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Club Membership Cards: Your Key to Member Loyalty

Author: Sonia Urlando
March 17, 2023
🕑 9 min read

Club membership cards are a great way to boost member loyalty, create a feeling of exclusivity and make your community stronger. 

After all, who doesn’t have a membership card or two in their wallets or attached to their keychains (shout out to my gym membership card!)? With a club membership card in hand, your members can show off their passion for your cause and tap into special experiences. Talk about a great way to be magnetic to your community! 

Let’s dive into everything that you need to know about setting up your club membership cards and rewarding your community for their commitment to your organization. 

What is a club membership card? 

We’re so glad you asked! A club membership card is proof that someone belongs to an organization, club or society. These cards let members access your organization, demonstrate their tier level and get access to perks like exclusive offers. 

Not only do club membership cards make organizations easier to run with simple member data management, but they also enhance member experiences at every touchpoint. 

There are three types of membership cards: physical, digital and hybrid.

  • Physical cards: Often credit card-sized, physical cards are easy to carry around and act as a tangible representation of an organization that members are proud to belong to. 
  • Digital cards: These virtual cards can be conveniently stored on phones. Members can seamlessly upgrade or downgrade their membership without having to wait for a physical card replacement. Also, this environmentally friendly option is perfect for sustainable businesses while also letting you save on printing costs. 
  • Hybrid cards: Offering the best of both worlds, hybrid cards allow your members to pick the card that’s right for them every time. Whether a member wants to use their physical card one day or opt for the digital version the next, the choice is theirs. 
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5 benefits of having a club member card

Club membership cards aren’t just an easy way for people to access your organization, they are packed with plenty of perks that members will enjoy. 

1. Help your members feel like they belong

Reward your dedicated members with a tangible representation of their loyalty through membership cards. Cards offer a sense of community and help members connect with like-minded people. 

2. Encourage engagement and loyalty 

Every time a member sees their card they’ll be reminded of the organization that they belong to and of the cause that they care about. Also, by seeing their card, members can feel inspired to engage more with an organization, attend events and donate. 

3. Offer exclusive benefits and perks 

A major incentive for joining an organization is access to member-only benefits and perks. Reward your members with exclusive discounts, products or events that make their membership feel even more valuable. 

Through different membership tiers, you can incentivize members to increase their level and access more bonuses by reaching milestones. 

4. Boost your club’s brand recognition

Your club membership card doesn’t just benefit your members, it’s a prime advertising spot for your organization. With a memorable or unique design, your cards can capture people’s attention and pique their interest when a member pulls them out. 

5. Get a look into members’ activity 

Easily track member data every time they use their card. From facility usage to product purchases and member profile changes, you can monitor members and learn useful information. This data can help offer insights about how you can create even more value for your members. 

6 steps for making a club membership card 

Follow these 6 steps to create a club membership card that’s perfect for your organization’s brand and target audience: 

  1. Choose the card materials: Typically, membership cards are made of plastic with thickness ranging from 15 mil to 30 mil. However, if you want to create a truly VIP experience for your members, you can opt for metal cards that can be treasured for years. 
  2. Decide on the card features: When designing your card, you’ll need to choose:
    1. The artwork
    2. If one or both sides will be colored
    3. If the finish will be gloss or matte
    4. If there will be member identifying features like a member id, barcode or magnetic stripe
    5. If there will be a signature panel 
  3. Set up the backend: To manage member activities with their cards, you’ll have to set up a backend system. For example, if you want members to swipe their club membership cards for entry into a gym, you will need to have a system in place that manages this service. 
  4. Print the card: There are countless printing companies you can find to make your cards. Be sure to research printing companies thoroughly, compare price points, read reviews and ask for samples before making a purchase. 
  5. Distribute the cards: Decide how members will get their cards. Depending on your organization, you can either give members their cards in person or send them through the mail. Keep in mind that if you opt to mail members their cards, you’ll have to foot the mailing costs. 
  6. Manage the cards: Before you get cards in members’ hands, make sure that you’re able to manage the cards and their respective accounts. This goes together with having a backend system set up. You’ll need to be able to update cards and member information while keeping all of this data secure. Look for a system that comes with a membership card template that lets you easily create and edit the cards. 

What should you include on your membership card?

The next step in creating your club membership card is ironing out the details you want it to include. 

  1. Club name and logo: Your members likely have other membership cards in their wallet, so ensure that your organization’s name and logo are easily legible. 
  2. Member’s name: Make every card feel unique by printing members’ names and ID numbers on them. 
  3. Membership tier: If your organization offers tiers, print them on the cards. This way, members can celebrate their status and your staff can quickly see what services they are entitled to. 
  4. Membership expiration date: If memberships expire, be sure to print that date on the cards for members and staff to reference. 
  5. Exclusive benefits or discounts: For memberships that offer perks, detail the bonuses that members can receive.
  6. Contact information: Make your organization’s contact information, like its address and phone number, easy to find by printing it on the club membership card.
  7. QR code, barcode or magnetic stripe: Let members easily enter your organization with a convenient scan or swipe of their card. 

Best practices when creating your club membership card

Before printing membership cards, keep these best practices in mind. 

  1. Make your card consistent with your brand: Think of your club membership card as an extension of your brand. You’ll want it to feel harmonious with the rest of your organization’s branding. Select the same color palettes, fonts and imagery used throughout your organization when designing the cards. If you have a design team, be sure that you consult them about the card’s final design. 
  2. Personalize cards for members: Your members will appreciate their cards even more when they’re personalized for them. Whether it’s the member’s name, ID, tier level, local organization’s address and phone number or benefits, you have several ways to make every card feel unique. 
  3. Make it easy for members to access and use their cards: By creating cards with a QR code, barcode or magnetic stripe, members can conveniently access your organization. Also, this feature lets your staff easily and safely make sure that only members can enter and use your services. 
  4. Ensure card security and privacy: With a secure backend system in place, you can keep members’ details safe and update their information when needed. 

Creative ways to use club membership cards

Club membership cards can be so much more than just an easy way for your members to show that they belong to your organization. Cards can create buzz for your organization, encourage people to sign up and inspire existing members to keep coming back. 

Create tiered membership cards

Many organizations already have different membership levels, such as a free or low-cost tier up to more expensive tiers packed with perks. To illustrate different membership levels, your cards can feature colors, badges, titles and a list of benefits that showcase to members and staff what services they can receive. This can inspire members to reach higher tiers, feel proud about their status and show their commitment to your cause. 

Release special edition cards

Even if your organization doesn’t offer different membership tiers, you can still create exclusive or limited-edition versions of your club membership cards. For example, in 2017, the Brooklyn Public Library printed a limited run of library cards with art from the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. These special cards can motivate new members to join or current members to update their cards. 

Top 4 places to make member cards for your club

So you’re ready to print your cards, now what? A quick online search will give you an endless amount of printing companies to choose from. To help you find the right company for your needs, we rounded up the top 4 places to print your club membership cards. 


Save on membership printing costs when you use WildApricot. Our software lets your members view, download and print their cards directly from their member profiles. You can also access your members’ accounts and print their cards for them. 

Making club membership cards with WildApricot is simple with our pre-built templates. Just enter text, add images and use macro commands to automatically pull in a member’s information like their name, tier level and picture. 

Sign up for a 60-day free trial today that gives you a full preview of WildApricot’s services. Your membership plan also comes with helpful features for building a membership database, mobile apps for your members and admins to access accounts and more tools to nurture your community. 


Let your members print their membership cards and manage their accounts with MemberClicks. To let members print their cards, you’ll need to add in a bit of coding and use this HTML. When that’s good to go, your members can print their cards from their Members Only area. 

Pricing for this cloud-based membership software starts at $4,000 annually. Depending on your organization type, you can sign up for MC Professional or MC Trade. MemberClicks helps organize member information and automate tasks. To create comprehensive member experiences, you can integrate this software with Personify’s other products.


ClubExpress also lets your members view and print their club membership cards. To use this feature, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $400 (or $600 if you want cards to include member photos). You can create cards with member information, organization contact details and more. 

To get started with ClubExpress you can sign-up for their 60-day free trial with unlimited technical support or pay for their basic plan starting at $150 a month. This membership includes features that let you create a member database, communicate with members and support your organization. 


Raklet encourages organizations to go digital with their virtual membership cards. Through their platform, you can create customized membership cards. Members can store their cards in digital wallets for quick access. 

You can get a free Raklet membership for up to 50 contacts while paid memberships start at $49 a month. All memberships let you access membership databases, send emails and accept payments. 

Uplift your organization and community with club membership cards 

A well-crafted club membership card can offer a unique experience exclusive to your organization while strengthening community bonds. Get your community excited with cards that illustrate their commitment to your organization, inspire them to stay involved and connect with other members. 

With simpler membership management, happier members and extra visibility for your organization, club membership card benefits can help bring your organization to the next level. 

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