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Creating inclusive workplaces for all

The Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) is a national association of community-based service providers and stakeholders working towards employment inclusion of people experiencing disability. CASE is a firm believer that inclusive employment is good for business and the Canadian economy. The association offers job development training, events, conferences, employer resources and more, to promote full citizenship and social inclusion.

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I love how my job is constantly changing. I get to work with people from coast to coast, not only in Canada but also on an international level. Everyone is united by a common goal, which is to support job seekers and help employment specialists to do their job better.
– Nicole MacDonald, Director of New Initiatives


CASE had been trying to engage membership and reach more service providers, as well as raise funding to finance its operations. Its other challenge was to find a platform that could house member information in a secure area, where it could tap into its members’ needs and locations.

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Functionality needs

Member management

Online database

Content management

Online payments

Event management

Email management


Step-by-step onboarding

CASE worked closely with a member of WildApricot’s Onboarding team for implementation to help with the following:

  • Import database from Excel
  • Customize automated email responses
  • Embed emails
  • Website set up
WildApricot’s team was extremely helpful in showing us the lay of the land of the platform, being on standby when any concerns arose. They showed us screenshares, providing us with step-by-step guidance on how to get started.
– Nicole MacDonald, Director of New Initiatives


Custom approach for membership management

When CASE was able to secure federal funding to increase and expand its organization, the association wanted to have a custom approach to membership management. WildApricot made it possible for CASE to profile its members, such as adding language preferences, so the association could create strategies that would better support them.

One-stop shop for training registrations

CASE started its training initiative in 2019. When the association came on board with WildApricot in early 2020, it provided CASE a platform where members could register for its training events with ease.

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WildApricot provided us with a platform where members could register for the events and the training with ease. just kind of an area where it was a one stop shop, where members can easily access the training registration.

CASE was able to carve out a more streamlined approach through WildApricot. The email and events feature played a crucial part in achieving the association’s missions by allowing it to allocate its resources and time in other areas.

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Before using WildApricot, we couldn’t successfully host events like webinars. WildApricot made it possible to track event registrations from our email campaigns. Our membership engagements have skyrocketed thanks to this platform.

Noticing immediate results

When CASE first began sending newsletters, it had an average open rate of 20%. Since using WildApricot, the association's average open rate has increased to 30-34%. Now, CASE has over 3300 contacts in its WildApricot database and have used the platform to promote over 50 events.

We've come a long way since using WildApricot. Membership engagement has significantly improved. Being able to pull reports and launch our membership drive in the automated system were immediate bonuses.

Any advice for nonprofits looking for software?

When we asked CASE what advice they have for other nonprofits, the association’s main advice is to find the right fit and do your research.

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We did our research on the backend before engaging with WildApricot. I highly recommend that if you’re looking for software to do the same. Figure out what your organization needs are and how the software can provide a solution. The great thing with WildApricot is that you can try out its full functionality free for 30 days.
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