43 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2021

Organizational Management December 18, 2020

Sayana Izmailova

By Sayana Izmailova

Every month, I compile the internet's biggest list of free nonprofit webinars.


2021 will be starting off strong with lots of free content on how nonprofits and membership organizations can continue to adapt, innovate and make the best of the upcoming year. 


January webinar topics include nonprofit trends, virtual events, recurring donations, volunteer management, nonprofit branding, social media and much more. 


Please also note that since we're publishing this webinar quite early in December due to holidays, not everyone has had a chance to list their January webinars. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it in the first few days of January — I'll be adding more webinars as they become available. 


Now onto this month’s webinars. Please note, all times are indicated in EST. 

1. Your Guide to a Seamless Online Event

January 5, 12:30PM

This workshop is designed to give an overview of how to host a great online event. We will be covering tips on how to use and implement your platform of choice into your organization's mission and event goals, as well as how to engage attendees with it. Attendees will gain an understanding of what support they will need internally or externally to run a seamless online event. 

2. Top 5 Fundraising Campaigns of 2020

January 5, 1:00PM

With the new year approaching, now’s the perfect time to look back at fundraising best practices from last year to better understand what we learned, what’s changed, and what’s made the greatest impact. That’s why we’re rounding up the top five fundraising campaigns on the Classy platform from 2020. 

In this webinar you’ll uncover what made these campaigns top performers. You’ll gain actionable insights to help shape your fundraising strategy in 2021 and beyond.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tips and tricks to create high converting crowdfunding campaigns
  • Creative recurring giving campaign ideas you can leverage to educate, motivate, and inspire donors to take action
  • How to maximize the use of peer-to-peer campaigns to expand your reach and raise more funds
  • Giving Tuesday must-haves for a standout campaign
  • Creative virtual event campaign ideas to keep your audience engaged

3. Start a Monthly Donor Program NOW. 7 Reasons why you can’t afford to wait!

January 6, 3:00PM

If you’re hesitant or unsure about monthly donors, this FREE interactive webinar will answer the questions you, your boss or board may still have about the value of adding a monthly donor program to your revenue stream.

The presenter, Erica Waasdorp, has worked with organizations of all sizes in starting and growing their monthly donor programs. During this webinar, Erica will show you examples of how very small nonprofits have created successful monthly donor programs with minimal effort.

What You Will Learn from this Free Nonprofit Webinar:

  • The impact monthly donors have on your donor retention rates.
  • How few constituents you need to get started.
  • How little time it takes to organize the program.
  • How easy it is to set up a system for your organization.
  • You’ll learn where monthly donors fit in your communication strategy.
  • You’ll hear the latest statistics on the power of monthly gifts.
  • We’ll  briefly review a few helpful plug-and-play tools to help you make the case internally to start a monthly donor program

You don’t have to be a large nonprofit to get started. In fact, we’ve seen programs that work well with as little as 500 constituents - which can be a combination of donors, volunteers, board members, and other passionate supporters. It doesn't take much for small nonprofit to reap the benefits of monthly recurring donations.

Erica will share examples and results with you from small to mid-size organizations and how their program has grown.

After this webinar, you'll  know that you have what it takes to grow the number of monthly donors in your organization. Your donors will love it and you’ll reach your fundraising and donor retention goals sooner. But you must start NOW.

4. Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in Fundraising

January 7, 1:00PM

There is no one right way to ask for a donation. Some people take great care preparing well-organized and complete presentations. Others prepare with just a few talking points and then use the energy of the prospect to guide the conversation. Some people are energized by the prospect of tying down a gift. For others it is a great act of courage.

You have your own Asking Style, and if you learn to ask in your Style, you will be more comfortable, confident and successful as an asker. Are you a Rainmaker? Go-Getter? Kindred Spirit? Mission Controller? A mix of two Styles?

Join Brian Saber, President of Asking Matters, to learn about the revolutionary concept of Asking Styles created by his company.

What You Will Learn from this Free Nonprofit Webinar:

  • The unique strengths you bring to the table and how to apply them to the ask
  • Which prospects are the best match given your Asking Style
  • How to craft your Case for Support in your own words and Style
  • What to watch out for along the way

5. It's Not Either/Or: Raising Money with an Anti-Racist Approach

January 7, 1:00PM

Increasing your focus on diversity and inclusion and raising money aren’t mutually exclusive. In this webinar, we’ll help you assess and revitalize your development program to take an anti-racist approach that results in successful fundraising and a high return on investment. In addition to providing practical advice and anti-racist actions you can take in your fundraising, we’ll also consider the roles that culture and systems play in our fundraising. Two of the most burdensome traps that many nonprofits fall into are doing things as they’ve always been done and making assumptions. Participants will learn strategies that help you overcome these tendencies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that “Anti-racist” doesn’t mean a lower ROI
  • Learn how to de-couple money from power and still raise lots of money
  • Discover how to be anti-racist in your prospecting
  • Create anti-racist practices in your volunteer corps and board development
  • Build a donor pool that is more reflective of your community demographics
  • Understand the importance of and how to build an anti-racist fundraising culture

6. Virtual Gala Keys to Success with Benjamin Ryan Nathan

January 8, 12:00 PM

Join me and Benjamin Ryan Nathan for this free webinar to talk about the keys to setting your virtual gala!

Benjamin Ryan Nathan is an award-winning filmmaker based in New York. Over the past 14 years, he has worked in TV, film, and advertising and has produced, directed, & edited over 200 commercials, viral videos, short-form documentaries, & branding/marketing projects. His work has garnered over 20,000,000 views online and on television. Dedicated to using the art of filmmaking as a tool to better the planet, he has collaborated with major organizations to bring inspiring and powerful stories of human transformation to a wide audience.

In this webinar, we will talk about the quick pivot to online galas, characteristics of the best ones, some mistakes to avoid, things that people should look to invest in, if online galas as lucrative as in-person ones, and much more! We will have time for questions.


7. The rise of Millennial major donors in nonprofit fundraising

January 12, 12:00 PM

This webinar is worth 1.0 CFRE credits.

The Baby Boomer generation, which holds more than 12x the wealth of Millennials, has been the main focus for major giving fundraisers for years now. However, with Boomers poised to pass on $30-60 trillion in the next couple decades, and the oldest Millennials now turning 40, this is about to change. A subset of the Millennial generation, such as bankers, consultants, tech workers, etc, are very well off and poised to become major donors. This generation is also much less likely to be married or have children than previous generations, making them ideal prospects for major gifts.

Join Patrick Schmitt, the Co-CEO of FreeWill, to learn how the rise of Millennial donors will shape planned and major giving in the coming years, as well as strategies for effective fundraising from this group. 

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • Shifts in demographics and wealth
  • Changes in charitable giving behavior
  • How Millennials will shape major giving

8. Google Ad Grants 101 – Grow Your Nonprofit’s Online Presence With $10K/Month In Free Ads

January 12, 1:00PM

Nonprofits! Would you benefit from boosting your online awareness, raising more money, or getting more event attendees? You can achieve all that and more through the Google Ad Grant: a program that gives nonprofits $10,000 PER month in free advertising. Yes, you read that right.

This information-packed webinar is led by Cindy Lee, Steph Vesely and David Ries of ConnectAd, an Ad Grants Certified Professional company. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about the program, how it can benefit your nonprofit, and the actual process of applying for the grant. Sign-up to reserve your spot!

Cindy, Steph, and David will also highlight a few best practices and inside tips and tell you about a Google Certified professional service that is proven to help nonprofits effectively maximize the value of their Ad Grant.

What You Will Learn from this Free Nonprofit Webinar:

  • What is the Google Ad Grant?
  • How do Google Ads work?
  • Why is Google Grants an essential nonprofit marketing tool?
  • Case studies: How other nonprofit organizations have benefited
  • Step-by-step instructions of the application process.
  • What is required to succeed with Google Grants?
  • Details regarding a management service to save you time and provide better results.

Nonprofits both big and small have a lot to gain - don’t leave free money on the table! There are 5.6 billion searches carried out on Google everyday and donors, volunteers, and supporters are among them. Could you benefit from being listed at the top of the search results?

9. 4 Fundraising Trends for 2021 and Beyond

January 12, 1:00PM

Each year, Classy announces fundraising trends to look out for in the coming year, but unforeseen events and variables in 2020 made predicting this year’s trends, without a doubt, the most difficult yet.

That being said, Classy is uncovering its predicted trends for 2021 (and very likely, beyond) in this free webinar where you’ll walk away with the fundraising themes that have arisen and how you can capitalize on them in 2021 and beyond.

Get ready to explore:

  • The importance of virtual events (and why they’re here to stay)
  • The value of recurring donors and why they have never been more important
  • The need to meet your supporters on their turf
  • How to remain nimble this year in times of uncertainty

10. The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit

January 12, 2:00PM

New to volunteer management? Looking for a refresher on the basics? This webinar will walk you through the three primary Rs - recruitment, retention and recognition. We'll discuss the most popular program components such as interviews, orientations, volunteer handbooks, and more. And, we'll talk about the importance of managing risk for your program and your organization. All attendees will also receive a sample packet with examples of program documents and program assessment checklists to help you evaluate your existing program.


  • The basics of volunteer engagement.
  • What are the 3 Rs of volunteer engagement?
  • What are the components of a successful volunteer program?

11. How to Brand your Non-profit in 2021 to Increase Fundraising

January 13, 11:00AM

You are probably sitting on your biggest and most ignored asset that your non-profit has: Your Brand. 2020 taught us that many things are out of our control. But here is the good news, no matter what the world throws at you, with a strong brand you can confidently connect with the right people, increase your fundraising and create change.  

The secret to a thriving organization in 2021 is not the latest shiny tool or social media tactic but an aligned branding and marketing strategy. 

Join Kerstin on this free webinar and walk away with:


  • The 3 shifts every non-profit need to apply right now in order to rise in 2021 and stand out (virtually and in-person)
  • The step-by-step “Brand 2 Impact” Formula to become irresistible in 2021 and tell your story in the most authentic way possible
  • How to align your brand with your marketing strategy to increase fundraising without constantly running exhausting fundraising events

12. Here Are the Top Trends in Time & Expense Management + What Nonprofits Need to Know in 2021: From Virtual to Events and More

January 13, 1:00PM

As nonprofits strive to do more with less, maximizing efficiency and accountability is critical for attaining funding, pursuing outcomes, and meeting this uniquely challenging moment. 

In this webinar, attendees will learn why it’s important in the year ahead to rely on time and

expense management to quantify project resources, streamline accounting responsibilities, convey outputs to funders, and reduce overhead and administrative costs

13. Create Your 2021 Fundraising Plan: 5 Revenue Sources

January 13, 2:00 PM

Are you ready to jumpstart 2021 with actionable strategies that will drive revenue to ensure your organization’s success year-round, no matter what the year has in store? Then Create Your 2021 Fundraising Plan: 5 Revenue Sources is for you. This webinar will show you five crucial revenue strategies to include in your 2021 annual fundraising plan in order to increase giving, expand your database and build long-term loyalty no matter what the future holds.  

What you’ll learn:

  • How to establish and grow monthly giving programs
  • Incorporating virtual and livestreaming events
  • Increasing your reach through peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Embracing and leveraging days of giving
  • Strategies to expand your email list and database


14. Show Me The Money: Effective Grant Research

January 13, 2:00 PM

This webinar will explore the details needed to conduct successful grant research and expedite your grant writing process.

You will learn the details needed to begin prospect research, how to locate available grants, how to navigate organizational websites to locate funding opportunities, and identify pitfalls to avoid that will save you time and expedite your research and writing processes.


  • Identify the different ways to conduct grant research and connect your results to the appropriate types of projects or services.
  • Explain the characteristics of an ideal prospect.
  • How to use 990s in prospect research
  • Details needed before research can begin
  • How to locate available grants on the local and federal levels
  • How to find ideal foundation prospects using free resources


15. Social Media and Volunteer Engagement

January 13, 2:00PM

Volunteer engagement is changing. What do you need to know about social media as a volunteer program manager? How can you use social media to promote your volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers? This webinar will offer an introduction to including social media in your volunteer recruitment and retention plans. You'll see examples of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as blogs that other nonprofits have successfully used to draw attention to their organizations and volunteer opportunities. You'll also learn about the social media tools available as part of your VolunteerMatch account that can help you promote your volunteer opportunity on other social networking sites.


  • What social media is and why it matters
  • How to use social media to recruit and engage volunteers
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of managing social media tools
  • Where to go to get resources and help

16. Embracing AI to Scale Your Fundraising

January 13, 2:00PM

As nonprofits emerge from the shock of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and financial crisis, there is an opportunity to reinvent philanthropy and fundraising. This is a moment to move away from transactional giving, churning through donors and asks, to a new model of making giving more relational, customizing, and engaging. Join us to learn how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used as a key ingredient in scaling your fundraising approach, which will in turn improve donor retention.  

In this webinar, Allison Fine and Beth Kanter will outline the processes and products needed to expand philanthropic giving with AI, drawing on  research from the AI4Giving Report (made possible  by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). You’ll leave this webinar ready to have a conversation with your leadership about the benefits of AI to the nonprofit sector and whether your organization is ready to adopt AI. 



17. Create Your 2021 Fundraising Plan: 5 Revenue Sources

January 13, 2:00PM


Are you ready to start 2021 with actionable strategies to drive revenue and ensure your nonprofit's success year-round (regardless of what the future has in store)? If so, then our free, live webinar on January 13th, 2021 Create Your 2021 Fundraising Plan: 5 Revenue Sources is for you! You'll learn the five crucial revenue strategies to include in your 2021 annual fundraising plan to increase giving, expand your database and build long-term loyalty. Register to save your seat and be sent a copy of the webinar recording and slides if you can't make it.

What you'll learn:

  • How to establish and grow monthly giving programs
  • Incorporating virtual and livestreaming events
  • Increasing your reach through peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Embracing and leveraging days of giving
  • Strategies to expand your email list and database

18. 3 Easy Ways to Retain More Members Using Software

January 14, 2:00PM

Do you sometimes feel that your membership is like a leaky boat? Every time you look at your database, you notice a few members have left? 

In this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to:


  • Get your members to renew on their own, so you don’t have to chase them
  • Automate your new member onboarding process and save hours each week
  • Quickly identify who is about to leave, and what you can do to keep them

19. Lean on Me: The Strength of Mentorship for Nonprofit Professionals

January 14, 2:00PM

As nonprofit professionals, it sometimes can feel we are an island in our day-to-day work, especially if we work in a small organization. One of the best ways to grow and develop as a professional is through mentorship, either seeking out a mentor for yourself or serving as one for a colleague. In this webinar, we’ll discuss finding and establishing these important relationships, and how to cultivate them to maximize success and impact in your work.

Learning Objectives:


  • Identify goals for a mentor relationship and ways to find a mentor/mentee.
  • Learn ways to maintain relationships, especially with mentors/mentees not in the same geographic location.
  • Learn places to find a mentor.


20. CCF BIPOC Town Hall: Part 1 -- SELF

January 14, 5:00

Join us on Thursday, January 14 for cafe-style conversations with fundraisers of color across the country. We'll explore our relationship with philanthropy, share origin stories, and imagine a world where communities are centered.

This will be the first of a three-part monthly series by BIPOC fundraisers, for BIPOC fundraisers in the CCF movement.

January 14, 2020: Part 1 -- SELF
February 11, 2020: Part 2 -- COLLECTIVE
March 11, 2020: Part 3 -- MOVEMENT

This event series is EXCLUSIVELY for Black, Indigenous, and persons of color. Hosted by Community Centric Fundraising and featuring Vu Le and Michelle Muri.


21. Virtual: Exploring Trends in Southeastern U.S. Philanthropy

January 15, 11:00AM


In 2016, the Southeastern Council of Foundations (SECF) partnered with Candid to develop the Southern Trends Report, a dashboard on foundations and grantmaking in the Southeastern U.S., which encompasses Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Drawing on data from the Southern Trends Report and other sources, this session will explore both recent and long-term philanthropy patterns across the Southeast region.


We’ll discuss the following questions and more:

  • How have Southeast foundations grown in the past 5, 10, 25 and 50 years?
  • How does the growth of foundations in the Southeast compare with other regions?
  • What organizations and causes have received the most funding in recent years?
  • How is foundation grantmaking evolving to meet emerging needs?

22. Are We There Yet? The Journey To a Major Gift

January 19, 1:00PM

The clock is ticking! Gift officers and gift officer managers are challenged to use metrics (science) to drive results related to relationship building (art).  How many contacts does it take to secure a visit now? How might you improve? 

This session will provide data-driven insights to improve the time to a donors first major gift and help your organization achieve fundraising goals with efficiency!



23. Workplace Mindfulness, Wellness, and Productivity

January 19, 2:00PM


As our reliance on technology increases, so do our levels of stress and burnout. But it doesn’t have to be this way. While technology can disrupt our work and life, when used intentionally, it can also help us be healthier, more mindful, and more productive.

No matter your position at your organization or whether you work remotely, this fun session will highlight the latest apps that can help you be more mindful and create and sustain greater well-being in your life and work.

In this session, you'll get an overview of the latest apps for workplace mindfulness, wellness, and productivity. You'll also get to see a preview of the new Keela Mindfulness platform. Learn strategies for using apps to improve wellness and productivity for yourself and your team.

24. Multi-Channel Donor Communications: What You Can Learn from 119 Nonprofits

January 20, 11:00AM

Multi-channel communication is proven to increase donor value and revenue, but the challenge is knowing what channels to use, how to use them, and when to communicate. In this session, you’ll see how 119 nonprofits are using the phone, text, email, and mail to communicate to their new online and offline donors as well as some tips and ideas to optimize your communications as well.

25. Are You Getting the Most for Your Technology Dollar?

January 20, 1:00 PM

Do you know when and where to spend your organization’s limited technology budget, or how to get the best return?

Join the conversation as we share our research and results from our sector-wide survey—as well as the expertise and hard-earned lessons from nonprofits like yours—in an online forum designed to help you identify which decisions are most likely to pay off and which will lead to disappointment. We’ll walk through some of the most interesting findings from The State of Technology Decision-Making and ROI Among Nonprofits, and our panel of experts will show you…

  • How to measure the true return on a technology investment
  • What the most frequently overlooked hidden costs are
  • How to maximize value

We’ll also make time to answer questions from the audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to make the most of your 2021 budget priorities.


26. Top Fundraising Trends to Capitalize on in 2021

January 20, 2:00PM

Each year, Classy announces fundraising trends to look out for in the coming year, but unforeseen events and variables in 2020 made predicting this year’s trends, without a doubt, the most difficult yet. 

While the future remains uncertain, Classy is uncovering its predictions for 2021 (and very likely, beyond.) During this webinar, you’ll walk away with insight into key fundraising themes that have arisen and how you can capitalize on them in 2021.

27. Executive Director MasterClass

January 20, 2:00PM

Slay Your Doubts and Demons and Get the Mindset, Toolset, and Skillset to Thrive

Are you a new or aspiring nonprofit executive director?
Nonprofit leadership is deeply rewarding but also filled with complexity.
Don’t be afraid…this webinar will show you how to slay… your doubts and demons.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to handle:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • The Isolation that comes with the ED role
  • Avoiding rookie mistakes
  • And you’ll get free tools if you come live!

28. Writing Accurate and Useful Volunteer Position Descriptions

January 20, 2:00PM

A good position description can make the recruitment and placement of volunteers so much easier, but this foundation component of a program is often overlooked or put into a folder and never used. 

This webinar will start with the basics of what should be included in a position description and will help you create or update position descriptions for all of your volunteer opportunities. 

Once those position descriptions are created – use them! Learn how accurate and up-to-date position descriptions can help you recruit and train volunteers, and how they can help with retention and the development of leadership positions within your volunteer engagement program.

  • What should go into a good position description.
  • Why should you have a position description for all of your volunteer opportunities
  • How can a position description help you recruit and train volunteers?

29. Remaking the Economy: Health, Racial Disparities, and Economic Justice

January 21, 2:00PM

NPQ’s latest webinar in our Remaking the Economy series looks at healthcare, the largest single sector of the US economy. Famously, the US pays more for healthcare than any other nation, 17.7% of the economy in 2019, yet its quality falls far short of other nations. Increasingly, healthcare’s shortfalls are recognized. This year, the American Medical Association formally recognized racism as a public health threat. And age-adjusted COVID-19 mortality rates for Black, Latinx, and Native Americans are twice that of whites. How can healthcare be retooled to address these disparities and promote better health?

This webinar will explore:

  • What is the current status of the healthcare system in the US, and how does that differ according to race, class, and location?
  • What does good community-based health research look like? How does poorly conducted health research in the past continue to cause problems in the present?
  • This year the AMA and many US cities have declared that racism is a matter of public health. But what is required to convert words of concern into action?
  • Is COVID-19 teaching us new things about healthcare in the US, or is it mostly confirming what was already known? If it is teaching us new things, what are they?
  • What are the structural causes of healthcare injustice in the United States and what can be done to address them?
  • What principles guide the US healthcare system, as it currently operates? What should those principles be?
  • How do we get from “here” to “there”? In other words, what kind of transition policies are required?
  • What role can nonprofits and philanthropy play in supporting economic and racial justice in the healthcare sector?

Whether you’re a nonprofit leader, board member, or engaged in community-based organizing, this webinar will provide you with real-life examples and lessons learned that can inform your work in your own community.


30. Turn Your Website Into a Membership Growth Engine

January 21, 2:00PM

Is your membership website an engine that brings in new members while you sleep? If not, I’ll show you how anyone with no tech experience can use membership management software to turn their website into a new member recruiter — in just an afternoon.

In this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn:


  • 3 website changes that will start attracting new members right away
  • How to get anyone on your board to easily make updates by themselves (even if they don’t have any tech experience)
  • The top website features our most successful clients use to drive membership

31. Storytelling for Impact: Helping Donors Understand the Value of their Dollar

January 21, 2:00PM

If you want your donors to give more than once, you have to turn them into investors in—and not merely supporters of—your mission.

Donors want to feel the impact of their gift. They want to see the concrete outcomes of their dollars. And they crave evidence that your organization is using their gift to make the world a better, fairer, safer, happier place.

Storytelling compels your donors to stay engaged—and to donate again. But how do you tell a story that cuts through the noise? How do you transform data into real, specific, human stories?

In this lively, example-filled session, we’ll examine how best to find, tell, and share your organization’s stories. Showcase your impact in both humble and grand ways, with a special focus on online communication.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe why stories are so much more effective than other forms of marketing
  • Identify stories within your organization
  • Write stories that are actually consumed

32. Tiny But Mighty: Maximizing Efficiency On Smaller Event Production Teams

January 26, 11:00AM

With the pandemic shrinking event attendance, cutting back budgets, and reducing event team sizes, it's more important than ever to operate efficiently with the resources we DO have. We'll cover topics around the theme of internal communication, including team structure, task management, and run-of-show construction. This workshop is best for teams of 2-10 members that are looking to pivot faster and more effectively in a world of more virtual events.

33. Online Fundraising Compliance: How to Stay Compliant While Building Trust and Increasing Giving

January 26, 1:00PM

Your website and social media channels are remarkable tools that provide boundless opportunities to reach new donors to fuel your mission. But along with wider support, online fundraising brings increased fundraising registration and reporting requirements. It also brings greater scrutiny by prospective donors, grantmakers and sponsors. Today, potential mission partners have abundant giving opportunities, and trust matters.

Trust is key to success in online fundraising. Demonstrating commitment to compliance and responsible governance can help solidify your status as a well-run organization with a mission worthy of support. Learn about charitable solicitation registration and reporting, licensing for special fundraising activities, and the positive impact of compliance.

Join this webinar to learn best practices and insightful strategies to help you use compliance to drive digital fundraising success, including:


  • Which online fundraising activities trigger fundraising registration obligations and what ongoing reports are required
  • How to develop digital campaign messaging that builds public trust while meeting the various state fundraising disclosure requirements
  • What ongoing resources you’ll need in order to register, renew and report in multiple states

34. Social Media for All of Us: Creating Digital Content That's Inclusive and Accessible

January 27, 12:00PM

Have you ever wondered how your content is accessed by people who are blind or visually impaired? As web accessibility and creating inclusive communities becomes more prevalent, it’s vital to evaluate social media and digital content to ensure everyone can participate. People often do not know where to start in making posts accessible or how to access content using specific devices. In this session, we’ll give you the tools you need to take the first step. This will include demonstrations of some of the assistive technology including built-in voiceover, built-in magnification and JAWS so you can learn how to access online content. Whether you’re an alt text/assistive technology novice, or could write and read image descriptions in your sleep – this is for you!


35. How to Fix Your Productivity to Amp Up Your Results

January 27, 1:00PM

Join master trainer, Chad Barger, for a fast-paced session filled with tips (hacks) for busy professionals to get more done, by working smarter, not harder.  This presentation focuses not on what we do, but how we do it.  Tips are provided to help professionals better manage email, meetings, their energy level, distractions, self care, to do lists and work life balance (but we prefer the term work life harmony).  Attendees leave the session with practical tips that they can immediately implement to make their days more productive and therefore amp up their results.

36. Managing Cash Flow

January 27, 1:00PM

While standard nonprofit financial reports – the budget, income statement, and balance sheet – provide important management information, these statements alone do not tell whether there is enough cash on hand to pay for an unexpected expense, to take on a new opportunity, or even to cover payroll next month. This webinar will help you anticipate and prepare for the ebb and flow of cash coming in and going out of your organization and identify ways to avoid and manage cash flow challenges.



37. How to Fall in Love with Your Database

January 27, 1:00PM


Your database is always there looking for love and attention. Are you ignoring your donor data partner or showering them with love? The love you show your database will come back to you tenfold. From taking your database to the spa for a little clean up to finding out what really makes them tick, we will ignite the spark between you and your donor database. 

Fundraising love stories are endless! You will think cupid stopped by as we share the romance between fundraising professionals and the top three heart throbs in the non-profit sector! Storytelling, stewardship and surveys leave even the most seasoned fundraiser with a big crush. 

This session will energize you to turn 2021 into the year that you maximize the potential of your donor database, share inspiring stories, retain more donors with a solid stewardship plan and survey your donors to speak directly to their hearts.

38. Introducing the 2021 Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary & Benefits Report

January 28, 1:00PM

We’re pleased to be releasing a brand new, fully updated edition of our popular Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary & Benefits Report – the most comprehensive of its kind in the country! Set to be published in January 2021, the report will provide the latest data related to compensation and benefits packages in the Canadian nonprofit sector and will include information on the impact of COVID on nonprofit salaries.

This webinar will give you a basic introduction to the report, unveil the executive summary, and will provide tips and pointers on how to read the report and interpret the data.

39. Nonprofit Leadership Transitions

January 28, 1:00PM

Leadership transitions are an inevitable part of every nonprofit’s life cycle. While these transitions can be daunting and often carry an emotional weight, the leadership transition and development process can benefit both the people involved and the organization. Transitioning from one nonprofit leader to another is an opportunity for investing in your overall organizational strategy and growth. Leadership transition is a time-bound, four-phase transition from one leader to another. Join us to learn about preparing for an upcoming leadership change, setting yourself up for a successful search process, and onboarding your new leader for short-term and long-term success.

40. How Wild Apricot's Membership Management Software Can Save You 20 Hours a Week

January 28, 2:00PM

Are you the one who ends up staying late to get all the work done at your membership organization? Things like processing registrations, designing newsletters, and updating your website? In this webinar, we’ll show you how a typical membership manager uses Wild Apricot, the #1 rated membership management software, to automate 90% of these tasks to save 20 hours a week or more.

In this free 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Completely automate payments for dues and events
  • Connect your website with your database so member records update automatically
  • Set up automated welcome emails and reminders for overdue payments
  • Create online registration forms and go completely paperless
  • And more!

41. Introduction to Proposal Writing

January 28, 2:00PM

Are you new to proposal writing or want a quick refresher? If so, you don't want to miss one of our most popular classes!

This class will provide you with an overview of how to write a standard project proposal to a foundation. It will include:

  • The basic elements of a proposal
  • The "do's" and "don'ts" of writing and submitting a proposal
  • How to follow up whether the answer is yes or no
  • 30-minute hands-on exercise to develop a proposal outline (in-person classes only)

42. Boards and Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success

January 28, 3:00PM

Every board has a distinct personality made up of all the members' personalities. In today's times it's more important than ever for your board to be the strongest it can be, and understanding your board's individual and collective personalities is key to building that strength.

Join Brian Saber to learn how to use his iconic Asking Styles to improve your board's governance and ability to fundraise. Learn the personality of your board and how it is impacting board meetings (especially today's virtual ones), leadership, strategic planning and fundraising. Understanding your board members' Styles will make your board stronger in every way.

Brian will also share two simple exercises you can run with your board at its next meeting.

Learning Objectives:

  • Better understand your board's dynamics so you can improve how it functions and works as a team.
  • Understand how various leadership styles impact how your board is run.
  • Understand how the profile of your board impacts how it goes about strategic planning.


43. Transform Your Board In 90 Days with my 3-Part System

January 29, 1:00PM

Are you ready to build a nonprofit board that...

  • Raises money and pays your staff what they're worth?
  • Stays in their lane and doesn't micro-manage?
  • Runs awesome meetings that get results?

Take Your Board from Failing to First-Class in 90 Days With My 3-Part Framework. 

You will learn...

  • Why associations need strong boards and what your top 3 priorities should be to build a rockstar board.
  • The exact 3-part framework I use with my clients to transform boards into effective and efficient fundraisers and ambassadors
  • The myths and traps most nonprofit organizations still fall into (and how to avoid them)
  • How to recruit, retain, and remove board members

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    Thanks for your kind words! Glad you find it helpful. Keep an eye out for the next one in a month! ;)

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    Thanks for adding my WordPress security webinar to your list, much appreciated. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge with comms leaders.
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  • Greg Snow:
    Great List of varied and interesting webinars. Please try to make this monthly list available before the month starts. There were a few webinars at the beginning of the month I missed because I didn't know about them until after they ran.
  • Tatiana Morand

    Tatiana Morand:
    Hi Greg, thanks for your comment! We always send out the email with the list of webinars prior to the end of the month, so if you sign up for it you're guaranteed to see them in advance.
  • Tatiana Morand

    Tatiana Morand:
    Hi Rhonda! We're glad you find this list helpful. We publish it every month, so keep checking back to see if any of the webinars are happening again (they aren't all run by us, so it depends on the company administering them).
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    Hi, I was wondering how to get a webinar added to your site for the month of July Webinars. We are doing a Webinar - Q&A with Industry leaders. John Taylor from United Way Worldwide and Joan Hestneses from Institute on Aging. We will be discussing the current crisis, its impact on Non-Profits, and how to handle IT and technology concerns going forward. Learn tips to navigate through the fog of a crisis so you can focus on the community you serve.
    link - https://www.intivix.com/Non-Profit-Webinar
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    Tatiana Morand:
    Hey Shawne, thanks for reaching out! We'll get you added in.
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    This is a very useful list. Would it be possible to make a simple table or list with each month's webinars so we could print it on one or two pages for reference?
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    Hi Theresa, As it stands, that's not something we're planning on doing but we're so glad you find this post helpful!
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    Tatiana Morand:
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