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New Recurring Donations Feature: What you can do, and how to use it

Kate Hawkes  24 July 2019  0 comments

Recurring donations feature post

If you work with a charity, nonprofit, church, or any other organization that accepts donations, this new feature could help you boost your revenue and make life easier for your donors.  


Recurring donations are subscriptions to automatically donate to your organization at regular intervals. Your donors can set the amount they give so it suits their budget, and they can also choose how frequently they want to donate.  


For your organization, that means more regular revenue and less time spent reminding and assisting donors, plus you can manage all your donations from the same platform. 


You can now add the option for regular giving to your donations form with just a few clicks — we added a recurring donation feature as part of version 7.0.


This is an exclusive feature for customers using Wild Apricot Payments. If you have Wild Apricot Payments (AffiniPay) connected as your payment system, you’re ready to start accepting recurring donations! If you’re using another payment system, click here to find out more about Wild Apricot Payments.


In this post, you’ll learn:

If you're ready to set up recurring donations, take a look at our guide to setting up a monthly giving program, or click here to see our shareable donor's guide to recurring donations with your members.


What Can You Do With the Recurring Donations Feature?


When you add a donation form to your website, you can now choose to offer your donors the option to make a recurring donation. To do this, all they need to do is select a frequency when they’re filling out the form.  


If they choose this, the amount they set will be automatically deducted from the payment card they entered at the frequency they chose. 


Recurring donations - form with frequency


In the admin view, you can set whether your donors can choose to donate monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can view which of your contacts have recurring donations subscriptions, filter them by the status of their subscription, and adjust or cancel subscriptions. 


The donor doesn’t need to update or confirm anything each time the payment goes out, but they can view or cancel their recurring donation subscriptions from their profile.  



Ideas for Way to Use Recurring Donations

Here are a few ideas of ways to use recurring donations, and how your organization can benefit: 

Recurring donations benefits infographic 2


How to Get Started with Recurring Donations


  • Log in to your Wild Apricot account and select Donations from the menu.  

  • Click on Donation settings.

  • Check the boxes for the frequency options you want your donors to see: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annually. You can tick as many or few as you want.  

  • If you want to remove the option for recurring donations, you can uncheck the boxes for all frequencies other than One-time. 

  • Click Save all changes

Recurring donations - donation settings

  • If you already have a donation form on your site, it will be updated to include the recurring donation option. You’re done! 

  • To add a donation form to your site: 

  • Go to Website, then Site pages

  • Select the page you want the form to be on and click Edit

  • Find donation form in the Gadgets menu and drag and drop it onto the page. 

When someone goes to donate, they will fill out the form with their contact details and donation amount as normal. Now, your donors will also be able to select how frequent they want their donations to be when they fill out the form, depending on which boxes you checked in Donation settings

Recurring donations product post infographic benefits

Monthly giving banner



Who can use the recurring donations feature?

If your organization uses Wild Apricot Payments as your payment system, you can use the recurring donations feature. To find out more about how to connect to Wild Apricot Payments, click here.  


If you choose to add frequency options to your donation forms, all visitors to these forms will be shown these options and will be able to set up a donation subscription (if they enter valid payment information). 


Can I manually set up a recurring donation on behalf of a donor?

No. For a donor to set up a payment, they will need to go to the donation form and fill in their details. Once they have set up a recurring donation, full administrators and donation managers can adjust or cancel their subscription. See the section titled Modifying Recurring Donation Subscriptions on this page for more details.  


How can a donor cancel their own recurring donation?

Donors can cancel their own donation subscription by logging into their account and going to their profile. If they click on the Donations tab they will see a list of their donation subscriptions. To cancel a subscription, they should click the Stop button for the relevant subscription.  

Member profile stop recurring donation


Where to Find More About Recurring Donations


You can find detailed instructions on how to view, adjust and cancel recurring donations on our Help Site – click here.


If you have any questions, or need help setting up your online store, feel free to contact our support team.


Kate Hawkes

Posted by Kate Hawkes

Published Wednesday, 24 July 2019 at 2:16 PM
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