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31 Free Nonprofit Webinars for May 2024

Author: WildApricot
April 30, 2024
🕑 10 min read

Every month, we compile the internet’s biggest list of free nonprofit webinars.

Organizations are always looking for innovative ways to adapt to the challenges of working remotely, all while trying to find volunteers and lead successful teams.

It’s more important than ever for us to come together and share our knowledge and resources.

The webinars below cover everything your nonprofit needs to know about fundraising, events and all the tips and tricks for using GoogleAds.

Topics include donor acquisition, fundraising, strategic planning, board building, sustainability and much more.

Now onto this month’s webinars. Please note, all times are indicated in ET (unless otherwise noted).

The Secret to Loyal Supporters: Email Welcome Journeys

May 1, 11:00 AM

If your first question is, “What’s an email welcome journey?” then you’re in the right place! An email welcome journey is a series of messages sent to a supporter immediately after they take an action with you. Research shows that the window of time immediately following one of these actions is the absolute best time to contact someone. This is your chance to draw people into your story, validate their decision to take action with you, and turn them into loyal ambassadors for your brand.

Click through to claim your 60-day trial of WildApricot to create effective QR codes that will speed up event check-in.

Executive Directors Chat: Embracing Diversity and Cultural Differences

May 1, 1:00 PM

Is your organization looking for ways to further embrace diversity and cultural differences? Join this free webinar as experts and executive directors get together to discuss how to foster diversity and inclusion in your nonprofit, promoting belonging and cultural competence for a more connected team.

Beyond Management: Coaching and Leading Your Team

May 2, 2:00 PM

You know the situation well. Your team is strapped thin, but the work isn’t slowing down. How do you keep your team motivated and in action without flipping them into a stage of burnout? This webinar is designed to equip leaders with the essential skills and mindset to foster a growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement culture. It goes beyond management how to’s and equips leaders to coach their teams to unlock their untapped potential, resulting in enhanced performance and job satisfaction.

Strategies for NonProfits in a Changing Fundraising Landscape

May 2, 3:30 PM

Looking for new strategies to fundraise? This webinar will talk about three key trends shaping philanthropy in 2024 including the rise of AI, the debate on donor-advised funds, and the shortage of talent in the nonprofit sector. Sign up to get informed about these trends, and how they are impacting your work, and share your own views.

Cultural Humility: People, Community, & Practice

May 6, 11:00 AM

Cultural humility is an evidence-based framework that prioritizes the co-creation of dynamic and generative relationships with people from different cultural experiences than your own. Through a participatory framed experience, participants will be able to heighten their efficacy in their work by understanding how their biases, perceptions, and worldview impact their service to the community.

Peer-to-Peer Donors: Planning for Increased Conversion

May 7, 2:00 PM

It’s true—retaining peer-to-peer donors can be challenging. They make one gift to their family member or friend, and they linger in your file for years without taking additional action. But it doesn’t need to be this way! Whether you’re orchestrating community fundraising walks or spearheading virtual peer-to-peer campaigns, this session is packed with insights and actionable strategies to help you cultivate these special supporters into a loyal donor base.

Leading and Advocating Pathway Part 3 – Understanding the Role of Ethics in Volunteer Engagement 

May 7, 2:00 PM

We’ve all been there – that feeling in the pit of your stomach when there just doesn’t seem to be a right answer. Join the last part of this free webinar series as it dives into the CCVA Core Values and Principles for Volunteer Administrators and explores whether you’re in an ethical dilemma or just a sticky situation. 

Sunny Strategies: Boosting Summer Fundraisers with Matching Gifts and More

May 8, 1:00 PM

As the days get longer and spirits lift, summer presents a unique opportunity for nonprofits to engage with donors in a relaxed, festive atmosphere. So, how can you best take advantage of the summer sun to grow your giving? Join for this exclusive event to learn some of our favorite tips for boosting your summer fundraising! In this insightful session, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to make the most of the summer fundraising season.

Double Your Grants: 7 Donor Engagement Secrets for Funding Success

May 8, 1:00 PM

What’s one audience nonprofits (unintentionally) neglect when nurturing funders? Their existing donors. It may seem obvious, but your donor base can get you one step closer to building stronger relationships and achieving success with your grant seeking. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get “in” with institutional funders and let existing donors be your bridge to securing new funding.

How to Defeat Fundraising’s Silent Enemy: Donor Attrition

May 8, 3:00 PM

Stop the revolving door! Keep supporters interested and engaged with your nonprofit, and turn one-time givers into repeat donors with tips and insight from one of our most popular webinars. While statistics show that 7 out of 10 donors give only once, this doesn’t have to be your reality. This webinar will help you see how a 10% increase in donor retention will more than double the lifetime value of a donor and minimize your reliance on one-time givers.

Leveraging AI for Career Advancement in Nonprofits

May 9, 1:00 PM

Join this free webinar to explore innovative ways to unlock the potential of AI in propelling your career within the nonprofit sector. Learn how to utilize AI to enhance your soft skills, demonstrate a passion for organizational causes, position yourself as a standout candidate for advancement, and craft compelling communications to generate fresh ideas.

Digital Marketers! How To Get Started With $10K/Month In Free Google Ads

May 9, 1:00 PM

Join this free educational webinar, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Google Ad Grant and how to get started. Learn how to build and launch your own successful digital marketing campaign and get ideas from case studies with proven results. Use the power of the Google Ad Grant to amplify your message and attract a broad audience!

Securing the Future: Activists and Decentralized Security Solutions

May 9, 1:00 PM

If your organization is looking for more ways to enhance security, look no further. This event is designed to empower activists with the knowledge of decentralized technologies that serve to bolster privacy and enhance security measures.

Grant Funding With a Lean Team

May 9, 2:00 PM

Join for an engaging session designed for small and mid-sized nonprofits. It will explore practical strategies and tips for maximizing your grant funding efforts with your organization’s existing resources. Whether you’re a solo grant writer or have a small staff or volunteer team, this webinar will provide valuable insights on securing funding efficiently and effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your grant funding skills to impact your organization!

Building Volunteer Relationships Pathway Part 3 – When Things Don’t Go as Planned

May 9, 2:00 PM

Unclear expectations, miscommunications, and inter-personal conflicts happen. What do we need to know and do when these situations arise when working with volunteers? Attendees will have the opportunity to explore how to create a culture of volunteer engagement and build collaboration on a foundation of policies that help volunteers, paid staff, and clients work together. This session will also discuss what to do when all of this doesn’t work and we need to have coaching conversations, reassign a volunteer, or ask a volunteer to leave.

Be a Silo-Buster: The Keys to Increasing Collaboration in Your Organization

May 14, 1:00 PM

Silos: the dreaded word that can be the biggest threat to your organization’s success. Silos often form naturally, but it’s up to leaders in the organization to break down barriers when needed and open pathways to collaboration, increased productivity, and ultimately, better organizational outcomes. Join fellow social impact leaders to hear about how to eliminate silos and increase cooperation between departments and across organizations.

Peer-to-Peer Donor Engagement: Building the Relationship

May 14, 2:00 PM

Do you have lots of new peer-to-peer donors who make one gift and never return? Join this enlightening webinar designed exclusively for nonprofit professionals who want to forge deeper connections with new peer-to-peer donors. It will lead you through the new donor conversion lifecycle and show you how to truly get to know your new supporters. Whether your new donor is also an active participant in your events or a distant supporter, this session will share tips to keeping them connected and invested in your cause.

Navigating Nonprofit Governance: Crafting Effective Board Agendas

May 15, 3:00 PM

Join this free webinar on Navigating Nonprofit Governance: Crafting Effective Board Agendas. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and tools to revolutionize your board meetings and drive your nonprofit towards its goals. Learn how to design an effective agenda, how to engage your board, how to use a consent agenda and more.

New Strategies and Approaches in Grant Writing

May 16, 1:00 PM

The funding landscape for nonprofit organizations is continuously evolving, as are approaches to grant writing and successfully securing funding from foundations, corporations and government. Is your organization keeping up? Join this free webinar to explore new strategies and approaches in grant writing. It will start by discussing the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and how this new technology can be used as a tool to support your grantseeking. 

Peer-to-Peer Donor Stewardship: Increasing Retention Rates

May 21, 2:00 PM

Your peer-to-peer fundraisers work hard to attract and convert new donors to your organization—but the rest is up to you. Your mission: create lasting relationships with these special supporters that aren’t familiar with your organization. If you’re looking for effective, proven techniques to engage and retain your new peer-to-peer donors, this webinar will help you create and execute a focused retention campaign!

Telling Your Story: Simple Steps to Build Your Nonprofit’s Brand

May 21, 1:00 PM

Having a recognizable brand is essential in helping your nonprofit succeed. Stand out from the crowd and be an organization everyone knows, either by voice or design. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to share your nonprofit’s story effectively and discover easy ways to create a recognizable brand and amplify your impact.

Social Media 102

May 21, 3:00 PM

So you’ve finally adopted social media as a legit way to connect with your target audiences, but now you want to use it to stand out from the crowd. In the  Social Media 101 webinar, it covered the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and walked through social media tools. Now it’s time to learn a few advanced social media tips and tricks, elevate your social media presence through micro strategies and activate your advocates.

Win Grants Together: A 5-Step Blueprint for Nonprofit Team Success

May 22, 1:00 PM

Let’s face it: securing funding for a nonprofit is a team sport. During this workshop, you’ll learn the blueprint for achieving grant success through the power of teamwork—enhancing collaboration, streamlining your grant process, and establishing effective grant team dynamics. Discover how to build a cohesive grant team and leverage individual strengths to foster a collaborative environment that drives success.

10-Step Budgeting Process

May 22, 1:00 PM

The success and usefulness of your budget largely depend on the process used to create it. You will walk away from this webinar with a proven 10-step budgeting process that will engage staff and the board to ensure that your budget reflects your organization’s mission, strategic plan, and programmatic priorities.

Optimizing your Digital Fundraising for the Future

May 23, 1:00 PM

Are you wondering how your charity can adapt to the changing landscape of digital fundraising? Join to learn data-driven insights on how you can optimize your digital fundraising strategies for the future of giving, to better engage a growing pool of Gen Z and Millennial donors. You will learn how to leverage digital tools to establish strong relationships, communicate your charity’s impact, and sustain and grow donations among these younger audiences.

Impact Storytelling Pathway Part 3 – For Supporters and the Community

May 23, 2:00 PM

When we tell the story of volunteer engagement and impact outside of our organization amazing things happen! We can educate our community about the services and programs we provide, we can reach prospective volunteers, donors, and advocates. And, we can raise the profile of our organization in the community possibly leading to more funding from foundations and corporations.  

Overcoming the Overhead Myth: Budgeting for an Effective Website, Marketing & Growth

May 28, 3:00 PM

When it comes to running your organization, most nonprofits feel pressured to do as much as possible with as little as possible. Donors still scrutinize nonprofits, wondering what percentage of their gift actually goes toward the “cause.” Today, it’s crucial to invest in your organization so you can continue to operate and support your mission.

Guest Webinar: Difficult Conversations – with Trina Walker

May 29, 10:00 AM

“I love confrontation,” said no one ever. Conflict exists even in the best of relationships. How might you approach a difficult conversation in a way that is both respectful and productive? How can you enter these conversations confidently, and use them to build up and strengthen your team, your community, your family – not tear them down? This session asserts that hard conversations are essential to growth – and provides you with tools to help you prepare for and engage in them.

How to Cultivate and Manage Donors Remotely

May 29, 11:00 AM

Major gift fundraising strategies changed dramatically after the pandemic. Instead of a 3-hour commitment, traveling to and from an in-person meeting over coffee; you can now qualify, cultivate, solicit, and steward your donors in a series of half-hour virtual meetings. In this workshop, you will get an insider’s perspective on how to turn a spreadsheet of prospects into real philanthropic revenue.

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