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45 Nonprofit Twitter Experts Who Tweet Great Advice

Terry Ibele  06 February 2017  4 comments

Nonprofit TwitterImagine having free access to expert advice in all the areas you need help with at your nonprofit.

This is exactly what Twitter is for. You can get instant answers to questions like:

There are hundreds of nonprofit Twitter experts tweeting their best advice and answering your questions to help you grow your nonprofit.

At Wild Apricot, we use Twitter nearly every day to make connections with the experts to help us create educational nonprofit resources for you. For example, association database expert Wes Trochlil helped us write the blog post, Take The Quiz: Are You Managing Your Membership Database Like The Top Nonprofits? and nonprofit volunteer expert Tobi Johnson presented a webinar with us called, Quick Ways to Refresh Your Core Volunteer Program.

If you’re looking for expert tips, here is a list of the top forty-five nonprofit experts on Twitter categorized by business area (events, volunteering, marketing, etc.). Feel free to follow, tweet, or direct message any of them to learn how to run your nonprofit more efficiently, raise more money, and grow your membership.

Here Are 45 Nonprofit Twitter Experts by Category to Help You Grow Your Nonprofit:

Nonprofit Twitter Event Experts

Jeff Hurt

Jeff Hurt @JeffHurt
Executive Vice President of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, an event agency, authority on conference design, digital events, and social media for events and associations.

Jennifer Gilbert

Jennifer Gilbert@JenGilbertNYC
Speaker, radio and television personality, and Founder of Save the Date® an event planning agency.

Karen Brown

Karen Brown@KarenBrown
CEO at Members, Inc., designs and implements conferences for associations.

Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston@PlannerWire
Managing Partner at i3 Events a conference, event and incentive planning agency.

Randy Hawthorne

Randy Hawthorne@rdhawthorne
Publisher for The Nonprofit Hub, speaker and event planner.


Nonprofit Twitter Fundraising & Sponsorship Experts

Gail PerryGail Perry @GailPerrync
One of America's Top 10 Fundraising Experts. Author, coach, keynote speaker, and Founder of Fired-Up Fundraising.

Joe WatersJoe Waters @joewaters 
Speaker, coach, and Founder of Selfish Giving and Waters Uncharted.

Lori L. JacobwithLori L. Jacobwith@LJacobwith
Fundraising culture change expert. Founder of Ignited Fundraising where she's helped nonprofits raise over $300 million.

Vanessa ChaseVanessa Chase - @vanessaechase
Author of The Storytelling Non-Profit. Fundraising and communications strategist.

Dan PallottaDan Pallotta - @danpallotta
Inventor of the multi-day charitable event industry. Created the Breast Cancer walks and AIDS Rides, which raised over half a billion to date.


Nonprofit Twitter Social Media Experts

John Haydon

John Haydon @johnhaydon
Nonprofit social media and marketing coach, speaker, consultant, and author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies.

Debra Askanase

Debra Askanase @askdebra
Nonprofit social and digital engagement strategist. Blogger on Community Organizer 2.0

Tim LuegeTimo Luege@timolue
Senior humanitarian communications and innovation consultant who works with the UN, Red Cross and NGOs.  Blogs on Social Media For Good.
Kami Huyse

Kami Huyse@kamichat
Nonprofit social media strategist, speaker, and Founder and CEO of Zoetica Media

Allison Fine

Allison Fine@Afine
Nonprofit social media speaker, consultant, and author of Matterness and other books.


Nonprofit Twitter Volunteer Experts

Tobi JohnsonTobi Johnson - @TobiJohnsonTJA 
President of Tobi Johnson & Associates, a volunteer management consulting firm. Also runs live webinars on VolunteerPro.

Barry Altland

Barry Altland@HHHEngagement
Author of Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer.

Elisa Kosarin

Elisa Kosarin@THNonprofit
Coach and consultant for high-impact volunteer programs. Founder of Twenty Hats.

Karl WildingKarl Wilding - @karlwilding
Director of Public Policy and Volunteering at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Susan J. Ellis

Susan J. Ellis@susanjellis
Author, consultant, trainer, editor of e-Volunteerism, and President of Energize, Inc.


Nonprofit Twitter Leadership Experts

Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter@kanter
Writes one of the most popular nonprofit blogs and named one of the most influential women in technology. Coauthor of The Happy Healthy Nonprofit.

Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman@alizasherman
Nonprofit web and social mobile pioneer, speaker, consultant, and coauthor of The Happy Healthy Nonprofit.

Alice Korngold

Alice Korngold@alicekorngold
Author and nonprofit consultant on corporate governance, CSR and corporate-nonprofit partnerships.

Susan McPherson

Susan McPherson@susanmcp1
Angel investor, writer. philanthropist, and Founder of McPherson Strategies.

Ian Adair

Ian Adair @IanMAdair
Nonprofit leadership, fundraising, and marketing consultant. Founder of Strategy 27.


Nonprofit Twitter SEO, Data & Analytics Experts

Jason ShimJason Shim@JasonShim
Nonprofit technology innovator, digital and social media consultant, speaker, author, and Google Partner.

Mark HallmanMark Hallman@mark_hallman
Google Partner specializing in Google Grants for nonprofits and AdWords for business. Digital Marketer for Evergreen Digital Marketing.

Jason Firch Twitter Expert

Jason Firch - @Jfirch
Jason runs Nonprofit Source - a resource for nonprofits wanting to learn more about marketing, SEO, engagement, brand building and audience growth.

Steve MacLaughlin

Steve MacLaughlin - @SMacLaughlin
Bestselling author of Data Driven Nonprofits. Vice President of data and analytics at Blackbaud.

Wes TrochlilWes Trochlil @westrochlil
The most published author on data management for associations. Speaker and founder of Effective Database Management.

Nonprofit Twitter Marketing & Communications Experts

Kivi Leroux Miller

Kivi Leroux Miller@kivilm
Founder, award-winning author, trainer, adviser, and CEO of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Nancy Schwartz

Nancy Schwartz@NancySchwartz
Nonprofit marketing problem solver and coach. Founder of Getting Attention.

Julia C. Campbell

Julia C. Campbell@JuliaCSocial
Nonprofit digital marketing, social media, and online fundraising expert.

Sarah Durham

Sarah Durham@BigDuckSarah
Nonprofit communications and fundraising expert. Author of Brandraising and President of Big Duck, smart communications for nonprofits.

Josh Hirsch

Josh Hirsch@JoshHirsch1
Nonprofit social media ambassador and Marketing and Membership Director for Nonprofits First.


Nonprofit Twitter Software, Website & Technology Experts

Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward@amyrsward
Speaker, author, and CEO of the Nonprofit Technology Network.

Karen Graham

Karen Graham @karentgraham
Executive Director of Idealware, helping nonprofits make smart technology decisions.

Rach Ramjattan

Rach Ramjattan@RachelNPP
Nonprofit tech and social media geek, trainer, writer, and Founder of Nonprofit Plus, LLC.

Amy Neumann

Amy Neumann @CharityIdeas
Nonprofit technology blogger and Founder of Free Tech for Nonprofits.

Heidi Massey

Heidi Massey@HeidiEKMassey
Nonprofit technology and marketing trainer and facilitator. Founder of Community Connective.


Nonprofit Twitter Board, Membership & Donor Engagement Experts

Sarah SladekSarah Sladek@SarahSladek
Author and expert on engaging Generations X, Y, Z. CEO XYZ University.

Meagan RockettMeagan Rockett@rockettm 
Tweeting about the association engagement and meetings industry. Association Ambassador for Greenfield Services Inc., helping associations grow and prosper.

Amanda KaiserAmanda Kaiser @SmoothThePath
Member-informed association strategist, member researcher, writer, speaker, and Founder of Smooth The Path.

Rick LentRick Lent - @rickmlent
Co-founder of Meeting for Results, helping leaders run effective meetings by using structure to create naturally better results. Author, Leading Great Meetings.

Anna CaraveliAnna Caraveli @AnnaCaraveli
Managing partner, The Demand Networks, LLC., helping retain, engage and grow members. Author of The Demand Perspective: Leading From the Outside In.


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Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Posted by Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Published Monday, 06 February 2017 at 5:48 PM


  • Jim Schaffer said:

    Monday, 13 February 2017 at 3:28 PM
    Thanks. Generous and helpful for you to do this.
  • Arvin Poole, myRollCall.com said:

    Thursday, 23 February 2017 at 2:28 PM
    Great post. Very informative and to the point! Thanks for putting this together.
  • Rachel Ramjattan said:

    Thursday, 23 March 2017 at 12:11 PM
    Thank you Wild Apricot for including me in this list of helpful experts!
  • Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

    Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot] said:

    Thursday, 23 March 2017 at 1:22 PM
    You're welcome, Rachel! Keep tweeting great stuff :)
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