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How to Use the #1 Ranked Member Check In Software (With Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Author: Tatiana Morand
June 14, 2019
🕑 4 min read

If you’ve ever hosted an event, operated a club, or managed a gym, you already know checking in your members is crucial.

This easy-to-implement process helps you keep track of attendees, create records, and adds a level of professionalism for your members.

Of course you can go with the simple spreadsheet option, but if you’ve ever done so in the past, you’ll know exactly how time consuming the process of manually checking in guests is, let alone the time needed to properly record that data in a secure database.

Instead, picture a simple list of names on a smart device. All you need to do is tap a checkmark, or scan a QR code, and BOOM!

You’ve just checked in a member, and all their information is at your fingertips if verification is needed. That’s your new reality when using member check-in software like WildApricot.

WildApricot is the #1 ranked membership management software, which makes it easy to keep tabs on your donors, members, create a website, upload resources, and restrict access based on membership level (such as free, paid, or group).

In this post, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to check in and track your members using WildApricot.

How to Set Up Member Check In Using WildApricot

Step 1. Register for a Free, 60-Day Trial

member check in software

Step 2. Enter Your Information

To access your free trial, simply enter your info and click “Activate your WildApricot Trial”

member check in software

Step 3. Take a Tour (Or Skip It)

Once your account is activated, you’ll be asked if you’d like help setting up your trial. If you choose yes, then you’ll be taken through an easy setup guide that will help you hit the ground running. If you choose to skip the guide, you’ll be taken straight into the back end of your new WildApricot website.

member check in software

From this point, you’ll need to import your existing members, create an event and sign up attendees. For help with either of these steps, please click the appropriate links above.

Once you’ve imported all your members, created your first event, and have signed up attendees, you have two options of checking in your members: on your browser/computer or mobile device.

How to Check In Members Using Your Browser

1. Navigate to “Event List”

When hovering your mouse over the “Events” tab, you’ll see a drop-down menu with the selection “Event List”. Once clicked, you’ll see a button to create a new event, and a list of all your planned events.

member check in software

2. Click on the Title of the Event You Want to Check In Guests

member check in software

3. Click on the “Registrants & Invitees” Tab

member check in software

4. Check In Guests

From this page, you can view the information of all your registered members, and check them in. To mark someone as checked in, click the grey circle next to their name which will turn green.

 member check in software

You can undo this by clicking the same (now green) circle.

Keep in mind only full administrators and event managers can check in attendees. For information on administrator types, see site administrators.

How to Check In Members Using The WildApricot App

Want to use a member check in app rather than a desktop platform? The WildApricot Admin app is available on iOS and Android. If you want to check in your members on the go, here’s how to do it!

1. Open The WildApricot Admin App

After you’ve downloaded the application, open it up and right away you’ll be asked to log in. Use your WildApricot credentials to do so, and you should see this page pop up. When it does, tap the “Events” icon on the bottom of your device.

 member check in software

2. Tap the “All Events” Floating Icon

In the centre of your device, you’ll notice a floating icon named “All Events”. Click this button.

 member check in software

3. Click on Your Event

You’ll now see a list of your existing events. Tap on the one you’d like to check people into.

member check in software

4. Click on “Registrants”

Here you can view all your event details. To start signing in attendees, tap the “Registrants” tab at the top of your device.

 member check in software

5. Check In Guests

What you’ll see is a list of all attendees for this specific event. To check someone in, just tap on the white circle next to their name, which will then turn orange.

 member check in software

You can undo this by tapping the same (now orange) circle.

You can also choose to check in attendees using QR codes: all your registrants will be sent a unique QR code in their registration confirmation email. Once you’ve opened the event in the app, click Check in with QR code, then automatically check in attendees by holding your device up to their QR codes. You can find detailed instructions here.

Keep in mind only full administrators and event managers can check in attendees. For information on administrator types, see site administrators.

There you have it! You can now keep track of who attends your events without the inevitable complications of a manual check in process, and create better, more accurate data about your attendees.

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