Financial Management Software

Online Payments and Financial Management


We’ve already seen how easy it is to take credit card payments online or record payments sent by check or by other means.  Now let’s look at the Finances module by going to the finances tab.  Here you can see your organization’s financial situation and generate financial reports.  The main page shows recent financial transactions.  Here we see the membership and event transactions that we just reviewed.

We can also see some additional reports.  This is the income report, which shows recent income for the organization.  This can be sorted in a number of ways.  I can sort by the origin, such as if it’s for membership, event or donation.  I can sort by the nature of the payment, and I can also generate a report and get some statistics to see what areas of the organization are generating income.  Also under reports I can view aging receivables. This is really useful to help track any payments that may be outstanding.  In this case we have just one payment that’s due, and it’s only been 0-30 days that this payment has been due, so it’s probably nothing to worry about. However if we had a number of payments that were due for longer, we could start taking some action to follow up with whoever still owes the organization money.

All of these reports are accessible to anyone who has been designated with direct access, such as a board member or staff member.  You can also export these reports to either Excel or PDF format, so they can be shared with those who don’t have administrative access.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: