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33 Amazing Nonprofit Podcasts To Check Out In 2021

Author: Tatiana Morand
February 3, 2020
🕑 7 min read

If you’re looking to learn something new about the nonprofit sphere, podcasts can be a great way to learn everything about a topic right from the experts, to catch up on success stories from interviews with leaders in the field and to stay on top of trends in the nonprofit sector.

(Or maybe you just have a long commute and want to do something more productive than napping. We don’t judge!)

If you want to expand your fundraising network, learn new strategies for digital outreach, or listen to how other nonprofits have climbed the ladder of success, all you need is a pair of good headphones.

From 5-minute quick tips to 40-minute expert lectures, you’re sure to find something perfect for you in the list of 33 nonprofit podcasts I’ve compiled below.


1. Planet Leadership Podcast

Did you know that WildApricot and Personify have their very own podcast? Tune into Planet Leadership to hear from the best in the association and nonprofit worlds about building a great culture, scaling a team, and more, through a nonprofit lens.


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2. Board Shorts Podcast

Get On Board Australia’s Lisa Cook hosts a podcast designed to help you manage boards and governance in a 30-minute easy to understand conversation. This podcast can help directors learn about their roles and responsibilities, as well as how to lead a team, and what makes a good board member.


3. Fundraising is Beautiful

Between them, Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen have more than 35 years of experience in helping nonprofits to raise money for their causes. Their occasional podcasts supply practical tips as well as “inspiration and ammunition” for fundraisers.


4. The Business of Giving

This podcast, hosted by Denver Frederick, focuses on finding solutions to big problems. Each week, an interview with a nonprofit changemaker from philanthropists to celebrity influencers airs.


5. Fundraising Fundamentals

Tony Martignetti talks with nonprofit leaders about how to raise more money, build better board relationships, and manage volunteers. While this podcast is finished, it is a valuable listen for those that are looking to learn something new.


6. Inside Social Innovation

This podcast by the Stanford Social Innovation Review considers all perspectives when it comes to social change; consisting of talks and lectures by the leaders of social change, this podcast explores many different case studies to help you learn from the best.


7. Nonprofits Are Messy

This podcast by Joan Garry discusses the most pressing issues that nonprofits face today. Garry and her guests tackle topics like the overhead myth, the best way to run special events, how to make a big fundraising ask, board-staff relations, and so much more.


8. The Fundraising Talent Podcast

Jason Lewis discusses the difficult questions surrounding nonprofits and the different relationships charity organizations can struggle to build; with a series of guest speakers that manage their own nonprofits, it aims to help you shape a good understanding on fundraising talent.


9. Go Beyond: The Pursuant Listening Experience for Nonprofits

Pursuant, a fundraising agency built for fundraisers and marketers, explores how to make the biggest impact that you can as a nonprofit through a series of techniques and fundraising strategies.


10. Fixing Fundraising with Tom and Andy

This hilarious and informative podcast is hosted by Andy King and Tom Defraine, both of whom work in fundraising. They interview guest speakers monthly to discuss a variety of issues, including press releases, transparency, and social media marketing.


11. Fundraising Freedom

Fundraising coach and author Mary Valloni dives into a variety of topics about nonprofits, including volunteer recruitment, event planning, and gift fundraising. She’s joined by a featured guest every week to share inspiring stories of success.


12. Simon Scriver’s Amazingly Ultimate Fundraising Superstar Podcast

Simon Scriver talks about everything to do with fundraising from charities to marketing. He’s joined every week by a featured guest that talks the audience through strategies for overall success and specific fundraising tips.


13. The Small & Mighty Fundraising Minute

If you’re looking for a quick listen, try this podcast, since most of its episodes range from 3 to 5 minutes. Delivering quick and efficient ideas, this monthly podcast won’t cut into your day and still get quick fundraising tips across to you.


14. Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Rob Harter, comes out twice a month and delivers a socially conscious take on nonprofit issues, analyzing current trends, stories from current nonprofit leaders, and strategies that helped them get where they are.


15. BrainTrust Philanthropy Podcast

This podcast brings you flowing conversations with top leaders in fundraising and philanthropy, always keeping in mind the current fundraising climate and the impact of changing demographics on fundraising.


16. Nonprofit Optimist

Delivering a (needlessly to say) optimistic take on nonprofit fundraising, focusing on small nonprofit organizations and their success stories. This podcast is great for nonprofit leaders who work many jobs in their organization, and are looking to develop specific strategies to help efficiency.


17. Raise + Engage

This podcast by Blackbaud Fundraising delivers a wide-ranging series of interviews on issues ranging from grassroots movements to live streaming. The hosts are Blackbaud fundraising experts, and the interviewees include nonprofit leaders, experts in the field, and more.


18. Social Good Instigators

Kristen Bullock focuses on social entrepreneurs in this podcast, which consists of 44 20-something minute episodes — perfect on-the-go, or if you want to sit down and  binge them all. This is perfect for up-and-coming nonprofit leaders to get all the tricks of the trade from the pros that have succeeded in the field.


19. Doing Good

As the title suggests, this show is your guide to doing good. Each episode, Amra Naidoo dives into different social challenges with leading experts to deconstruct what it takes to achieve real impact in the nonprofit industry.


20. Nonprofit SnapCast

This series of short interviews is perfect to listen to during your daily commute — or whenever you have 10-15 minutes to spare. Mickey Desai interviews experts on a variety of subjects from board development to volunteer management; plus, it comes out 3-5 times a month.


21. How We Run

This podcast is perfect for those looking to pick up some real-world fundraising strategies that can help maximize your donations revenue. Each episode, Julie Lacouture and Trent Stamp interview a nonprofit about the tactics they use to raise funds and have impact.


22. Nonprofit Lowdown

Each week, Rhea Wong reviews fundraising techniques and strategies for running a nonprofit. Joined by a series of experts and nonprofit leaders, the podcast covers a variety of different nonprofit sectors, as well as gives tips on how to stay calm under the pressure of leadership.


23. The Smart Communications Podcast

This podcast from Big Duck, a nonprofit communications agency, naturally helps you improve your organization’s communications and develop your organization’s unique voice. 15-20 minute episodes come out every few weeks, each delivering unique tips on branding, community building, and media management.


24. The Small Nonprofit Podcast

This podcast from CharityVillage and The Good Partnership focuses on the issues that impact — what else — small nonprofits, with down-to-earth, practical episodes that are perfect for your morning commute.


25. Successful Nonprofits Podcast

This podcast features interviews with thought leaders in the nonprofit space, as well as episodes that outline best practices to — what else — make your nonprofit more successful! It covers everything from hiring in the nonprofit space to creating a culture of collaboration to board management.


26. Hubcast

Nonprofit Hub aims to be the ultimate source of information in the world of nonprofits, and their podcast is no exception. They currently have four series — What’s Next, Management, Fundraising, and Growing Good — all of which look at a different facet of the nonprofit space.


27. Tiny Spark

This podcast from Nonprofit Quarterly reports on philanthropy, international aid, and nonprofits with a focus on investigative journalism. They also interview leaders in those spaces in order to provide a global lens to their episodes.


28. Top Nonprofits Podcast

The Top Nonprofits Podcast features a variety of interviews with experts to help your nonprofit rise to the top. This year, the focus is on sharing insights and best practices with amazing women in the nonprofit space.


29. The Member Experience Advantage

This podcast is targeted towards for associations, trade groups, and membership-based nonprofits. Run by Joy Duling, a member experience expert, it aims to share wisdom in the membership space to help your membership organization grow.


30. The Official Do Good Better Podcast

You’re already doing good… but how can you do better? This podcast, run by Patrick Kirby, fundraising expert, speaker, event creator and author, aims to answer exactly that. Tune in for stories of nonprofits just like yours and learn how they solve their problems.


31. Growth Exponential Podcast

This podcast, run by growth hacker and social entrepreneur Dr. Bradley Caro Cook, shares the stories of nonprofit directors and the organIzations they lead in order to help other organizations learn and grow from them.


32. The Responsive Fundraising Podcast

Run by Virtuous CRM, this podcast features fundraising and other nonprofit experts and interviews them through the lens of organizational growth as well as building better donor relationships.


33. The Beacon Podcast

This podcast from the Lighthouse Counsel discusses how nonprofits can best succeed in a variety of ways, from fundraising trends to motivating your board to the role of market research for nonprofits.


Did we miss your favourite nonprofit podcast? Let us know in the comments which one of these you like best!

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