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“We were in ‘Excel Hell’ before Wild Apricot” Dennis S.
Website manager

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No one does.
So, why are you still doing things manually?

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Look at what our loyal clients think:
With Wild Apricot, I have everything in one place and one person really can do it all without a lot of technical knowledge.

Kim Elliott, President
Klamath Rental Housing Association

Wild Apricot’s support is very helpful, importing our data was very easy to do, and it's very user-friendly on the backend.

Nicole Walters, Program Manager
San Diego Venture Group

You are moments away from membership bliss

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Dmitry Buterin
Chief Apricot

I’ve been in your shoes.

I have first-hand experience volunteering for small associations, clubs and non-profits. I know many other passionate, dedicated people doing it - many are overworked and underpaid. Burned out. Forced to manage too many routine administrative tasks better suited for robots.

That was my inspiration for Wild Apricot - I wanted to design a software for normal people trying to do extraordinary things. People who wanted to focus on their passion but were too bogged down by the insanity of managing their organization.

Keeping track of people, finances, activities, responses, committees, projects, fundraising and a dizzying list of other responsibilities should NOT consume all your time, energy and enthusiasm.

Look, I get it - researching, selecting and transferring everything over to a new system seems more stressful, frustrating and time consuming than your current situation.

But believe me, it’s not. We’ve made it so easy, so comfortable, so simple.

Give us just 30 days  - that’s all, just one month. Commit to the modest steps we’ll ask and we promise your life will be transformed.  

But please, for your sake not ours – don’t just accept our 30-day offer. Embrace it.

Once you see the powerful difference that results from putting Wild Apricot to work – you and your organization will never, ever want to be without us again.

To your success,

Dmitry Buterin
Chief Apricot

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