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The Top 10 Alumni Management Software Options

Author: Sayana Izmailova
April 3, 2020
🕑 6 min read

If you want to spend more time engaging with alumni and less time wrangling with spreadsheets, Alumni Management Software may be for you.

That’s because it eliminates most of the administrative work when it comes to managing alumni, taking donations, creating your website, running events, and more, allowing you to focus on what’s important — your alumni (and letting you go support your school’s team at a game for once!).

What is Alumni Management Software?

Alumni management software enables organizations, typically universities and colleges, to stay in touch with their alumni, engage them through communications and events, and solicit donations.

Although most CRM (customer relationship management) systems in today’s market can be used for this purpose, some options were created specifically with alumni in mind or are customizable to fit the specific needs of alumni managers.

Many of the alumni software options we list below also boast an online network, not unlike a social media platform, where alumni can connect and interact with each other, share information and resources, and offer professional opportunities.

Additionally, a great alumni management software tool should eliminate the need for your organization to invest in any third-party tools to manage your members. When choosing a platform, look for something that includes a website builder, an email marketing system, a contact database, an event registration module and payment processing capabilities.

That being said, most programs are highly customizable and you might have the opportunity to decide which features you’d like to include when you speak with a representative to schedule a demo or discuss pricing.

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Now without further ado, here are our top 10 picks for alumni management software (in alphabetical order):

Top 10 Alumni Management Software Options

1. Almabase

Pricing: quote available upon request

Free Trial/Demo: free demo available

Almabase is a complete software solution for managing alumni programs. It combines features like email marketing, event registrations, branded website, online alumni directory and donation pages. Designed specifically with alumni in mind, Almabase creates an online network where alumni can find, connect and network with each other. The software does not have its own CRM database, but integrates with most database programs like Raiser’s  Edge, Ellucian and Salesforce.


What we like: The network integrates seamlessly with Facebook and LinkedIn and automatically updates when alumni change jobs or move cities, making it easier for them to stay up to date with each other’s news.

2. Alumni Channel 

Pricing: one-time $300 setup fee, then an annual fee of $699/year

Free Trial/Demo: free demo and 60-day trial

Alumni Channel

Alumni Channel combines a database and a website builder to help organizations manage and communicate with their alumni. It boasts all the standard features like an online directory, email marketing and payment or donation processing.

What we like: Alumni Channel also offers unique features like message boards where alumni can communicate with each other, a missing directory that lists alumni who are not yet on the platform and a social network integration, which allows members to embed their social profiles into their member profile.

3. Disciple

Pricing: quote available upon request

Free Trial/Demo: free demo available


Disciple is a social platform designed for community building and is accessible on web, iOS and Android. It operates much like the social networks that alumni are already familiar with. The app’s Community Hub allows administrators to manage members in a database, publish scheduled content, analyze data and more.

What we like: 

From the perspective of alumni, Disciple looks and feels like a social network app and has all the features they are already used to. They can access an events calendar, watch live streamed videos and get push notifications on their mobile device when new content is published by the administrator.

4. e2s Connect

Pricing: quote available upon request

Free Trial/Demo: free demo available

e2s connect

e2s Connect from Engage2Serve is a complete alumni management solution that combines all the features of a CRM system with a social network where alumni can engage with each other. Alumni can join Communities based on graduation years or interests and form discussion forums, share knowledge and network professionally. On the CRM side, administrators have everything they need to fundraise, organize events, analyze data and share information with members.

What we like: e2s Connect has a Job Board where alumni can post jobs to share with fellow members and their networks. The module is complete with other tools that members might need to find a job, such as resume preparation help, market information, a searchable database of current postings and the ability to apply straight from the app.

5. Graduway 

Pricing: quote available upon request

Free Trial/Demo: free demo available


Graduway is a multi-module solution designed to engage alumni at every step of the way, from mentoring them as students, to connecting with them as alumni and cultivating them as donors. It features a customized platform for alumni to engage with the organization and each other, complete with all standard capabilities such as an online directory, event management and analytics. Graduway does not have a CRM database but integrates with most CRMs, including their preferred partners Raiser’s Edge NXT and Salesforce.

What we like: Graduway has a number of standout features like an automatically curated newsletter and a business directory where alumni can promote their businesses and support each other.

6. Hivebrite

Pricing: quote available upon request

Free Trial/Demo: free demo available


Hivebrite combines a highly customizable alumni engagement platform with a functional CRM system. Administrators can design how alumni join and engage with their community, add customized content, manage events, send communications through email or app push notifications and help members network with each other and find professional opportunities.

What we like: Organization managers can create groups within their alumni community and enable group admins to lead, manage and moderate their respective groups.

7. NetCommunity

Pricing: quote available upon request

Free Trial/Demo: N/A


NetCommunity from Blackbaud is an online alumni management system designed specifically for driving deeper engagement. It focuses on using data to customize communications, using a dynamic website to process donations and event registrations, and analyzing engagement through comprehensive reports.

What we like: NetCommunity integrates seamlessly with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT, a donor management software, to easily execute and keep track of all fundraising activities.

8. Raklet

Pricing: free basic plan, other plans start at $59/month

Free Trial/Demo: free demo available


Raklet is a membership management software used by a variety of organizations and it’s perfect for alumni management. It creates an exclusive network where alumni can engage with your organization and with each other, while giving administrators all the capabilities of a comprehensive CRM system. Some of the features include donation processing, event management and targeted communications through various channels.

What we like: Raklet’s alumni network is designed to make it easy for members to mentor each other, share professional opportunities such as jobs and internships, and from social connections through events, groups and discussions.

9. Vaave

Pricing: quote available upon request

Free Trial/Demo: free demo available

Vaave is a complete alumni management solution that boasts all the standard features alumni managers may need: member database, event management, donation processing, targeted communications and alumni networking resources. The software is available as a web or mobile application.


What we like: Vaave enables alumni managers to easily identify alumni who are interested in helping the development of current students, as well as identify and acknowledge highly engaged or accomplished alumni.

10. WildApricot

Pricing: Plans start at $60/month

Free Trial/Demo: free 60-day trial

WildApricot events

WildApricot is a membership management software used by thousands of organizations of all kinds, and many of them use it to manage alumni. WildApricot’s features include a drag and drop website builder, a built-in emailing system, a mobile app, a member directory, a member-only area, and automated member payments and donations. WildApricot also has an open API, which allows you to customize the software to your specific needs.

What we like: WildApricot includes an online store, so your organization can easily sell branded merchandise and other items to supplement donations.

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