Take and track payments, online and off

Are you spending too much time chasing down members and supporters for checks or cash payments?

Wild Apricot lets you accept payments on your website. Payments are immediately recorded in your database, so reporting is a breeze!

You can still have the flexibility to record manual payments, and manage your financial information using familiar tools.

Make online payment easy

How Wild Apricot Can Work For You:

Love this product! I manage two non-profit websites with WA in which we manage memberships, events, and payments for both, and I can attest to the fact that is it easy for non-techies to use. We were looking for a solution to allow edits by other content managers, who are not tech-savvy, who found it easy to learn and use. Updates keep improving the product, and I look forward to them!

Lisa Vessels
Past Vice President
Miami/Fort Lauderdale
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Easy Online Payments


Make online payment easy

Wild Apricot takes the headaches out of receiving and tracking payments, and managing your organization’s finances. Members and supporters can pay online for membership fees, registration fees, and donations. For membership, you can set up recurring payments so that fees are paid automatically, saving your members the trouble of renewing manually, and you the hassle of following up on overdue renewals. You can set up multiple sales taxes or VAT, and automatically apply these to online transactions in whatever combination you choose. Payments made by cash, check, or any other offline method can also be recorded in Wild Apricot and matched with invoices. Online payments on your Wild Apricot site are completely secure, and best of all, Wild Apricot does not charge ANY transaction fees, so your organization can make the most of its money!

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Choose from a wide selection of payment providers

Wild Apricot supports these popular payment processors: PayPal (including: Payflow Pro,Payments AdvancedPayments StandardExpress CheckoutPayments Pro), Authorize.netGoogle WalletIATSBluePay2CheckoutGlobal PaymentsMoneris, and Skrill.

Wild Apricot also supports a number of other payment providers through CRE Secure.

Each payment system supports different currencies, merchant locations, and features, so you can select the processor that best suits your organization's needs.

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Payment Systems


Automate online transactions

Invoices and receipts are automatically generated and emailed for online transactions, and can also be issued by administrators. You can customize the content and appearance of invoices and receipts on an individual basis, or modify the templates used to generate them.

Once an online payment is confirmed, a payment record is automatically created and the related invoice is updated. Depending on your Wild Apricot settings, other actions can be triggered, such as activating membership, sending welcome emails, sending event registration receipts, or sending donation confirmations.

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Let your members do the work

From the self-service pages on your Wild Apricot site, members and other visitors can apply and pay for membership, renew their membership, sign up for events, and make donations, all without any effort on your part.

From their profile, members can view their financial history, including all invoices and payments, and pay any outstanding fees.

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Account History
Financial Reports


Track and report on your finances

Get a complete picture of your organization's finances with a variety of financial reports. View a graphical breakdown of your organization’s income broken down by income source, or a summary of payments, donations, and refunds by payment type. With the aging receivables report, you can track outstanding debts by the number of days overdue.

For custom reporting, or to manage your accounts payable, you can export your financial data to Excel or Quickbooks.

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Make it easy to donate

Turn your website into a powerful fundraising tool. Set up a donations page so visitors to your site can provide the financial support you need. Create separate pages for individual fundraisers or multiple campaigns. To track your fundraising efforts, you can add a donation progress bar to your site, showing how close you are to your fundraising goal.

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Managing Donations


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