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Calgary Meals on Wheels - CTV Interview


Many charities are suffering in these tough economic times, but one local organization isn’t giving up. It’s going high tech to keep the donations flowing in. CTV’s Jefferson Humphries reports.

Jefferson Humphries:
Meals on Wheels has been feeding Calgarians in need since 1965 and it’s seeing a dramatic increase in that need this year as the economy gets tougher. No one knows that better than Roberta McLellan, who’s been receiving meals for twelve years since her vision deteriorated to the point she could no longer shop or cook for herself.

Roberta McLellan:
For me, being a senior on old age pension and guaranteed income supplement, the charge is approximately five dollars a day. Who could eat two meals for five dollars a day? So financially, it’s a wonderful benefit.

Jefferson Humphries:
A benefit that looked to be in jeopardy earlier this year until Meals on Wheels started looking for help, and found Wild Apricot. It’s a website template designed for non-profits, and allows companies to easily edit their website, get important information out to clients, volunteers and donors, and accept online donations.

Kathryn Robson:
We launched this website on September 12th and historically could not receive an online donation, so that’s been one of the great benefits of working with Wild Apricot, and we have received already 28 online donations that were completely unsolicited.

Jefferson Humphries:
More than twelve thousand non-profits now use Wild Apricot across North America. The creator says it’s a win-win.

Dmitry Buterin:
It’s a combination of feeling good about what you do and also finding a good business opportunity, because if you look at statistics, in North America alone, there are around two million non-profit organizations and most of them are small guys.

Jefferson Humphries:
So for now the meals will continue to roll off the assembly line for the almost two thousand clients that rely on the service every day. But with tough economic times upon us and no sign as to when they’ll be over, Meals on Wheels says they’ll be relying on a little technology and the continued generosity of Calgarians.

Jefferson Humphries, CTV News, Calgary.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: