cultural attractions like museums, zoos, aquariums, gardens, and science centers. They focus on ticketing and admissions, event registration, membership management, and fundraising. 

What features should you look for in AMS software?

The right AMS for your organization will end up being the one that best fits your organization’s needs. Here are some criteria to consider when comparing your options:

  • What are the fees? Including:

    • Setup fees 

    • Support fees 

    • Additional transaction fees

  • Is the system easy-to-learn?

  • How fast do you need the software setup?

  • What specialized features will you need?

  • Do you need integration with other systems like Quickbooks, or Wordpress?

  • Is the system secure?


When choosing association management software, you’ll also need to pay attention to: 

Member management

Your AMS should have a contact database where you can store, update, and use information about your members. When new members join via your website, the member database should automatically update with the new records. 

Some tools even allow members to go in and update their own information through a member-only portal on your website.  

Payment processing and management

Your AMS software should accept and process payments such as member dues, donations, and event admission fees. It should also be able to send automatic reminders and receipts to members.  

Website builder

Your AMS should come with a drag-and-drop website builder, so you can create and update your website without any coding experience. Your website should also integrate seamlessly with your contact database.  

Email marketing

You should be able to send manual and automatic emails to your members and segment your lists based on a few different attributes (lapsed members, expiring soon, event attendees, etc.) 

Events management

Your members should be able to view and register for upcoming events, pay for tickets, and receive communications before and after the event.  

Accounting and finances

You should be able to keep track of all of your received and expected revenue (member dues, donations, etc.) and have a basic picture of your organization’s finances.  

Reporting and analytics

You should be able to pull reports and analyze metrics that are important to your organization’s growth (revenue, event attendees, new members, etc.) 

Which AMS will you choose? Plus additional resources

Choosing AMS software is a crucial decision that will impact your productivity, your members' experience, and the growth of your organization. When vetting tools, take into account your budget, how many members you have now (and might have in the future), and whether or not you're willing to pay setup and/or transaction fees. 

Want to learn more about what association management software is capable of? Check out MemberClicks’ guide to AMS software.

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