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Membership Renewal Letter Checklist

Author: Tatiana Morand
October 27, 2011
🕑 3 min read

Whether you send it by mail or email, your membership renewal letter is one of the most important tools in your retention toolbox.

So, to ensure it is as effective as possible, here is a checklist to follow before you lick that envelope or hit the send button.

Renewal Pre-planning – Do you have a solid foundation in place?

☐ Did you segment your membership list for a more personalized message?

Is your database up-to-date and filters set up to ensure your greeting and other necessary macros are set to insert corresponding information for each specific recipient from your database?  (If you are using WildApricot – here are details on customizing default membership emails.)

Tone – Is your message personal?

 Is the greeting personalized? (e.g., the member’s name instead of the dreaded “dear member”)

☐ Is your tone warm and conversational? (Tip: write in the second person (e.g., use “you” and “we” and read the email/letter out loud to ensure it sounds conversational)

☐ Have you avoided jargon and association speak? 

 Does it read like an invoice or a letter?

☐ Are you making an emotional connection? (Remember this IS personal to your member)

☐ Does it sound like you are building a relationship?

Content – What have you done for me lately?

 Did you “show them the benefits” – outline outcome-based benefits of membership 

☐ Have you customized the benefits to suit the recipient (e.g., it’s not just the same old list of benefits – but tailored to suit the member)

☐ Do you demonstrate membership value?

☐ Did you instill excitement for the coming year by setting the scene about enticing member benefits, events, activities, initiatives?

Action – Did you make it easy for members to renew?

☐ Did you demonstrate urgency? (e.g., renew your membership today)

☐ Did you include a link to your member self-service portal for instant renewal?

☐ For postal letters – did you include an invoice?

Closing – Did you say thanks?

☐ Did you thank members for their support and acknowledge that the association/club values the member?

☐ Did you kindle excitement for the upcoming year to encourage both their renewal and increased engagement?

☐ Did you customize your closing? (e.g., based on to the member type; volunteer involvement; etc.)

Membership Renewal Letter Checklist

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Membership Renewal Letter Checklist
Membership Renewal Letter Checklist
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