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“We were in ‘Excel Hell’ before Wild Apricot” Dennis S.
Website manager

You obviously don’t enjoy stress & frustration

No one does. So, why are you still doing things manually?

STOP using Wordpress, Excel and
to duct tape your organization together

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Look at what some of our 14,182 loyal clients think:

With Wild Apricot, I have everything in one place and one person really can do it all without a lot of technical knowledge. Kim Elliott
Klamath Falls, OR
Wild Apricot’s support is very helpful, importing our data was very easy to do and it’s very user-friendly on the backend. Nicole Walters
Program Manager
San Diego, CA
Wild Apricot is one of the easier site-building tools to use. And it’s affordable...A+++! Natalie Carmolli
Content Manager
Grand Rapids, MI
I’m proud to state that I have personally convinced more than two dozen USGBC Chapters to switch to Wild Apricot. Lee Cooke
Executive Director
Boca Raton, FL

Dmitry Buterin
Chief Apricot
An Open Letter to Membership/Event Managers
& Website Admins
in small associations, clubs and nonprofits

Dear "Go-to-Person",

You’re likely the pioneer in your organization, the spark plug that initiates everything that needs initiating.

Tell me, does the description below sound accurate?

As much as you love and take pride in being the spark plug, as much as you pour your heart into it,  you are more tired, frustrated, stressed than you ever bargained for. You're overworked, under-performing and stretched thin. And you're ready to make a change for the better because continuing like you always have is downright unacceptable.

You don't want to "do it all" anymore. You need a better way.

You know you'll never be able to find the time, energy or the mental capacity to manage all of it and still be able to fulfill your organization’s core purpose to the best of your ability - it's a commendable admission. But being the spark plug that you are, you know better than anybody:

To grow your organization, you can't do it all, all by yourself,

You're likely here for one of three reasons:

  1. You're currently managing your organization on Excel and Outlook. You have files in multiple locations, you're constantly sending emails to chase members around and you often have to do things twice to make sure everything is logged and filed correctly.
  2. You're unable to get help from other board members, volunteers and staff to perform the administrative tasks necessary to run the organization because only you (or a select few) know your crazy system and can "do it right".
  3. Wordpress doesn't have all the bells and whistles you need to keep your organization moving forward - you need a membership area, a way to handle payments, events, renewals and much much more.

More likely, you are here because of all 3 - Reason #4: All of the above. How can I be so sure?

Because I've been in your shoes. And I know how hard it can be...

I have first-hand experience volunteering for small associations, clubs and non-profits. I know many other passionate, dedicated people doing it - many are overworked and underpaid. Burned out. Forced to manage too many routine administrative tasks better suited for robots.

That was my inspiration for Wild Apricot - I wanted to design a software for normal people trying to do extraordinary things. People who wanted to focus on their passion but were too bogged down by the insanity of managing their organization.

Are you still doing everything on Excel, Outlook, Wordpress and Mailchimp? 

Keeping track of people, finances, activities, responses, committees, projects, fundraising and a dizzying list of other responsibilities should NOT consume all your time, energy and enthusiasm.

Passionate people like you pour their blood, sweat and tears into doing these tasks everyday because they are convinced they are serving the higher purpose of their organization.

It is not uncommon to hear rationales like:

  • "Well, someone has to do it."
  • "It's the only way. What choice do we have?"
  • "It's for the greater good."
  • "If I don't do it, it won't get done."

But that is not why you do what you do at all...

You invest all of your time and energy because you believe in your organization's purpose. The thing is: if you don't advance that purpose, if you keep spinning your wheels and just get by with what you've always done, then you're only scratching the surface of serving and fulfilling the underlying cause of your organization.

So, how can you get out from under all of it?

The first step I ask all of our clients to take is to make a commitment. Even if you do not choose Wild Apricot's solution in the end, make a commitment to yourself. Make a commitment to bettering your organization's life and seeing the process through till the end.

The last thing I want to see is for you to hit a wall in the final stretch and then go back to the life you and your organization are currently leading.

If you are committed to improving your organization's life, excellent!

Look, I get it - researching, selecting and transferring everything over to a new system seems more stressful, frustrating and time consuming than your current situation. But believe me, it's not.

We've made it so easy, so comfortable, so simple:

  • Everything is in the "cloud" - securely access your website, data and information anywhere
  • Free online help and free technical support (telephone and email) with incredibly quick response times
  • Get access to a single, reliable source to manage your organization instead of on Excel and Outlook
  • All important data is kept secure, accessible and backed up across many servers globally
  • You can update the website without bugging your technical person every time

Below, I'll go into all the great features you’ll get access to during your Free 30-Day Trial.

NOTE: Your trial will be all-access with no restricted areas or features. Most of our members use the platform to organize an event or send out a monthly newsletter on their test drive.

No credit card required. 

Automate membership applications and renewals online

  • Collect dues and automatically renew members
  • Secure access to your membership database
  • Look up records easily, view full history of payments, emails sent and event registrations
  • Create secure member-only website pages
Membership Application Form
Wild Apricot has reduced a cumbersome member renewal process down to the click of a button. Membership applications and renewals are now painless! Bill Krisher
Association Manager
Albany, New York Area

Drag-and-drop Website Builder, for non-techies

  • Huge collection of free templates
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Embed interactive Wild Apricot widgets into your existing site
  • User-friendly and easy to learn
No fancy website design skills needed. It's pretty intuitive for anyone who has some web experience. SO much better than our old system, and price is reasonable for all it does. Linda Austin
Board Member
Greater St.Louis Area

Event registrations with payments and automated messaging

  • Automatically update your events calendar page
  • Accept and track registrations and payments online
  • Customizable registration options and pricing
  • Automated event announcements and reminders
  • Track event check-ins
Event Registration
Wild Apricot has provided a very effective and flexible tool for many diverse needs to post/share/communicate, handle complex calendars for events and court reservations, handle signups and money collections. Jeff Peterson
Past President
San Francisco Bay Area

Integrated email management, newsletters and reminders

  • Send out unlimited campaign emails, newsletters and announcements
  • Automate receipts and confirmations for applications, renewals, event registrations and donations
  • Huge collection of customizable email templates
  • Track opens and clicks to fine-tune your communications
Create newsletters and manage subscriptions in one place
Wild Apricot provides many options for site design, membership databases and event registration which means all of our association's information can be held in one place. Molly Marsh
Training Coordinator
Lexington, Kentucky Area

Collect, manage and track all payments and invoices online

  • Accept online payments for events and donations
  • Automatically renew members
  • Integrate with many popular payment processors
  • No transaction fees
  • Export your financial data into Excel or Quickbooks
Choose from a wide selection of payment providers
We were looking for a solution to allow edits by other content managers, who are not tech-savvy, who found it easy to learn and use. Updates keep improving the product, and I look forward to them! Love this product! Lisa Vessels
Past Vice President
Miami/Fort Lauderdale

No credit card required. Risk-Free.

Ranked the #1 Membership Management Software... Again

Wild Apricot received the coveted #1 spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Infographic for the second year in a row. Capterra, an authority on business software noted, "for the purpose of this ranking, Capterra focused specifically on solutions that include membership management as their core function".

Over 14,182 organizations with over
3 million members trust us
Here's how Kim Elliott evaluated Wild Apricot on her journey

Walk us through the journey of how you evaluated your options and finally chose Wild Apricot.

I set the initial site up with using the WordPress and wasn't really happy with it not having membership functionality. It didn't do quite what I wanted it to do.

We had the WordPress site for about three months, but the whole time I was on the hunt for somethingthat would keep track of members, be able to do online signups, take credit cards online, have members only areas, have a forum for interaction and be easy for somebody besides me to take over in the future.

I wasn't quite sure what we were going to need. Because I was semi-familiar with WordPress, I put it up temporarily. But I knew we were going to need something else. I didn't know what that was yet. I was hopeful that WordPress might have the plug-ins that would add the functionality that I needed, but I discovered pretty quickly that it couldn't do everything that I wanted.

One of my problems with WordPress and Joomla is that you almost have to be a professional in order to keep them running.

What sort of research did you do?

I did a lot of online searches. I looked at paid and free solutions, primarily low cost. I found a couple of others that seemed horribly expensive before I found Wild Apricot.

I looked at the membership that we had at that point, which was 48 members. Anything that was going to quote cost more than a dollar per person was too expensive. Of course, cost was not the main factor.

Ease of use was/is a really high priority for me because I'm not goingto be the IT person, the president and the person in charge forever.

Ease of use was/is a really high priority for me because I'm not goingto be the IT person, the president and the person in charge forever.

How did you know Wild Apricot was the right solution for you?

I knew what we needed in advance. I wanted an events calendar, be able to do online signups, track my membership and email blasts and newsletters, all from a single program. I didn't want to have one program for newsletters, another one online signups, another one for the blog and another one for an events calendar.

Having five different admins, five different passwords and five different everything was just not going to work.

After I started the online trial and found out how easy it was to get set up, running and ready to go, that's when I just flat told the board. "Okay, either we do it now, or the whole thing's just going to come apart."

Once I found Wild Apricot, I fell head-over-heels in love. Period.

Make a commitment like Kim

You'll fall head-over-heels in love too

No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful of a website can you create with Wild Apricot?

Here are some examples from our clients:

What kinds of organizations use Wild Apricot?

All kinds of small associations, clubs and nonprofits:

Here are some quotes from our July Client Survey:

How helpful is Wild Apricot’s Support team?

"They have great response rates! They always get back to me quickly."

"I called them A LOT when I first started and they were always really helpful."

"Ease-of-use is greatly enhanced by the outstanding WA support team. That's one of the first things that I reference in my bragging about the platform."

"I appreciate having a voice on the phone when I call - not a tele-system-tree to navigate."

"Phone support is always pleasant and helpful."

"One thing that I LOVE is the ticketing system to submit concerns, issues, recommendations. I like that I don't have to go outside of the system to submit a request. I have always received a response within 1-2 business days AND I like the fact that the history is kept and I can go back and view the questions I asked with the answers from the tech."

How would you describe Wild Apricot to others?

"The benefits would be low cost, and low maintenance member and event management. This is huge for non-profits. For techies, it's straightforward and management of the system is simple. Implementation is a breeze."

"WA is hands-down the best, most cost-effective website platform that I have encountered in the nonprofit realm. It's intuitive, covers all of the functionality that a nonprofit organization will ever need, is priced competitively, and will survive and thrive in an atmosphere of staff turnover."

"The benefit of Wild Apricot is that it provides integrated web site, membership, and event management capabilities on a single platform. You don't need to be a highly technical person to use the platform--even to configure the site settings. The Wild Apricot help documentation and North America-based support team (from one IT guy to another . . . please keep this onshore!) provide truly excellent customer service."

Additional Comments?

"Thanks for such a brilliant product! We are a very grateful non-profit!"

"I'm born before 1965, and I still mastered Wild Apricot."

"Thank you for making it affordable and relatively idiot proof!!"

"It's so close to being perfect, thank you for providing a great service at a very affordable and realistic price."

Dmitry Buterin
Chief Apricot

So, why should you switch today?

Earlier, I asked you to commit to bettering your organizational life. I now have a second request:

Give us 30 days - that's all, just one month. Commit to the modest steps we'll ask and we promise your life will be transformed.

But please, for your sake not ours - don't just accept our 30-day offer. Embrace it.

Use the free trial period to organize an event, upload/manage your member database, send out newsletters, collect payments/contributions or create web pages. Harness the power at your fingertips.

Once you see the powerful difference that results from putting Wild Apricot to work – you and your organization will never, ever want to be without us again.

Thank you for trusting Wild Apricot to serve your organization. You are on your way to accelerating your organization’s growth. Let the journey begin.

To your success,

Dmitry Buterin
Chief Apricot

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Escape from Excel Hell!

Stop duct taping your organization! Learn how membership management software helps you do a lot more with less.

Get a special consumer guide on how 14,182 associations, clubs and nonprofits stopped doing things manually in your inbox.

We hate spam, and promise 100% privacy.

Thank you!

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