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The Top 14 Martial Arts Software Platforms That Save Time and Money

Author: Tatiana Morand
December 2, 2019
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Sick of spending hours poring over member reports and signing in students manually?

If you want to spend more time at the dojo and less time managing your club, martial arts software may be for you.

In fact, thousands of modern martial arts organizations across the US and Canada use martial arts software to save hundreds of hours and dollars in administrative costs every year… and here’s how.

What is Martial Arts Software?

Martial Arts Software is an all-in-one management tool to help you eliminate and streamline administrative tasks from your workload to save you time and money. It’s usually comprised of a website builder, online contact database, communications system, booking system, finance & payment system, event platform, and other features that will help you manage your club or dojo more effectively.

Most martial arts software solutions include functionalities like:

  • Allowing club members to sign up for classes online.
  • Instantly processing online payments and fees.
  • Creating an easy-to-update martial arts organization website with an event calendar and online resources.
  • Improving member communication through automated invoices, emails, and newsletters.
  • Maintaining a full contact database that’s easy to search, filter, and update.
  • Financial reports, analytics, and membership summaries.

These are all basic functionalities of a larger grouping of software called membership management software — a solution designed to eliminate and automate as many of the administrative tasks of membership organizations as possible.

Try the #1 Membership Management Software Free

WildApricot is the #1 rated membership management software used by nearly 100 martial arts organizations across the United States and Canada. You can try a free, 60-day trial of WildApricot and have your martial arts club or school set up with a professional-looking website and easy-to-search member database in just an afternoon.

martial arts club software

Free Trial WildApricot

3 Examples of Martial Arts Clubs Using WildApricot

Here are three martial arts clubs using WildApricot to build their website and manage their membership. Below, you can see how they’re using WildApricot to:

  • List events
  • Share information about their services
  • Create member and instructor profiles

1. Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Association

martial arts software

2. Karate Institute of America

martial arts software

3. Sydney Kendo Club

martial arts software

13 Other Martial Arts Software Options To Help You Save Time and Money

While WildApricot is one potential choice for martial arts organizations, there are many other options to choose from — each catering to a different niche. It’s fairly easy to compare options, but here are some questions to consider to help you find the best one for your club, school or association:

  • Are there setup fees? Support fees? Additional transaction fees?
  • Is the system easy-to-learn?
  • How fast do you need the software set up?
  • What specialized features will you need?
  • Is the system secure?

I’ve listed all the martial arts software solutions in alphabetical order so that you can consider all the options out there. I’ve also added the pricing details as well as some information about their features so  you can decide which solution is right for you.

1. Active Network

martial arts software

Active Network makes class manager software to help you manage your students and registrations more easily. It also integrates with email and social media to help market your club. To get more information about their pricing, you can contact them.

2. Atlas Software

martial arts software

Atlas is targeted towards martial arts school owners who want to grow their business. It features martial arts student management, billing management, and online store capabilities. You can contact them for a free demo and pricing information.

3. DojoExpert

martial arts software

DojoExpert helps you track attendance, manage competition and exam data, as well as giving members a space to log in and review their information. They have a 14-day free trial, and their platform starts at $11/monthly.

4. Jackrabbit Class

martial arts software

Jackrabbit Class allows you to manage your martial arts school more efficiently by providing time tracking software, reporting, and online registration so you can eliminate paperwork. They have a free 60-day trial, and their pricing starts at $45/month for up to 100 students.

5. Kicksite

kicksite martial arts software

Kicksite aims to create martial arts software that’s streamlined and easy to use. You can use it to track attendance, capture leads from your website, and communicate more easily. Their pricing starts at $49/month for 0 to 50 students, and you can request a demo to learn more.

6. Martialytics

martial arts software

Log into Martialytics on a tablet, phone or PC to easily manage your martial arts school. Some top features include the ability to create waivers, track ranks and attendance, and check out analytics to see how your school is performing. Their pricing starts at $35/month for up to 50 students, and they have a free 60-day trial.


martial arts software

Simplify your workload with MINDBODY’s online booking, reporting, and staff scheduling capabilities. Their software starts at 125$/month, or you can contact them for a demo.

8. Motionsoft

martial arts software

Motionsoft’s software includes employee time tracking, member reservation scheduling, and online payment processing to help you eliminate all paper-based processes. Prices start at 99$/month.

9. Open Black Belt

martial arts software

Open Black Belt aims to make it easier to manage your members and classes. It also allows members to check themselves into classes, and helps you report on your membership. They have a 60-day free trial, and their software costs $29.99 monthly.

10. PerfectMind

martial arts software

Connect with your members using PerfectMind, a member management and marketing solution that allows you to track attendance, book and schedule online, and incorporate a POS into your club’s site. Their pricing starts at $125/month, and they have a 14-day free trial.

11. Rainmaker
martial arts software

Rainmaker helps you collect payments, automate your marketing, and manage your contacts more easily, thus streamlining your operations and becoming more mobile. They have a 14-day free trial, and their pricing starts at $197/month.

12. StudentBase

martial arts software

Manage your martial arts school more easily with StudentBase. Their platform includes student management, attendance tracking, payment tracking, and more. They have a 60-day free trial, and pricing starts at $24/monthly for 50 contacts or less.

13. ZenPlanner

martial arts software

ZenPlanner is designed to be an all-in-one solution that helps you manage your martial arts school more efficiently. They include website design, member engagement, and reporting amongst other functionalities. Their platform starts at 99$ for up to 50 members, and you can contact them for a live demo.

Best of luck with your martial arts organization!

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