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How to Edit and Manage Pages in Wild Apricot


Modifying a web page is easy with Wild Apricot. You just click on what you want to change.

If it’s text, you select the text you want to format or replace, or just start typing to add more text.  If its a picture, you click on the Settings link and choose from the display options, or pick a different picture.

Other types of content, like event calendars and membership application forms, also have settings you can modify to control its appearance and content.

To add content to the page, you just drag and drop a gadget from the list. Gadgets are the building blocks of Wild Apricot pages.

For complex page designs, you can add layouts, to divide your page into sections consisting of multiple rows and columns. You can add content to layout cells, or ignore the layouts and add your content above or below them.

While modifying a page, you can adjust the page settings to control various aspects including the name of the menu option used to display the page and the kind of visitors who can view the page.

Each time you save your changes, a separate version of the page is saved so you can go back and view or restore previous versions.

You can control the order of pages in your site menu simply by dragging and dropping them to the desired location. Creating multi-level menus is as simple as dragging and dropping one page under another.

As you can see, page management is easy with Wild Apricot.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: