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Track and manage your contacts

Using the contact database you can Instantly pull records for every person who interacts with your organization, and view membership status, event registrations, donations made, and more. Locate a record by information such as name, organization or email address just by typing in the quick search box. You can also update contact information offline using Excel or a similar spreadsheet program -- just upload your changes back into Wild Apricot. In addition, you can download our free mobile app to search, edit and add contacts on the go!

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Perform and save detailed searches

Need to identify event attendees who live in Springfield and haven't made a donation this year? Advanced contact database search lets you do exactly these kinds of sophisticated queries. Use multiple search criteria to find the exact information you're looking for. And any advanced search can be saved, so you can perform it again on your updated data at any time. Plus, with our mobile app, you can look up contacts and access saved searches from wherever you are!

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Send unlimited emails and newsletters

Why use a separate program for your newsletters? With Wild Apricot, you can send an unlimited number of emails to everyone in your contact database. Create recipient lists based on any criteria, such as membership status or event attendance. Choose from a variety of professionally designed and mobile-friendly email templates, or create your own. Publish a separate sign-up form for email newsletters on your Wild Apricot site or other website. And track email delivery, opens, and links clicked for every message and every contact.
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Easily send emails to your entire contact database


Save time with automated email responses

Wild Apricot lets you create automatic email confirmations and reminders for membership, events, and donations. Customize and personalize each message using email 'macros' (similar to mail merge fields.) Automatically send copies to people in your contact database – for example, all automatic membership-related emails could be forwarded to your membership coordinator. And like newsletters, you can track delivery, opens, and clicks for all automatic emails.
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Automate sending emails to your entire contact database



iPhone & Android Mobile App for Site Administrators

If you are a site administrator or have event and contact admin privileges, you can use our free mobile app to manage contacts and check in event registrants from your phone. Membership management has never been so convenient!


View and manage contacts on the go!

Our mobile app allows site administrators to search, view, update and add new contacts to the database with their iPhone or Android phone. 

This helps you keep contacts organized and up-to-date even when you are away from the office!

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Download our mobile app 

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