Blogs, Discussion Forums, and Photo Albums in Wild Apricot

Membership Communications


The blog functionality within Wild Apricot can be used for posting news content about your organization. My organization’s website has an area called News (blog). I can create multiple blogs, so for example I could have a public blog with general news about the organization, and a separate blog in the members-only area with specific information just for my members.

Wild Apricot sites can also have forums, which are also sometimes known as discussion boards or bulletin boards. This is basically a way for multiple people to post information and have discussions on your site. And again, similar to blogs, we can create multiple forums that are either for the general public or for members only. We can even have forums that are limited to specific groups within your membership -- if you wanted, for example, to have a discussion area that is for a specific committee.

Wild Apricot also allows you to create Photo Albums; for example, to show pictures from an event. Once again, multiple photo albums can be set-up for the public and for members-only. Here we see an album with some of the adventures of our Wild Apricot mascot, Fuzzy. Here you can see a description, as well as a full-sized version of the image.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: