Easy Website Builder Software

Wild Apricot's Website Builder Feature


I’m going to show you how easy it is to set up a website with Wild Apricot.

After you sign up for your 30-day free trial account, we’ll take you to your new site and show your around a bit. Your site with some sample pages you can modify, delete, or use as is.

Adding a new page is simple. You can enter a menu name for the page, and a custom page URL. You can decide where you want the page to appear in the menu, and choose the kind of visitors you want to be able to view the page.

Adding content to your page is as easy as dragging and dropping gadgets from the list. Gadgets are the building blocks for Wild Apricot pages. A large selection of gadgets are available, including the content gadget, which you can use to add your own custom content, like text, pictures, etc.

For complex page designs, you can add layouts, to divide your page into sections consisting of multiple rows and columns. You can add content to layout cells, or ignore the layouts and add your content above or below them.

To control the appearance and functionality of a gadget, you adjust its settings.

To make your pages more consistent, you can add content and layouts to the page templates on which individual pages are based. You can set up any number of page templates for different types of pages, like member-only pages and landing pages.

The overall look of your site is determined by your website theme. You can change your website theme or just the colors and styles of certain elements, such as headings or menu options.

That's how easy it is to set up and customize a Wild Apricot website.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: