Member Application Forms

Online Membership Applications in Wild Apricot


In addition to simplifying the process for administrators to add new members, Wild Apricot makes it easy for new members to apply on your website. Let’s look at the online application process from the perspective of a new member.

I’ll start by going to the public view of the website. This is the view that anyone coming to my organization’s website would see. Now, I’ll apply for membership. 

I’m going to apply as a Regular member. I’m going to be Andrea New, and I’m from Another Organization, and I’ll put in a password and an email address. For now, I’m going to skip the information that isn’t mandatory, but as an administrator, you can make any of this information mandatory depending on what info you require from new members. In the case of my organization, the only other required information is how I heard about the organization, so I’ll select “on the Internet”.

Once a prospective member has entered their information, they’ll be shown a confirmation screen with their information. This all looks correct, so I’m going to confirm. It says thank you, and that the new application is under review. It also has payment instructions at the bottom of the page. Let's assume in this case I'm going to send a check to the organization to pay for my membership.

Now I’ll flip back to the admin view. On the Members tab, you can see that there are a number of different statuses here, and one of them is a new pending application. Here’s my new applicant, Andrea. Let's assume that Andrea has sent me her check and I now want to record her payment. I note in the record that she paid by check and save that.  I see the invoice details and click on Andrea's name to go back to her record. I can now approve her as a new member, so she is now a member in good standing until her renewal date, which is one year from now.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: