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Over 100 Museums Use This #1 Museum Membership Software

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Terry Ibele
Published on March 5, 2018

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Are you spending way too much time in your office managing the administrative work for your museum or historical society? If so, Museum Membership Software may be for you. That’s because it eliminates nearly all your administrative work by automating it, while you focus on what’s important — your members and your collection.

If you’d like to know more about whether Museum Membership Software can save you time, you’ve come to the right place. In this post I’ll cover the following:


What is Museum Membership Software?

Museum Membership Software is an all-in-one management tool that automates administrative tasks from your workload to save you time and money. It typically includes an easy-to-use website builder, an online contact database, a donor management system, an emailing system, event platform, and financial reporting.

Here’s a more complete breakdown:

  • Website Builder: Easily create and update your museum’s website without needing any tech experience.
  • Event Platform: Simply create and promote events with online registration, attendance tracking, payments, and automated invoices and reminders.
  • Online Payment Processing: Accept and process online payments for membership, events, and donations.
  • Contact Database: Filter and search a comprehensive database of your members, donors, contacts, volunteers, and admins. Contacts can even update their own records online.
  • Email System: Quickly format and send professionally designed emails and newsletters to your different lists.
  • Member-Only Login: Members can login to your website to access member-only content and resources.
  • Donation Platform: Collect donations directly through your website.

All of these functions are part of a larger grouping of software called Membership Management Software — a software designed for any member-based organization (like museums and historical societies) to save time and money by automating tasks.


The #1 Software over 100 Museums and Historical Societies Use

WildApricot has been rated the #1 rated membership management software seven times in a row. It’s used by over 100 Museums and Historical Societies around the US and the rest of the world. You can even try a free, 60-day trial of WildApricot and have your Museum set up with a professional-looking website with online member registration in just an afternoon.

WildApricot Museum Membership SoftwareFree Trial WildApricot




 WildApricot Review

We use WildApricot to manage membership information at the Florida Railroad Museum. We capture member information – as permitted, send out automatic mailers, newsletters, etc. and even automate membership cards on new and renewed memberships. Most important to us, because most of our staff and all of our “IT Professionals” are volunteers, is responsive and knowledgeable customer support — and these folks have it!

– Dave Watkins, Volunteer, Florida Railroad Museum


The Automated Features That Save You Time and Money

Imagine you had an army of robots working for your museum. They’d register new members, process payments, collect donations, update the website, create events, send invoices, and deliver financial reports to you. Meanwhile, you can focus on promoting your museum, offering more value to members, and expanding your collection.

This is exactly what WildApricot does — it works like an army of robots to automate all your administrative work. I’ve talked with museum managers who report saving 20 hours a week or more after using WildApricot.

Start your free trial now and get access to all these features:

Museum Membership Software

Plus you’ll also be able to create:

  • Member-only login
  • Searchable member directories
  • Multi-membership levels
  • Group/family discounts on membership
  • Free mobile app to manage your members on the go
  • Donation meters
  • And dozens of other features.

Three Examples of Museums and Historical Societies Using WildApricot

Here are three examples of museums and historical societies that have used WildApricot to build their websites — each customizing things to their own preferences. Some highlights to look for when you explore each site include:

  • Simple online membership applications
  • Social Media feeds
  • News and Events pages
  • Beautiful pictures of the museum and its collection

1) Frances Willard House House Museum and Archives

Museum Membership Software Frances Willard

2) Beaufort History Museum

Museum Membership Software Beaufort History Museum 

3) Steele County Historical Society

Steele County Museum Membership Software 

How to Get Your Free Trial of WildApricot

Get started with your free, 60-day trial of WildApricot, by clicking here.

Free Trial WildApricot

You’ll have access to all the power features of WildApricot for 30 days.

Best of success with your museum!

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