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No Setup Charges or Hidden Fees

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We have a staff of 100 that is dedicated to software design, development, maintenance, testing and support.
Our total monthly R&D investment is over $250,000
Contacts: 50
Admins: 1
Contacts: 250
Admins: 5
Contacts: 500
Admins: 10
Contacts: 2K
Admins: 25
Contacts: 5K
Admins: ∞
Contacts: 15K
Admins: ∞
Free Group* Community Professional Network Enterprise
Contacts 50 250 500 2000 5000 15000
Admins 1 5 10 25 Unlimited Unlimited
free trial
free trial
free trial
free trial
free trial
free trial
Price per month**
(Save 10% on Annual Billing)

*Group accounts do not include recurring member charges. To get access to this feature, you must choose the Community plan or higher.

**All prices in USD

Do you have more than 15,000 contacts? We are currently working on a 50,000 contact limit plan.
If you'd like to be the first to know of it's progress,
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Benefit from features, education and support


Members and contacts database

Online Applications

Member only pages

Import your database

Automated renewals, reminders


Custom domain & free website hosting

Advanced customization and API

Large selection of custom themes

Embeddable widgets pull data into your site

WordPress integration


Mobile friendly themes

iPhone and Android apps for admins

Mobile event registration

Mobile membership renewals

Mobile app for admins


Recurring member charges

Event registrations, donations

PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net and many more

We are integrated with Square!



Email blasts

Automatic emails



Online registrations

Automated reminders

Tags, caps, extra costs and discounts



To empower you with key insights and best practices to succeed

Access to over 120 articles

Access to podcasts and blogs

Access to videos and courses


To connect you with your peers and experts who have been in your shoes

Live webinars with industry experts

Membership Advisory Group

Webinar Summits


Incredible customer support,
help and user community

Free, industry-renowned tech support

Comprehensive online help and video tutorials

Community forums to connect with other Wild Apricot users

Questions & Answers

What do I need to sign up?

Wild Apricot lets you sign up for a free trial with just an email address, there is no credit card required. Only once you are ready to upgrade to a paid subscription will we ever ask for your payment information.

What do I get with the free trial?

All free trials provide the features and functions of our "Community" account level for 30 days. After the 30-day period, if you have not upgraded to a paid subscription, your account will switch to the free, ad-supported plan, so you will not lose your trial account data, and can continue to use Wild Apricot.

Are there any additional transaction fees?

Wild Apricot's plans are flat-rate, all-inclusive pricing for system access, regular upgrades, and full customer support. We have no setup fees, no customization fees, no training fees, no per-transaction fees, and no cancellation fees. The only additional fees you might have to pay are to your third-party payment provider if you choose to setup online payments. See Comparing Payment Systems in our help documentation for more info.

Do you offer any setup or customization services?

Wild Apricot is designed to be self-service software. Our help documentation and customer support team are always available to answer your questions. If you would like to use additional services such as graphic design, data transfer, training, or advanced website customization, you can search our Partner Directory.

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