Top 10 Benefits: How Your Organization can Benefit from using Wild Apricot

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Wild Apricot is an integrated set of web tools combining membership, event and website management used by over 16,636 associations, clubs, online communities, membership website, non-profit organizations and other groups.

Diane Herrick, the Conference Chair of KAPS (KY Association for Psychology in the Schools) is one customer who's found Wild Apricot to be a great help in the everyday management of her organization.

"Wild Apricot has been a lifesaver for our association," she says. "It saves us at least 15-30 hours of work every time we have an event. It's simple to send email blasts, track payments, and keep in touch with former members who may have drifted away."

If you'd like to find out what Wild Apricot can do for you, here are the 10 benefits our all-in-one membership management software.


1. Use your website as the single, unified communication point

Your website is fully integrated with your member database, event calendar and online fundraising functionality. No more copy-pasting or export-importing between different systems. Here is a sample scenario: A member applies online and pays with a credit card. The system sends an email confirmation, informs the administrator and activates member access to a private website section. All of that is fully automated and seamlessly integrated. See more about Integrated Website capabilities.


2. Grow your community and attract more people to your cause

Create and customize a professional-looking website in one hour. Engage your supporters and members with your blog and discussion forum, let them create online profiles and be listed in an online directory. Reach out with an integrated email tool to send newsletters. Have the system send automatic event notices and reminders. See Community and Social Networking Tools.


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3. Save money - replace 7 pieces of software with 1

Instead of maintaining a separate membership management system, webpage editing software, website hosting, event calendar and registration, online fundraising and payments, emailing tool and discussion forums, you can use Wild Apricot for all these tasks. Avoid setup fees (we made our system so easy to use that we do not have to charge you a setup fee). Save on training - our system is designed for use by inexperienced volunteers. If they can use Microsoft Word, they can use Wild Apricot. All of that starting from $48/month. No surcharges on credit card processing or transaction fees. See Pricing.


4. Automate tedious administrative tasks

Wild Apricot will replace and automate time-consuming processes in your organization: new member application processes, membership renewal and dues payments, event registrations, online donations. Automate donation confirmations, membership renewal notices, broadcast individualized emails to members and event attendees and reach out to donors. See Self-service.


5. Increase event attendance

An event calendar on your website, automated e-mail notices and reminders as well as RSS feeds ensure people don't miss an event. People easily register and pay online - no manual work is required on your part and members do not have to re-type their personal details. See Event Registration.


6. Involve volunteers easier

With a web-based system, your volunteers can work on assigned tasks from where and when convenient. They sign in with secure personal logins and access the functions you have enabled for them. As long as they are comfortable using a software like Microsoft Word, your most eager supporters can use Wild Apricot tools and help you out - no need for advanced tech skills or expensive training.


7. Attract and retain your members with better service

Let your members apply for membership and pay dues online, update their contact information, participate on the blog and discussion forums and register for events online. Provide them with a secure access to a members-only private website section. Let them create online profiles and be listed in the member directory. See Member Self-service.


8. Improve communications

The online member directory makes it easier for members to search and contact each other. People provide feedback and engage with one another using the blog and discussion forum. Email tools help you reach out to all the people in your list - or target a select group.


9. Stay on top of your data

Wild Apricot dashboard provides instant overview of the most recent and critical data about your organization. Member list shows you at a glance your membership by each level and recently joined members or lapsed members. Reports show up-to-date revenues from new membership, renewals, event registrations and donations.


10. Increase the transparency of your organization

Board members can directly access your Wild Apricot system to view current reports and statistics.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is:

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