Online Event Registration Tools and Online Payment Processing

Event Registration and How to Take Online Payments


Let’s look at event management. 

I’ll select the Events tab. You can see the sample events, but I’m going to add a new event. Wild Apricot allows you to copy previous events if you’re running similar events over and over again, but I’ll create this new one from scratch.

I want to make sure this event is visible and that people are able to register, which I’ll be able to do in a minute. I’ll call this New Event and set the start date for January 15, 2012. I'm going to hold this at An Event Venue, and I’ll also put in a description for the event.

There are some optional items that I’ll skip for now. You can also set-up a number of event announcement emails that go out on an automated schedule, which are great for sending reminders or special instructions before the event.

Next I’ll set-up my registration types. I’m going to add two different registration types, one called Public registration with a price of $50, which will be available to everyone. I’ll save this and return to the event to add one more type which will be for members only, with a price of $25. This will be available to members at any of our membership levels. 

Now that I’ve set-up the registration types, I need to enable registration. I can also add some custom fields. For example, I can add a question such as “Will you stay for dinner?” and make the options Yes or No. Now I’ve got an online registration form with different registration types, and I’m ready for people to register for the event.

Now I’ll flip to the member view where I’m logged in as Andrea, the member we created earlier.

I’ll go into the Event listings, where you can see the new event that I’ve just set-up. I’ll register for this event, and because I’m logged in as a member the system already knows by my email address, which is part of my member record. And because I’m a member, I can also take advantage of the members only price. It has all my information from my member record so I don’t need to re-enter that, which is a big time saver for your members. It is asking me this question about dinner, so I’ll say Yes.

Let's see how Wild Apricot handles an online credit card payment.  For my Payment method I'll select Credit Card. Wild Apricot can be used with a number of standard payment processing systems, including PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro,, and Google Checkout. These systems are all very secure, and capture the credit card information separately from your organization's contact details. In this case, I'll enter a card number that is not real but is used for testing so you can see the process. Once I've completed this form I'll click Next, and after a few seconds of processing, I'll be brought back to the organization's website to confirm my details.

Now I can go back to the admin view to see if anyone has registered for the event yet. Here I can see that, yes, Andrea registered and paid for the event.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: