Meet the Wild Apricot Team

There are a lot of people behind Wild Apricot...let us introduce you to our team members:

Chief Apricot

Dmitry Buterin @ChiefApricot

Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Dmitry is the founder of BonaSource Inc., the company that started Wild Apricot software. Following completion of a Master of Science degree in Computer Sciences, and then an MBA, Dmitry held a number of senior consulting positions with Arthur Andersen (now Accenture), then co-founded an ERP consulting business. His passion for using technology to make organizations more efficient led him to co-found BonaSource in 2001. BonaSource takes great pride in having completed eBusiness projects for some of the world's largest companies.

In 2006, Dmitry led the transition of BonaSource from a consulting/custom development business into a software company, with a sole focus on Wild Apricot and now operating as Wild Apricot Inc. Dmitry's vision for Wild Apricot is to see non-profits use modern web technology to achieve more with less -- thrive and grow, engage with members and volunteers, and have more fun -- while Wild Apricot takes away mundane manual administration work by automating it. He sees Wild Apricot as the world's easiest to use web-based tool for non-profits, and one that is affordable for even the smallest association, club or charity.

He likes to answer support emails and sometimes support calls as it gives him first-hand understanding of people's needs, which he feeds back to the design and development team, and uses in his role as a product manager.

Captain Apricot

Dmitri Ivanov

Dmitriy Ivanov [Captain Apricot]Dmitriy Ivanov [Captain Apricot]

Dmitri is a co-founder of BonaSource Inc -- now operating as Wild Apricot Inc. From the very start in 2001 he has been responsible for our software development activities -- starting from hands-on development and progressing to project management and system architecture. His current role at Wild Apricot is Chief Technology Officer with broad responsibility for all technology solutions and software development processes in the company. Dmitri has a Computer Science degree and has extensive experience in designing and developing large-scale web-based systems -- including web portals for Fortune 500 companies. Before joining BonaSource, Dmitri worked as IT manager in AeroMar -- one of the largest catering companies.

Dmitri's management experience is further enhanced by running a household with three daughters and a dog :-)

Apricot's Kernel

Evgeny Zaritovskiy

Evgeniy Zaritovskiy [Apricot's Kernel]Evgeniy Zaritovskiy [Apricot's Kernel]

As the User Experience Lead for Wild Apricot, Evgeny is a key part of our product management team. His talent is in analyzing complex needs of widely varied Wild Apricot clients -- and coming up with functionality concepts and interface decisions to address them. Evgeny is passionate about software usability and has over 10 years hands-on development experience and is uniquely qualified for his other key responsibility -- to liaison with the product development team to ensure consistent and user-friendly design of specific functions.

Engaging Apricot

Lori Halley @LoriHalley

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Lori has joined the Wild Apricot team as marketing writer/blogger. As the "Engaging Apricot", Lori hopes to engage readers and promote two-way online conversations through the Wild Apricot Blog.

With experience in membership and communications at a number of professional and business associations as well as charities, Lori has an understanding of the challenges organizations face in engaging, retaining and growing members, volunteers and donors

Lori will now focus her passion for identifying issues, researching solutions and writing user-friendly content to offering information and insight to help small association and non-profit staff, volunteers and board members with the day-to-day problems facing their organizations.

Spicy Apricot

Kathryn Ang

Kathryn Ang [Spicy Apricot]Kathryn Ang [Spicy Apricot]

Kathryn leads our Support team as Customer Service Manager, and brings with her 15+ years of dedication to quality customer service in a leadership role. As Customer Service Manager, she acts as a liaison between customers and Wild Apricot's internal teams ensuring the best possible experience for the customer.

Customer service is an integral part of Wild Apricot's customer value proposition. Kathryn strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with Wild Apricot’s customers. She believes this can be achieved with a successful balance between driving immediate results to meet service level targets and investing in ongoing and long term staff development and leading edge technologies.

"Spicy Apricot" means Kathryn likes to add her own flavor to things, usually bringing about her creative side in organizing social events with friends, family and colleagues, as well as her passion for culinary explorations. She loves to cook and experiment by creating healthy recipes and can be quite adventurous with dinner parties and dining out. Kathryn is a Registered Massage Therapist and a Certified Nutritional Practitioner in holistic studies, and also extends her dedication to customer service in the realm of health and wellness.

Fluid Apricot

Jim Sympathy Dzingirai

Jim Sympathy Dzingirai [Fluid Apricot]Jim Sympathy Dzingirai [Fluid Apricot]

Jim joined the technical support side of Wild Apricot in 2008 and acts as one of the first points of contact in fielding support questions.

He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1999 with a Bsc. in Computer Engineering. He has worked as a software developer, market researcher, and sales consultant, and is especially proud of the charity fund-raising work he did for World Vision, Sick Kids Hospital and Red Cross, among others. Jim possesses an analytical mind that thrives on understanding and solving complex problems. He is passionate about helping others and with Wild Apricot has found a way to turn his work into a hobby and vice-versa.

Away from work you can find Jim playing volleyball and soccer, watching movies, listening to music and reading.

Kid Apricot

Alain Lo

Alain Lo [Kid Apricot]Alain Lo [Kid Apricot]

Alain joined the support team in 2012. He graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology Management.  Prior to Wild Apricot, Alain has done IT for hardware, software, industrial, insurance, and health care industries.  

Being a part of Scouts Canada for the majority of his life, Alain has a helping mentality and understands the needs of non-profit organizations. During his off hours, Alain enjoys volleyball, outdoor activities, and looking for best food joints in town.

ASAP Apricot

Milan Malivuk

Milan Malivuk [ASAP Apricot]Milan Malivuk [ASAP Apricot]
Milan is a member of our Support Team.  He is a Ruby on Rails developer, with a lot of experience building web applications as well as graphic design. He’s been involved in a lot of different ventures from investing in technology companies to running small import/export businesses. For fun, Milan is a recreational pilot as well and is interested in Formula 1, philosophy and film.

Picky Apricot

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews [Picky Apricot]Steve Andrews [Picky Apricot]

Steve is Wild Apricot's technical communicator, responsible for our product documentation. Steve has been a technical writer for over 20 years and plans to use his experience to improve Wild Apricot's online help and videos. His educational background includes English, Political Science, Psychology, and Journalism. Steve enjoys playing guitar, hockey, soccer, and biking.

Artistic Apricot

Denis Fokin

Denis Fokin [Artistic Apricot]Denis Fokin [Artistic Apricot]

Denis Fokin is our Creative Director and brings a wealth of creative experience, graphic design knowledge and passion to the company.

Among his many accomplishments, Denis has designed websites, magazine covers, ads, corporate style guides, 3D objects, animations, paintings, and many more. His Maya 3D designs were showcased by Alias (now Autodesk) for Maya Learning Edition. Denis enjoys working at Wild Apricot because of the spirit of teamwork -- he appreciates that every successful online project requires very close cooperation between a team of experts from many different disciplines.

His hobbies and passions include digital painting, being outdoors and traveling.

And the rest of the Wild Apricot Team:

Maia Buterin [Inspiring Apricot]Maia Buterin [Inspiring Apricot]
Sergey Sokolov [Staid Apricot]Sergey Sokolov [Staid Apricot]
Sergey Denikin [Muscular Apricot]Sergey Denikin [Muscular Apricot]
Kirill Zharkov [Net Apricot]Kirill Zharkov [Net Apricot]
Alexey Podolskiy [Handsome Apricot]Alexey Podolskiy [Handsome Apricot]
Sergey Vinogradov [Raisin Apricot]Sergey Vinogradov [Raisin Apricot]
Miroslava Zachepa [Zippy Apricot]Miroslava Zachepa [Zippy Apricot]
Yuri Karatunov [Quality Apricot]Yuri Karatunov [Quality Apricot]
Dmitry Fefilov [Lanky Apricot]Dmitry Fefilov [Lanky Apricot]
Vladimir TazinVladimir Tazin
Michael Nikitin [Sharp Apricot]Michael Nikitin [Sharp Apricot]
Oleg ShinkarenkoOleg Shinkarenko
Artem ChernousovArtem Chernousov
Oleg SorokaOleg Soroka
Alexey MorenovAlexey Morenov
Andrey EfimyukAndrey Efimyuk
Sandra Kirilovic [Meowing Apricot]Sandra Kirilovic [Meowing Apricot]
Dmitriy Smagliy [Bearded Apricot]Dmitriy Smagliy [Bearded Apricot]
Kseniya Garipova [Cheerful Apricot]Kseniya Garipova [Cheerful Apricot]
Vasiliy Luckinykh [Lucky Apricot]Vasiliy Luckinykh [Lucky Apricot]
Anatoliy Gerasin [Stylish Apricot]Anatoliy Gerasin [Stylish Apricot]
Igor Subbotin [Steel Apricot]Igor Subbotin [Steel Apricot]
Oleg Kireev [Serious Apricot]Oleg Kireev [Serious Apricot]
Maxim Ivanov [Sweet Apricot]Maxim Ivanov [Sweet Apricot]
Julia Ivanova [Lively Apricot]Julia Ivanova [Lively Apricot]
Sergey SafonovSergey Safonov
Andrey ShulzhenkoAndrey Shulzhenko
Dmitry BykovDmitry Bykov
Dmitry StepanovDmitry Stepanov
Dmitry SmirnovDmitry Smirnov
Ilya RomanchukIlya Romanchuk
OIeg NesterkinOIeg Nesterkin
Andrey Buterin [Lazy Apricot]Andrey Buterin [Lazy Apricot]
Anatoliy Fedyanin [Assiduous Apricot]Anatoliy Fedyanin [Assiduous Apricot]
Ivan Rudakov [Snowy Apricot]Ivan Rudakov [Snowy Apricot]
Vasiliy Kholopov [Ghostbuster Apricot]Vasiliy Kholopov [Ghostbuster Apricot]
Ekaterina Tyukina [Funny Apricot]Ekaterina Tyukina [Funny Apricot]
Pavel Febenchukov [Siberian Apricot]Pavel Febenchukov [Siberian Apricot]
Andrey Pustovoit [Happy Apricot]Andrey Pustovoit [Happy Apricot]
Sergey Ilyenkov [Air Apricot]Sergey Ilyenkov [Air Apricot]
Andrey PyatshevAndrey Pyatshev
Arthur Harutyunyan [Southern Apricot]Arthur Harutyunyan [Southern Apricot]
Dmitry Stadnik [Security Apricot]Dmitry Stadnik [Security Apricot]
Dmitry AvilovDmitry Avilov
Alexey GrigoryevAlexey Grigoryev
Konstantin ShevchukKonstantin Shevchuk
Andrey SeleznevAndrey Seleznev

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