Wild Apricot Partner Program - for Consultants and Designers

For freelance consultants, consulting firms, service provide and design agencies working with non-profit organizations.

With over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in North America alone, including clubs, alumni, sport teams, condo and housing associations, charities, churches, societies and foundations, there are abundant opportunities to help the right cause - as well as build a business. Wild Apricot Partner Program will help you to do more for your clients and generate additional revenues.

The benefits for you

  • Promotion in our partner directory promoting your services to our clients and prospective clients.
  • Leads - tailored to your specific geographic area and expertise.
  • As you grow the number of your reference accounts (Wild Apricot organizations you have helped), you will be more prominently positioned and promoted on our partner directory

The services most commonly needed by Wild Apricot clients include:

  • Consulting services in communications, marketing and membership
  • Website design services (graphic design, CSS etc.)
  • IT consulting and administration services: Member database import, full Wild Apricot system setup, content transfer from their old website, integrating and extending Wild Apricot with additional services
  • Ongoing administration services (e.g. membership management)
  • Conference/event organization services

How it works:

  • Go ahead and open a free trial account, evaluate the functionality and quality of our product (see Knowledge Base)
  • Find and engage with a couple of organizations who can benefit from Wild Apricot (Note that you can also earn 10% affiliate commissions on accounts referred through you )
  • Once you have a couple of reference projects, contact us via a form below or email partners @ wildapricot.com and provide information about you and your Wild Apricot expertise and services you provide
  • We will review your information and will work with you to place you in our partner directory and will send you appropriate leads.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is: