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The 21 Best Fundraising Software Options to Power Your Nonprofit

Author: WildApricot
January 31, 2022
🕑 17 min read

At WildApricot, we’ve worked with thousands of fundraising professionals over the years. Although they have different tips and tricks for success, there’s one thing they all have in common: they’ve added nonprofit fundraising software to their arsenal.

That’s because fundraising software simplifies everyday tasks like keeping track of your donors, accepting donations online, and building social campaigns. However, there are hundreds of nonprofit software solutions out there — all with a unique specialty — which makes it difficult to narrow down your options and pick the best ones for your cause.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, the stress ends here. We’ve pulled together the top fundraising software for nonprofits to make it a little bit easier.

From extensive donor management CRMs to simpler platforms focused on one aspect of fundraising, there’s something here to suit any nonprofit’s needs.

If you don’t have time to look through the whole list right now, check out the list on the side to skip to the one you’re most interested in. It’s sorted alphabetically, and each section highlights the tool’s functionality as well as its pricing so you can decide which one is best for you.

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Fundraising Software Basics

Before diving straight into our top picks, we thought it’d be good to take a moment to review the fundamentals of fundraising software. That way, you can go into the buying process with confidence that you know what you’re looking for.

What is Fundraising Software?

Fundraising software refers to the tools nonprofit organizations use to manage various aspects of the fundraising process, including processing donations and building relationships with supporters.

Platforms that can be classified as fundraising software have features that can help nonprofits with tasks like:

  • Collecting donations
  • Reaching new supporters
  • Stewarding relationships with existing donors
  • Hosting fundraising events
  • Collecting information and more

There are several types of fundraising software, intended to help organizations in different areas of fundraising. For example, if you have a lot of records to keep straight, donor management software might work better for you. However, if you’re just looking to build fundraising campaigns online, a generic fundraising platform will serve your purpose just as well.

1. Bloomerang
Best for Donor Retention

bloomerang fundraising software


Bloomerang markets itself as donor management software, empowering you to keep a database of all of your donors and track their activity with your nonprofit. This fundraising software also features timelines and reports that help you keep track of everything your donors are doing.

Since Bloomerang’s primary focus is donor management and retention, you can easily create reports that show you exactly when donors last donated, how engaged they are, and even what they’re doing on your website.

Beyond donor retention tools, Bloomerang lets you gain access to fundraising features like event registration forms and online giving forms that you can embed into your website. Their intuitive, user-friendly software also includes features like email marketing and social listening, making it an all-in-one solution for any organization looking to grow its database.
Reduce donor attrition with nonprofit fundraising software like Bloomerang.

Bloomerang’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Their pricing is broken into tiers depending on how many donor records you have. The lowest tier starts at $99 per month for up to 1,000 records, going all the way to $499 per month for up to 40,000 records.

You can watch a recorded demo on their site or request a live demo to learn more about Bloomerang’s fundraising software.

2. Bonfire
Best for Custom Apparel



Bonfire is the industry leader in custom t-shirt fundraising. Their fundraising platform enables your nonprofit to create premium custom apparel with a design that exemplifies and promotes your cause.

You can upload your own custom design or use one of their free t-shirt templates that you can customize to your liking in their design tool. Then, you can launch your campaign to start raising money for your cause. Supporters can even launch their own Giving Campaigns on your behalf, so they can encourage their friends and family to support your cause, too.

Verify your nonprofit on Bonfire, and you’ll gain access to a suite of tools and features designed specifically for nonprofits, some of which include:

  • Access to their Classy and Neon One integrations
  • Receive direct payouts from t-shirt fundraisers launched on your behalf.
  • Customizable organization profile pages to tell your story and highlight active campaigns
  • Create peer-to-peer t-shirt fundraisers for events and special occasions
  • Downloadable supporter lists with the contact information of all your campaign supporters
  • Reduced donation fees from 8% to 3.5%

bonfire fundraising software

Bonfire’s Fundraising Platform Pricing

Bonfire is free for anyone to use, and you keep 100% of the profits you earn from your campaigns. The only fee that Bonfire will collect is an 8% processing fee for additional donations, which is reduced to 3.5% for verified nonprofits.

3. Causeview
Best for Salesforce

causeview fundraising software


Causeview is a fundraising app built on Salesforce’s platform. It gives you access to features such as fundraising, events, volunteer management, and payment processing tools. Available on the Salesforce NPSP platform, Causeview enables organizations to manage the entire gift journey with their app.

If you’re already using Salesforce, the Causeview team will install the app on your instance of Salesforce. Adding Causeview’s fundraising software will not only help you track, manage, and grow your supporter relationships. You can also create custom online donation and event registration pages, and easily check your campaign performances through real-time reports and dashboards.
causeview fundraising software

Causeview’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Causeview has three different pricing plans: fundraising for nonprofits, advancement for higher education, and gift processing. Speak to their sales team for a custom quote.

4. Classy
Best for International Fundraising

classy fundraising software


Classy’s suite of fundraising products allows you to build event pages, create a donation website, and report on your campaigns. They also feature crowdfunding and peer-to-peer functionality to help you connect with wider audiences.

Not to mention, they enable nonprofits to collect donations through more than 130 currencies. Use Classy Passport to eliminate geographical barriers and grow your movements. It’s automatically enabled for all crowdfunding campaigns, peer-to-peer campaigns, and donation pages, so you can easily unlock new supporters around the globe.

Classy has a sleek, modern interface and is easy to set up. It also has more of a crowdfunding focus than other platforms, so if you want your supporters to set up fundraisers on your behalf, it could be a good choice — especially given its ease of use.
classy fundraising software

Classy’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Request a demo to get pricing information and learn more about Classy’s nonprofit fundraising software.

5. ClearView
Best for Mobile Donor Management

clearview fundraising software


ClearView is a robust CRM solution that specializes in donor management. Their flexible fundraising software features a variety of tools to help with moves management, reporting and business intelligence, donor journey management, and even data validation — meaning it’s easy to clean up your database so that you have the right information for all of your donors.

ClearView is one of the more versatile tools on this list. Its multichannel fundraising capability means you can incorporate online forms, text-to-give, peer-to-peer campaigns, event registrations, and even direct mail into your toolkit. It can also help you manage volunteers and members, making it a great choice for an all-in-one CRM.

ClearView also puts a heavy emphasis on mobile usage. Streamline on-the-go fundraising by managing your fundraising from anywhere with mobile-friendly design and a suite of mobile apps.
clearview fundraising software

ClearView’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Subscription pricing for this fundraising software starts at $8,000 per year. Reach out to ClearView for a custom quote based on your organization’s needs.
fundraising ideas banner ad

6. DoJiggy
Best for Events



DoJiggy provides a complete line of fundraising software for the most popular types of nonprofit fundraising campaigns, from peer-to-peer fundraising events to walkathons, golf tournaments, charity galas, and more. Their event tools empower nonprofits to build positive brand recognition and offer an unforgettable experience to attendees — whether virtual or in-person.

Each of the fundraising software packages includes:

  • Mobile-responsive event website templates that include fundraising thermometers and social media integration
  • Functionality for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events (such as live streaming and custom sponsorship packages)
  • Secure donation processing and text-to-give tools to drive donations throughout your event

The DoJiggy fundraising platform offers functionality geared specifically to each type of fundraising event. For instance, the peer-to-peer crowdfunding package has personal fundraising pages for individuals and teams, as well as fundraising thermometers and leaderboards. Schools like the per-unit-of-effort pledge feature, allowing for pledges by mile, kilometer, or lap.

DoJiggy fundraising software

DoJiggy’s Fundraising Software Pricing

DoJiggy offers a range of packages for different types of fundraising initiatives, so you can choose the exact software you need. Organizations can either select to pay a percentage of credit card sales or enable donors to cover the platform fees via optional tips. Check out their fundraising software pricing page for a complete rundown.

7. Donately
Best for Online Fundraising

donately fundraising software


Designed specifically for digital fundraising, Donately is a user-friendly donation platform that empowers you to connect with donors online. Provide a seamless donor experience and earn more revenue online with:

  • Customized donation forms that embed into your website and are mobile responsive
  • Recurring donation options to inspire long-lasting support
  • Donor reporting and donation insights to determine your most active donors, popular donation amounts, and more

Donately bills itself as the “simplest donation platform out there,” making it a solid choice if your nonprofit wants to get started quickly and easily. It also integrates with a lot of other fundraising software, meaning if you already have them in place, you don’t have to worry about duplicating your systems.
donately fundraising software

Donately’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Donately offers 3 pricing tiers based on the amount you raise online:

  • The Startup plan is $0 per month with a 4% platform fee, great for small organizations.
  • The Team plan is recommended for organizations that raise more than $100,000 a year online and is $69 per month with a 2% platform fee.
  • The Enterprise plan is for organizations that raise more than $1 million a year.

For a custom quote, reach out to Donately.

They don’t offer a trial or a demo, but since they don’t have contracts, you can sign up and start using their fundraising software for free until you make a fundraiser.

8. DonorPerfect
Best for DonorTracking

donorperfect fundraising software


DonorPerfect is a donor management CRM platform that can give you a comprehensive view of your members and donors. It also includes various features such as online fundraising, donor engagement and retention tools, fundraising events, and much more.

Given its main CRM functionality, DonorPerfect is a suitable option if you’re looking for extensive reporting and donor tracking to help optimize your fundraising efforts. Gain insight into your supporter base with more than 70 nonprofit industry reports, intuitive dashboards, and unlimited custom reporting. They also have a variety of specialized add-ons, like crowdfunding capabilities, so you’re only paying for the functionality you need.
DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

DonorPerfect’s Fundraising Software Pricing

DonorPerfect has a tiered pricing scheme ranging from Lite at $99 per month, which includes up to 1,000 donor records, all the way to Enterprise, which includes up to 75,000 records for $799 per month.

9. Double the Donation
Best for Matching Gifts

doublethedonation fundraising software


Double the Donation allows nonprofits to tap into the world of corporate philanthropy with its robust matching gift software. Matching gifts are a program where companies offer to match their employees’ generous donations to eligible nonprofits in hopes that it will deepen employee engagement and make a positive impact on society.

Trusted by more than 8,500 organizations, Double the Donation is the industry-leading matching gift automation software. This fundraising software enables you to:

  • Identify matching gift opportunities by leveraging a database of more than 24,000 company records and nearly 27 million employee records
  • Deliver matching gift forms directly to donors
  • Drive matches to completion with customized automated reminder emails
  • Keep donor data safe with industry-leading security features like two-factor authentication, data encryption, and more

double the donation fundraising software

Double the Donation’s Fundraising Software Pricing

This nonprofit software starts at $799 per year for smaller nonprofits. Organizations that raise more than $10,000 in matching gifts should upgrade to the standard plan, which starts at $1,200 per year. For large and multi-chapter organizations, request a custom quote.

10. ExceedFurther by Arreva
Best for Automating Data

exceed further fundraising software


No one likes manual data entry. That’s why Arreva has connected all your information within their all-in-one donor management platform: ExceedFurther. You can use it for anything from peer-to-peer fundraising and microgiving to donor relationship management. Which means that you’ll never have to go back to the days of endless data entry again!

Other features include the ability to:

  • Send outreach tailored to supporters
  • Manage your fundraising website
  • Launch online donation pages
  • Host and collect registrations for engaging events

exceed further fundraising software

ExceedFurther’s Fundraising Software Pricing

ExceedFurther offers different pricing packages, starting at $189 per month for up to 1,000 records. You can also request a free demo to learn more.

11. Giveffect
Best for Medium to Large Nonprofits

giveeffect fundraising software


Giveffect is designed for medium to large nonprofits looking to streamline their online fundraising systems. It’s an all-in-one platform through which you can launch peer-to-peer fundraising, auctions, ticketed event campaigns and instant donation reconciliation. It also includes features for prospect research, so you can improve your targeting.
giveffect fundraising software

Why You Might Want to Pick This Option:

Giveffect includes web hosting and website building, giving you the means to make a website as well as create fundraising campaigns. They also include marketing and administrative management features, such as task management, supporter profiles, and more. That makes choosing their platform a good decision if you’re hoping to consolidate all of your nonprofit’s tasks into one software system — or if you’re just getting started, and want to build everything in one place.

  • Pricing: Get in touch with Giveffect for more information.
  • Trial and Demo: They have a free 14-day trial as well as a demo available on their site.

 Fundraising event checklist download 

12. GivingFuel
Best for Customizable Giving

giving fuel fundraising software platform nonprofit


GivingFuel is a highly customizable nonprofit fundraising platform that comes packed with features to accelerate your fundraising. It provides support for recurring donations, text-to-give, peer-to-peer fundraising, social sharing, app giving, mobile compatibility, and more. You can also completely customize your branding and webpage design.

Not to mention, it integrates with 4,000+ other great nonprofit fundraising software, like Double the Donation and Bloomerang, to expand the platform’s functionality even further.


Fundraising Software Pricing

Their Starter package is free. They just charge a 4.99% credit card fee per donation, making GivingFuel a solid choice for nonprofits looking to dip their toes into the world of fundraising software without committing to a contract. Even if you decide to upgrade, their other pricing tiers are also more affordable than many other platforms. Plus, you can get 3 months free of their Pro and Enterprise plans to see if their fundraising software is right for you.

13. GoFundMe
Best for Crowdfunding

GoFundMe fundraising software


GoFundMe is a major player in the fundraising space, and they now have a solution designed to meet the needs of nonprofits. As the world’s largest social fundraising platform, GoFundMe has a global community of 100+ million, so you can reach more donors than ever.

The brand recognition of GoFundMe could come in handy when using this fundraising platform since your supporters might already have donated to other causes using their site. Plus, it’s easy to use for both you and your supporters — meaning they’ll be more likely to donate.

On top of that, GoFundMe has plenty of onsite support resources, like their blog, fundraising guides, and webinars. When you confirm your connection to your charity, you also gain access to donor and fundraiser reports to tap into those who support your organization on the fundraising platform.

GoFundMe fundraising software

GoFundMe’s Fundraising Software Pricing

This fundraising software charges a 0% platform fee and a transaction fee of 2.2% +$0.30 per donation. Your organization receives the amount donated plus those fees.

14. iWave
Best Fundraising Software for Data Integration

iWave fundraising software


iWave differs from other nonprofit fundraising software tools on this list in that it’s not aimed at building online fundraisers, but rather at performing donor research. It empowers your organization to access billions of wealth and philanthropic records, customizable profiles, and donor management system integrations. It’s designed to help you get more information about potential donors and determine if they’re the right fit for your organization.

iWave focuses primarily on data collection, meaning it’s useful if you want to conduct a lot of donor research to identify potential new contributors. It can also be used in conjunction with other, campaign-focused fundraising software, allowing you to boost their effectiveness by learning more about your prospects beforehand.

iWave fundraising software

iWave’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Pricing for this fundraising software isn’t available online. Instead, request a demo to get a personalized look at the solution and pricing information.

15. Mightycause
Best For an Easy-to-Use Experience

mightycause fundraising software


Mightycause is built for small to medium-sized nonprofits. Designed with the user experience in mind, it can help your organization engage donors and further your mission with easy-to-use features like:

  • Online fundraising, including peer-to-peer and team fundraising tools
  • Volunteer management
  • Detailed fundraising analytics to optimize the giving experience
  • Branded donation receipts and widgets

Mightycause bills itself as a simpler, less overwhelming alternative to other donor management and fundraising software. So, if you want an easier platform to use than some of the others listed, it might be right for you.

Plus, it makes it easy for supporters and teams to create their own fundraising pages connected to your event. Like many crowdfunding platforms, Mightycause’s fundraising pages show a leaderboard and an activity feed of your donors’ activities. This means it’s a suitable option if you’re planning on hosting events that involve peer-to-peer support.
mightycause fundraising software

Mightycause’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Mightycause starts at $59 per month for their Essentials plan. Upgrade to the Advanced plan for $99 per month and even more functionality.

Free Member Application Forms

16. MobileCause
Best for All Sizes

fundraising software MobileCause


MobileCause provides comprehensive fundraising software for nonprofits of all sizes. The platform comes equipped with everything from online donation pages to event registration and peer-to-peer campaigns. You receive all the fundraising tools you need in one easy-to-use solution, such as:

  • Online donation management, including branded forms, recurring donations, social fundraising, and text-to-donate
  • End-to-end event software that offers registration, guest check-in, and live thermometers
  • Donor-facing outreach such as automatic fulfillment reminders and thank you emails with tax receipts
  • Volunteer management capabilities
  • Robust analytics to understand campaign effectiveness and donor behavior to increase engagement
  • Communication tools like texting capabilities to create lasting donor relationships

MobileCause is a great solution if you are looking for all-in-one fundraising software with versatile communication tools and strong customer support. Their customer support team is available at extended hours to assist with their fundraising software whenever you need it.

fundraising software mobile cause

MobileCause’s Fundraising Software Pricing

This fundraising software has different packages available depending upon the features and functionality you need. Plans start at $149 per month. Processing fees start as low as 2.5%, and there are never any transaction fees. So if you’re looking to keep more of your donation dollars, this could be the solution for you.

17. OneCause
Best for Online and Hybrid Events



Originally created for nonprofits to plan and manage charity auction events, OneCause has since expanded to provide a more holistic software for organizations to manage a variety of fundraising events and online campaigns.

Trusted by more than 6,000 nonprofits, OneCause provides powerful event and online fundraising software solutions to streamline a range of events, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, and online and mobile donations. They are a great one-stop resource for planning, executing, and tracking the progress of both physical and online fundraising efforts.

OneCause is an effective option for any nonprofit embarking on a major fundraising campaign, particularly online and hybrid events. Between ticketing, advanced social media functionality, and best-in-class auction software, this intuitive fundraising software helps streamline events. Not to mention, it integrates with many existing donor CRM databases and gives you access to the professional expertise of the OneCause support team.

onecause fundraising software 

OneCause’s Fundraising Software Pricing

OneCause offers a variety of flexible plans to meet your organization’s needs. No matter what type of solution you need, you’ll need to request a consultation for custom pricing.

18. Panorama by Fronstream
Best for Branded Donation Pages

frontstream fundraising software


Panorama, built by Frontstream, is a one-stop fundraising software platform that provides you with tools to raise more money and build stronger donor relationships. Create custom donation forms that exemplify your mission to rally supporters around specific projects and campaigns.

Their platform also gives you access to data regarding all fundraising activity in order to better manage your organization’s mission and raise more for your cause. Panorama doesn’t forget about fundraising events either! It contains event and auction features so you can more easily manage them before and during the big day.

Panorama also has some volunteer management features, such as direct communication through their platform, to help you plan and host fundraising events without a hitch.

fundraising software panorama

Panorama’s Fundraising Software Pricing

Panorama’s pricing isn’t on a tiered system by number of supporters like others on this list, meaning you can increase your number of records without having to pay more. Instead, choose from two plans based on the features you need. You’ll need to reach out for a quote.

19. Qgiv
Best for Gamification

qgiv fundraising software


Qgiv provides all-in-one fundraising software that helps your organization simplify and streamline its fundraising operations. You can see statements, reports, and analytics from their main control panel, and take donations online or from any device that you use daily. Their social fundraising capabilities can also help you easily share and promote your event.

Qgiv’s main differentiator is its gamification tools. With leaderboards, badges, and fundraising thermometers, it makes it fun for your donors to give back to a cause they care about. These tools are also highly customizable, meaning you can easily match them to the branding and feel of your organization.
fundraising software Qgiv

Qgiv’s Fundraising Software Pricing

This nonprofit fundraising software has different pricing tiers based on the functionality you need. The lowest price package is $0 per month with a 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction fee. For unlimited access to their fundraising platform, you’ll need the highest-priced package, which is $399 per month with a 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction payment processing fee among other fees.

20. Raiser’s Edge NXT
Best Cloud-Based Fundraising

blackbaud fundraising software


Created by Blackbaud, Raiser’s Edge NXT is a complete fundraising and supporter management solution that will enable your organization to operate more efficiently and increase awareness of its mission. Some of its features include reporting, batch gift entry, and donor management.

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT is the first truly comprehensive cloud-based donor management and fundraising software platform built specifically for the nonprofit community. With access anytime, anywhere, and on any device, this fundraising software empowers you to:

  • Find untapped potential in your existing donor database with cultivation tools
  • Deliver timely messages using integrated multichannel techniques
  • Understand what motivates your donors with clear reporting on campaign performance
  • Spend more time on your mission and save money by consolidating processes, communications, and data into one system

If you’re interested in Blackbaud’s fundraising software but are worried your nonprofit isn’t large enough to take advantage of its features, they also own eTapestry, a donor management software that’s made for smaller nonprofits.

fundraising software raiser's edge

Fundraising Software Pricing

Pricing information for Raiser’s Edge NXT isn’t available online. Instead, you’ll need to request pricing from their fundraising software team.

21. SalsaEngage
Best for Marketing and Fundraising

salsa fundraising software


SalsaEngage offers a complete fundraising software solution for nonprofits looking to centralize their online fundraising and marketing efforts. Trusted by more than 10,000 nonprofit users, their powerful fundraising software includes:

  • Advanced donor management with custom reports
  • Online fundraising, including peer-to-peer fundraising and custom donation forms
  • Advocacy campaign tools, helping you send targeted messages and online petition builders
  • Digital marketing tools, including email marketing, social media management, and Facebook Ads integration

They also integrate with Double the Donation, so you can add their gift-matching widget to your fundraising pages. Not to mention, if you’re looking to do more than just fundraising, they have a CRM system for donor management: SalsaCRM. So, if you wanted to expand to a more robust solution in the future, it would be easy to integrate the two platforms.

fundraising software salsaengage

Wrapping Up

And that’s it! We hope you found this comprehensive list of fundraising software helpful. If you’ve used any of these, feel free to comment below so that other readers can get an idea of which one will best suit them.

Remember, the right fundraising software can empower you to take your cause to new heights. Spend time selecting the solutions that offer the features you need without breaking the bank.

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