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Website & Technology October 09, 2019

Terry Ibele

By Terry Ibele

Need a quick and easy way to send email blasts to your chapter? Hate all the paperwork involved in processing dues? How about standing at the front of an event to collect all the ticket fees?

Fraternity management software is something that can make your life much easier, so you can get back to bonding with the brotherhood (or sisterhood).

If you’re wondering if this type of software can help your chapter out, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Fraternity Management Software?

Fraternity Management Software (or Sorority Management Software) is an all-in-one tool that automates everything from pledges, event fees, finances, email reminders, contact records, merchandise sales, and more. It’s typically comprised of the following:

  • Easy Website Builder: create and update your club’s website with no tech experience necessary.
  • Online Event Registration: create and promote events with online registration, attendance tracking, and payments, plus automated event reminder emails. You can also hide events from pledges.
  • Simplified Online Payments: automate dues, registrations, renewals, and merchandise payments.
  • Robust Contact Database: maintain detailed records of all your members in an easy-to-search online database that you can access from a desktop or mobile device.
  • Online Store: sell any chapter merchandise by setting up a simple online store with online payments.
  • Professionally Designed Emails: send professionally designed newsletter and email communications to everyone in your chapter, or just officers.
  • Exclusive Member Login: allow anyone to create their own password protected profiles and access exclusive resources on your website.
  • Mobile App: manage your frat on the go by checking contact records, sending e-blasts, and registering event attendees right from your phone.
  • Chapter Blog: quickly write up news and event announcements and publish them to your chapter’s blog.


Fraternity Management Software (and Sorority Management Software) is part of a larger grouping of software called Membership Management Software (they’re essentially the same thing).


The #1 Software 100+ Fraternities Use

WildApricot is the #1 rated Membership Management Software used by 70 fraternities across North America. You can try a free, 30-day trial of WildApricot and have your chapter set up with a professional-looking website with online registration in just an afternoon.

 Free Trial WildApricot


How WildApricot’s Automated Features Save You Time and Money

That’s exactly what WildApricot’s Membership Management Software does for you — it works like an army of robots automating all your admin work in the background. Many fraternities and sororities report saving 20 hours a week or more in administrative work.


If you’d like to save this kind of time too, I encourage you to start your free, 30-day trial of WildApricot now.

Fraternity Management Software


WildApricot has dozens of other features that can help you save time including:

  • A membership directory
  • Multiple membership levels (group/student/senior)
  • A mobile app to manage your chapter on the go
  • Donation collection and a donation goal meter
  • Member summaries
  • Financial reports
  • Free, unlimited support
  • And more


Five Examples of Fraternities and Sororities Using WildApricot

Here are five examples of fraternities and sororities that have used WildApricot to build out their website. While you can't see how they're managing things in the backend, you can see how they've organized things online. Some highlights to look for when you browse each site include:

  • Simple online applications
  • Event calendars with event registration
  • Programs and information pages
  • Donation forms
  • Beautiful pictures of fraternity and sorority members


1) East Carolina College of Business Beta Theta Chapter

Fraternity Management Software


2) Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity Inc.

Fraternity Management Software


3) Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. North Atlantic Region

Sorority Management Software


4) Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc

Sorority Management Software


5. Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter

frat management software


How to Get Your Free Trial of WildApricot

To get started with your free, 30-day trial of WildApricot, simply click here.

Free Trial WildApricot


You’ll be taken to a registration page where you can enter your account details. Once you click submit, you’ll activate a free 30-day trial of the paid version of WildApricot’s software. This means that you will have all the access to all the functionality that our paid clients receive for 30 days.

If at any point you need help with our system, feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team. They’ll be more than happy to help you setup your account as quickly as possible.


Five Alternative Fraternity Management Solutions

Here are five other fraternity management software solutions that might fit your chapter's needs, broken down by signature features and demo availability.

1. OmegaFi

frat management software


OmegaFi manages all aspects of your frat/sorority in the cloud. Its features extend to member management, recruitment, budget tracking and communication with a free demo available upon request.


2. OurHouse

frat management software


OurHouse is chapter management software designed to streamline communication and operations for fraternities and sororities.  Executive officers can manage their chapter calendar, and take attendance, distribute points, and track excuses through OurHouse's state-of-the-art geolocation system.  Chapter leadership can send out instant push notifications/announcements, conduct polls, store documents, and even transition over important communication through OurHouse's native messaging platform. The OurHouse team provides free software demos and will work directly with you during the on-boarding process. 


3. Aplos

frat management software


Aplos is a financial management solution for frats and sororities looking to automate, streamline, and simplify all payments. Donations, membership dues, expenses and entry fees can all be processed, tracked and deposited using one application. Free demos are unfortunately not available, however you're able to create a free account and try it out yourself. 


4. Billhighway

frat management software


For those looking to go beyond payment processing, Billhighway offers many more features. Invoicing, recurring payments, financial reporting and chapter billing are all complex features available using Billhighway. Free demos available upon request.


5. Patriot

frat management software


A do-it-yourself option isn't always what's needed, so if you're looking for personalized set up and features, Patriot is a great option. Their system is meant to be used on head and sub chapters, with features extending from address validation, member tracking/database, GPA tracking, member email portals, and more. Free demos are unfortunately not available, however you're able to create a free account and try it out yourself. 

Best of success with your fraternity or sorority!


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